August bullet journal set up

Hey y'all! If you've been following my posts the last month, you might know that I finished my finals only on 24th of July. Well guess what? My next semester's classes start TOMORROW. In short, I had only two weeks of vacation. Since this is a new academic year with me finally moving into my… Continue reading August bullet journal set up

Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers

Iridescence, we all have busy lives. Be grateful we take the time to read your blabber.Β Yes yes, I know. And I'm grateful. Whether you bullet journal or not, if you have any idea about it or have seen the amazing pictures online, you'd understand that maintaining such beautiful spreads takes time and effort. Bullet journaling… Continue reading Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers

What is “ghosting” and “bleeding”?

In the Bullet Journal (henceforth referred as BuJo) world, these terms are thrown around a lot, especially regarding notebooks and pens. If you're a newbie, you must be wondering what these mean. This is a short post explaining the two. Ghosting     In the above picture, can you see the trace of ink which… Continue reading What is “ghosting” and “bleeding”?