Rambles #1

I don't do this often.

I don't open up the page to write a blog post with absolutely no planning. This "let your hands and heart take your words where they want to go" thing? I haven't done it for... probably several months now. I can't remember the last time I didn't know exactly what I wanted to blog about, or what blog posts I had to write, when I open a new draft.

And I've missed this. My title space is[...]

#BirthMonth – Memories of Snow

I think that life is captured by memories. As long as we live, we will have little snapshots from our life to look back on, replaying them in the solitude of our own minds. It's something that, for me, signifies how human I am. As it's winter now, and coming up to Christmas, I want… Continue reading #BirthMonth – Memories of Snow

The sentences that you’ve always heard, but have you listened?

Hello everybody! How are you doing? As a matter of fact, the answer to that question matters in this post. First, I'm going to talk about something that is present in all our lives—the want to quit. Whether it is a project, a hobby, a job or an educational stream, or anything else, sometimes we… Continue reading The sentences that you’ve always heard, but have you listened?

Keeping up with your blog and finding content

I've only been blogging three months and after so much positive feedback, amazing new friends and the talented blogs I've discovered, I only want to make more of an effort into blogging. Recently, I've been realising how to get good topics, post interactive content and how to not forget.  Use your phone. This is the… Continue reading Keeping up with your blog and finding content

Loneliness of being an only child

Hey you guys! You know, I always feel weird saying "guys" and I immediately hope in my mind that the gals don't mind. Gals, haha. Was that funny? No? I'm losing my mind. Let's start again: Helllllooooo! Okay now I'm ruining it.   Are any of you the only child of your parents? Do you ever feel like… Continue reading Loneliness of being an only child

10th grade results declaration

Another old diary entry. 25th May, 2014 Dear diary, GUESS WHAT?! I GOT 10 cgpa!! Perfect grade! I'm on top of the world. Results came on 19th this month... We didn't even know it was coming that day, we expected a little later. I was watching a movie on the computer in evening when Manasa… Continue reading 10th grade results declaration

A sneak into my old self

(In my previous post I mentioned that I will be sharing some of my old diary entries. This is one of them.) I apologise in advance for the cringe-worthy sentences or repetition. It was two years back, after all. MARCH 7, 2014       09:55 pm Dear diary, Today is 7th march. My tenth grade… Continue reading A sneak into my old self