Millenials by Emily Palermo

This isn't a regular post. I'm just sharing my favourite poem. So I found this poem on Tumblr back in high school and I fell in love with it. I even by-hearted it. But once college started, I didn't even think about it. Recently I remembered it and I've been trying to remember it but I could only recall bits and pieces. Some words here and there and the vibe I felt.

तेरे लबों में एक अधूरी प्यास बाकी है

Hey everyone! One of my friends, Shobhit Kushwaha, writes poetry and I thought why not feature one of his works over here! It's originally in Hindi, but we've tried to translate it as best as we can. Enjoy! तेरे लबों में एक अधूरी प्यास बाकी है.. (There is an incomplete thirst in your lips) तुझसे… Continue reading तेरे लबों में एक अधूरी प्यास बाकी है

Deep Mind

Today, I have Fabio Descalzi guest posting! Head is blurred. Mind is knotty. Thought is tangled. Missed words? Never mind. Just prompts. Depth of thought. Meanders in your mind. Paths inside your head. Better now? Should be. May be. Just thoughts. Now I think better. Now I feel sober. Now I know. Any other grief? Not… Continue reading Deep Mind

Happy ending love

Here's a poem by this week's guest blogger Charley. Love does not change through the centuries. Always unrequited or more accurately the fear of mutual love of what to do after the professed love. Always though there’s an obstacle a couple’s love must overcome: political parental self-induced or other. Miraculously like a book or movie… Continue reading Happy ending love


Daily post prompt Longing: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Longing desperately For a connection She drifts in life No anchor to keep her down, Nothing important enough To settle down. Life isn't an easy path Ploughing through alone is hard. "Love," she thinks, she craves Seeing evidence in two people holding… Continue reading Longing


Daily prompt Divide: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Separation of two things Presence of a concise line between them Divided. Two people once so close Now on two different sides Fractioned. From pleasant breakfast every morning To cringing at an encounter; Loving embraces To five feet space Two-sectioned. One misunderstanding from… Continue reading Divided.

Days bygone

Years later When we all stand here again With our hearts bundled up Inside ourselves Sadness and fatigue in our eyes And experience In the wrinkles on our skin We will wonder About the childhood we had Filled with innocence and happiness When we still remained best of friends We will wonder Looking at each… Continue reading Days bygone