Twitter Retweet Accounts for Bloggers: A List

twitter retweet accounts for bloggers // blogging tips by the wordy habitat

What are Twitter retweet accounts? They are accounts on Twitter which just retweet other's tweets. Usually, there's a strategy to this. Most of these accounts retweets the tweets that either use their hashtag or tag them in the tweet. You have to be following the account, of course. And this is done without any picking. They retweet ALL of the tweets.

#BlogRechargeChat final verdicts – September ’16

Another twitter chat has gone by! In case you're now here, let me explain. Charley and I hosted out first twitter chat with the hashtag #BlogRechargeChat back in June and due to so many requests, we made it a regular feature! This month's theme of the chat was blog posts. As usual, I will be saying the final,… Continue reading #BlogRechargeChat final verdicts – September ’16

#BlogRechargeChat July 2016: final verdicts

After the huge success last month and requests from many bloggers to make this a regular feature, Charley from A Writer Named Charley and I co-hosted this chat again on July 30th. You can see her wrap-up for this chat here. During the chat, I was also taking notes side-by-side and with everything, couldn't give my own answers for every… Continue reading #BlogRechargeChat July 2016: final verdicts

Twitter chat is almost here!

Hey everyone! I'm back home. It's 9 am now and I woke up at 4:15am because our train comes in the station near our home at 5am. Complete lack of sleep BUT since I was awake I could participate in the #BHPChat twitter chat which was at 6:39am for me. No wonder I never participated… Continue reading Twitter chat is almost here!

Social media buzz

Hello hello So after my last post, where I got so many positive responses, I finally made an Instagram for the blog. I'll post about bullet journalling, lettering, books and whatever else. My username is iridescence_y because apparently someone has already taken iridescencey and they're not doing anything with the account! Oh and did I… Continue reading Social media buzz

One twitter chat: coming up!

Will you be joining us? Hey everyone! Charley from A writer named Charley and I are co-hosting a twitter chat all about blogging. As you can get from the amazing banner Charley made, it will held on June 29th, which is a Wednesday, at 9 am EST, 8 am USA (central) or 6:30 pm IST. This would… Continue reading One twitter chat: coming up!