There may be spoilers for the first three books. HELLO I HAVE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT THIS BOOK EVER SINCE IT WAS ANNOUNCED. AND THERE'S NO SIGN THAT I WILL STOP. Back when it was announced? I cried THANK YOU. After Ignite Me, I've been living off fanfictions and I've read fanfictions so much that at this point I'm a little muddled on what is canon* and what isn't. And guess what I did? I went on to read Restore Me without reading the first three books (I reread only book 3) because my TBR is huge. And I'll admit, I was confused in some places BUT. That did not stop the book from UTTERLY TEARING ME APART[...]

Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi: Cover Reveal and Excerpt | REACTION

Hey y'all! Okay so it's been a couple days since the reveal but I've been really busy and I'm only able to do this now as I'm on the way to college, BUT I'M SO DARN EXCITED. I've also never done a "reaction" post before, so this should be interesting. For any of you who… Continue reading Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi: Cover Reveal and Excerpt | REACTION