The Willow Tree

This short story was originally written by me for a guest post on    The only beautiful thing in Harktok was the willow tree. None of us knew how it managed to survive and grow when every other sign of greenery perished. In a small circumference around the base of its trunk, hardly two feet, grass grows.… Continue reading The Willow Tree

Promises (Part 1)

Riley I sit here on the park bench at sunrise. I can listen to the small birds chirping, perched on braches of trees over my head. I don't understand their language, but then I hardly understand anyone anymore. Fallen leaves flit through the ground, affected by the soft wind as I lean back and gaze… Continue reading Promises (Part 1)

A glorious friday

Daily post prompt Mad Libs Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write. One more day, and you have a break. That's my first thought when I woke up today morning. This week… Continue reading A glorious friday

A breather

Its dark by the time I leave my friend's home. We didn't even realise how the time passed by. That's the beauty of best friends-you could spend forever in their company and not realise it. The night sky is dark and it's soothing to my eyes unlike the excessive brightness of everything nowadays. The scene… Continue reading A breather

Fighting Redemption || here’s to books that make you cry *sobs*

Title: Fighting Redemption Author: Kate McCarthy Genre: Romance Status: Standalone Goodreads Synopsis: Ryan Kendall is broken. He understands pain. He knows the hand of violence and the ache of loss. He knows what it means to fail those who need you. Being broken doesn’t stop him wanting the one thing he can’t have; Finlay Tanner. Her smile is sweet… Continue reading Fighting Redemption || here’s to books that make you cry *sobs*

Never let me go || made me cry so much

Title: Never Let Me Go Author: Kazuo Ishiguro Genre: Fiction Status: Standalone Goodreads Synopsis: A tale of deceptive simplicity that slowly reveals an extraordinary emotional depth and resonance – and takes its place among Kazuo Ishiguro's finest work. From the acclaimed author of The Remains of the Day and When We Were Orphans, a moving new novel that subtly… Continue reading Never let me go || made me cry so much

Archer’s voice || a love story that hooks you in and doesn’t let go

Title: Archer's voice Author: Mia Sheridan Genre: NA Contemporary Romance Status: Standalone Goodreads || Amazon IN || Amazon US || Amazon UK || book depository || B&N || Synopsis: When Bree Prescott arrives in the sleepy, lakeside town of Pelion, Maine, she hopes against hope that this is the place where she will finally find… Continue reading Archer’s voice || a love story that hooks you in and doesn’t let go

Chance Hearts (Part 8)

Quill Even though your heart truly belongs to someone else, you tend to move on after awhile. It starts with small things-not feeling the hope of finding him, stop searching for him, and then one dsy you look at other couples and long for that love so much that you start to go out with… Continue reading Chance Hearts (Part 8)

Chance hearts (Part 7)

(all previous parts are posted on my blog. Recommended to read them first) Quill You know what happens when you get arrested and put into jail? You keep believing that nothing will change and that once you get out you could go back to an almost similar life. That is if you have no one… Continue reading Chance hearts (Part 7)

Chance Hearts (Part 6)

(All previous parts are on my blog. Recommended to read them first.) Pike My cell mate is sleeping again. He's in for a grand theft or something. He talks about it like he stole from the royal Queen's treasury. I think the guy is warming up to me, he talks more now. I remember when… Continue reading Chance Hearts (Part 6)

Chance hearts (Part 6)

continued from Chance Hearts (Part 5) Note: The previous five parts were written from the girl's POV, the next few will be from the guy's. From now on I'll toggle between the two.   Years before, when only a few months had passed after Pike and Quill went separate ways.. Pike Apparently the prison officers here… Continue reading Chance hearts (Part 6)

Chance Hearts (Part 5)

continued from Chance Hearts (Part 4) Quill That day, I started to live. We exchanged numbers and kept meeting up the next few days and just walked around, getting to know the city which was new to both of us. We also got to know each other's little tics- how he liked walking slightly in the… Continue reading Chance Hearts (Part 5)