Book Blogger Confessions Tag

Hey y'all! It's been a long time since I've done any tag. Tags are super fun to do, and I quite miss it. I saw this tag over at The Orangutan Librarian (you should follow this blog because I always see such good content) and immediately wanted to do it. So, here we are! RULES… Continue reading Book Blogger Confessions Tag

Thank You, Next // Book Tag

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Oh hey look at me posting so soon again! Me being irregular at blogging is kinda a joke I make at this point, but I do think I'm putting my time away from blogging to good use (mostly). Especially recently, so I'm not too disappointed. One of the ways to easily get back into blogging… Continue reading Thank You, Next // Book Tag

Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

Happy weekend everyone! I have a book tag for y'all today because I MISS doing tags. Tags are really fun and I just do them even if I'm not tagged for them because life is short and YOLO and all that. I saw this tag over at Bookmark Your Thoughts and it looked really fun.… Continue reading Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

What’s In My Bookshelf Tag

I've sort of forgotten how to blog. I had a schedule going on until a couple weeks back. Three posts a week—one book review, one Sunday Post about life, and a random post based on what I want to talk about. But life got in the way with over busy schedules and I started to forget to blog.

I finally have a few days so enjoy a few days of posts before I become irregular again haha.

I saw this tag over at The Reading Turtle Duck and it's interesting so I decided to do it!

20 questions book tag

Book tags are the best tags. There's an almost abundance of them, they're fun and they talk about B O O K S. What else do we need?

This tag was created by buydebook over on Goodreads and I was tagged to do this by Rebecca—thank you so much for tagging me! I'm finally getting around to doing it over two months later, lol. #timeliness Go show her some love y'all, she's awesome[...]

Reading Habits Tag

For 99%* of us bookworms, books define us. Book characters are who we are and book worlds are our worlds. And bleeding from all those influences, reading habits are pretty noticeable considering we read ALL THE TIME.

*I assume there are some bookworms who actually manage to NOT be a made up of parts of all the books they've read, because they're somehow immune?? HOW? They're the "Divergent" of us. But I'm assuming they[...]

Shuffle the music tag

JUST A HEADS UP! In case you missed my last post, I changed my blog name from light up the shining night stars to the wordy habitat. You can read more on that over here. Look at me actually keeping up with my tags! I was tagged to do this by GirlMasked and I'm really glad because I'm… Continue reading Shuffle the music tag

The Candy book tag! (Wherein we talk sweets and books and unpopular opinions)

Hello again. I haven't been technically tagged to do this tag, but I saw it on a blog I follow billions of years back* and wanted to do it. I'm finally doing it. *more like half a year ago but I've forgotten WHICH blog so it feels like a billion years ago I went and… Continue reading The Candy book tag! (Wherein we talk sweets and books and unpopular opinions)

The Book Blogger Insider tag

Hello. It's me. I'm drowning in pending book reviews. But here's a tag for you to see. Do you know the problem with reading books very fast? And being a book blogger? You want to review most of them, but you can't post so many reviews a day? And I don't want to bore y'all… Continue reading The Book Blogger Insider tag