July 2020 Reading Challeges Update

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I'm starting this post with no idea on my reading status with the challenges. Remember when I made lists and small TBRs and carefully planned my reads so I can read new books but also not fall into a slump? Well, I don't know that person anymore. Let's just dive in and I'll find out how I'm doing along with y'all.

The Marriage Game || Desi rivals-to-lovers <3

I have no idea how I came across this book. Probably on Instagram or in a recommendations blog post by someone, but I'm sure I put it in my TBR because it has Indian main characters. After it being in my TBR for a long time, I finally picked it up because I was in the mood for some romance and desi romance sounded really good. It was a great decision to pick this up.

WWW Wednesday // 8th July 2020

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Hey everyone! It felt like I posted reading updates just two days back but it's been a whole week. Where is the time going? Also, I have the same attitude when it comes to reading nowadays. I barely notice time and just.. don't seem to read books as much? My pace is slowing down because… Continue reading WWW Wednesday // 8th July 2020

The Henna Wars || wholesome sapphic story

Happy Pride month y'all!! It's fitting that this is my first review of the month. This book came to my attention purely through Twitter. I saw the word henna, then I noticed the entire cover, and it was in my TBR. The reason I picked it up so quickly was because it was the May new release pick for the South Asian Reading Challenge.

Circe || WOW!

This book has always been in my mind as a "future maybe read". It wasn't on my TBR explicitly until my book club gifted me this book for my birthday last year. Coincidentally, my book club also picked this book as our Book of the Month for April. Hence all of us who haven't read it yet got to read it together. This motivated me to finally read Circe.

The Book Snob Tag

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Book tags are honestly so much fun. From matching types of coffees to books to using music to describe books, we've had many creative bookish tags. Today's tag fits in with them perfectly. I saw this tag at Reads and Thoughts and knew that I had to do it. 1. ADAPTATION SNOB: DO YOU ALWAYS… Continue reading The Book Snob Tag

WWW Wednesday // 15th April 2020

www wednesday @ the wordy habitat, all the bookish updates, currently reading, mini book reviews, books to read next.

Lockdown reading is in full swing! Finding time to read has been quite a chore since this year began which led me to actually decreasing my reading goal for the year. But since social distancing and lockdown* began, I've have more time to read. And of course I wasn't going to waste it. *click the… Continue reading WWW Wednesday // 15th April 2020

Love Lettering || a comfort romance

Love Lettering had been on my TBR for a short time before I picked it up. It sounded interesting simply because the female lead's profession is lettering. The premise sounded exciting too. I pitched it as a suggestion for my book club's March book of the month, and others were in too. So we all read it together last month.

WWW Wednesday // 18 March 2020

www wednesday @ the wordy habitat, all the bookish updates, currently reading, mini book reviews, books to read next.

HELLO Y'ALL! I'm officially just sitting home with no work and no college for the foreseeable future. Yes I am struggling because I need a purpose to my days and suddenly having all plans cancelled is not great. BUT. The silver lining is that I finally have time to read! And I've actually been burying… Continue reading WWW Wednesday // 18 March 2020