September Highlights // Blogletters & 50k views in 2020!

september highlights

September was a MONTH, y'all. I was constantly working for something or was occupied completely. As I look back, the month feels very long and yet I can't remember individual days for the life of me. The month didn't go how I expected it to because of one key life change which turned the entire… Continue reading September Highlights // Blogletters & 50k views in 2020!

July Highlights // 2k followers! + fav blog posts

Hey everyone! I generally don't do monthly highlights or wrap-ups. Wrap-ups used to be my thing for a while but I stopped doing them about 2 years ago because I simply didn't feel like doing them anymore. But this month I really felt like bringing it back and even did advance prep for it! Will… Continue reading July Highlights // 2k followers! + fav blog posts

My 2018 Reading Highlights

Hey everyone! It's been a long time. At least my finals are done! It's why this post is super late, so humour me. I love doing wrap-up posts. I used to do monthly wrap-ups as well but eventually I didn't have time for it. The Annual End Of Year Survey was created by The Perpetual… Continue reading My 2018 Reading Highlights

March Wrap-Up // too many books + While You Were Sleeping obsession

At this point I'm not even surprised at how much time has passed with me doing nothing. March was pretty busy for me. It's April today and I still feel like it's March. I hardly found time to blog as I spent time reading and bingeing shows. I usually have my blog posts written in advance but I'm writing this post right before posting so you can see how out of planning I am...

September Wrap-up || lots of binge-ing + hopping around the internet +theme change

Congratulations! You've made it through three quarters of the year! There's only three months left, and you can see this in three ways. OH DAMN THERE'S ONLY THREE MONTHS LEFT I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING I'm so ready for this year to be over. What? Whichever category you fall into, there's nothing you can do about… Continue reading September Wrap-up || lots of binge-ing + hopping around the internet +theme change

August wrap-up || too busy for life + even more slime obsession + minor freak out about time

THERE ARE ONLY FOUR MONTHS LEFT IN THIS YEAR. Hi everyone. Excuse my minor freak out back there. I feel like I start almost every monthly wrap-up freaking out about how another month has gone by without me noticing?? And I still feel like I've done nothing?! I'll spare you any more of that, and let's head… Continue reading August wrap-up || too busy for life + even more slime obsession + minor freak out about time

July Wrap-up (I binged a lot + I’m now obsessed with slime)

Okay, HOW. Someone tell me how has this month also gone by quickly? I'm done with my semester 2 finals, am on a short holiday before the next semester begins a week later (yes my "vacations" are pretty much non-existent) and I have done absolutely nothing this semester. I saw this post on bookfangeek on Instagram,… Continue reading July Wrap-up (I binged a lot + I’m now obsessed with slime)

April (and May) recap + I’m back from my hiatus!

Hey everyone! It's been a whole month since you've gotten a peep from me on this blog. Well, I'm back from my hiatus now, so worry not! You shall get a dose of my awesomeness (*cough*) frequently! I also didn't do a wrap-up for April since I went off, so let's get down to that… Continue reading April (and May) recap + I’m back from my hiatus!

February 2017 Wrap-up

Why do I feel like it's only been two weeks since the last time I wrote a wrap-up?! Maybe because February was really slow and unproductive for me. Honestly, I don't know what I did last month, but I feel like I wasn't productive AT ALL. Anyway, off with my rants and on to the… Continue reading February 2017 Wrap-up

November Wrap-up and #BirthMonth

AM I THE ONLY ONE GOING OFF ABOUT HOW FAST THIS YEAR IS PASSING BY?! It's December, people! Another short month and you'll have to get used to writing 2017 instead of 2016. Number of books read: 11 There were so many tests this month, plus assignments, that I hardly had time to read and most… Continue reading November Wrap-up and #BirthMonth

September 2016 wrap-up

This month has been busy... Number of books read: 6 *cries* To take the blow off of that, I have some good news. I now have over 500 followers! Whut whut whut whut whut whut That was basically my reaction. I tweeted about it and received a lot of wishes and congratulations 😀 Thank you so much,… Continue reading September 2016 wrap-up

June Wrap-Up and July plans

June was pretty slow for me, blog-wise. But, a lot other things happened outside of the usual posts! First, lets see the numbers: Views: 1679 Visitors: 807 Likes/Comments: 667/202 Books read: 24 Books reviewed: 9 Interesting things that happened in June The Twitter chat! To know more about what happened, how it went and other… Continue reading June Wrap-Up and July plans