Songs On Repeat // March 2020

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Hey y'all! This has been a CRAZY month. But it has also been a month of really good music. Here are the songs that I've been OBSESSED WITH in March. Inner Child by BTS This song is TOO GOOD. I frequently listen to this and dance around. It's a happy song, and we need… Continue reading Songs On Repeat // March 2020

Songs On Repeat // Jan 2020

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January's almost over, y'all! Looking back, this month feels long and short at the same time. Way too much happened but I didn't notice the days go by. It was a mix of many things. It was also a month of mixed music choices. Through the month, my songs on repeat were wildly different and… Continue reading Songs On Repeat // Jan 2020

Songs On Repeat // August ’19 edition

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Hey y'all! I always try to do a recap of my favourite songs at the end of the month, but this month I thought I wouldn't be able to because no song caught my fancy for half the month! I was just listening to old songs. But then, the second half of the month picked… Continue reading Songs On Repeat // August ’19 edition

Songs On Repeat // April ’19 edition

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Hey everyone! It's been a while since I did a post on my favourite songs of the month i.e. the songs I listened to on repeat. I was not sure if I'd do this month as well because I wasn't sure I'll have the time. BUT. I have such good songs to share with y'all… Continue reading Songs On Repeat // April ’19 edition

Songs On Repeat // January ’19 edition

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Hey everyone! We're at the end of January, y'all. A whole month has passed already. I just took one day at a time and it's been so long already. Is it just me who already feels like I'm letting 2019 go to a waste? This month, I was listening to a lot of old songs… Continue reading Songs On Repeat // January ’19 edition

Songs on repeat #1

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Hi again everyone! Since the title "favourite songs of the month" is a little long and not really catchy, I decided to change the name. I'll also be using a generic header for every songs on repeat post so it's easier to recognize.

Okay so! This month has been pretty long? I always note down the songs I listen to on repeat throughout the month in my bullet journal. When I just flipped back to see it, I feel like those songs were from a long time back even though it was in July only.

Favourite songs of the month

Looks like the Kdrama obsession hasn't dimmed yet. May's favourites are also made up mostly of Korean songs. So let's get to it!

Instead of reading, I spent my May binge watching even more Korean dramas and you know what that means? More kdrama OST* songs. I haven't gotten to listening to all of the OSTs yet since I'm working my way through the songs slowly, giving each attention, but I hope to listen to more OSTs soon.

Let's get to the songs!

Favourite songs of the month

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! The excitement is all only for you guys lol. The only thing constantly looping in my head is finals dates and what all I have left to study.

But! This is the second last day of blogmas! I decided to post everyday until the 25th but I WILL be posting a couple more after that until the end of the year. I'm leaving y'all for five days without anything from me, that's just sad. You need my awesomeness.

Onto my favourite songs this month![...]

Artists whose songs I will NEVER tire of

All of us have those certain artists whose music is evergreen to us. No matter how many times we listen to their music, we still love it. We could listen to all of their albums continuously and not want to change over. For the last few months, I've been sharing my favourite songs of the… Continue reading Artists whose songs I will NEVER tire of

Shuffle the music tag

JUST A HEADS UP! In case you missed my last post, I changed my blog name from light up the shining night stars to the wordy habitat. You can read more on that over here. Look at me actually keeping up with my tags! I was tagged to do this by GirlMasked and I'm really glad because I'm… Continue reading Shuffle the music tag

Favourite songs of the month

Hey everyone! I haven't listened to many new songs this month, so not many were played on repeat or came into my favourites. For about half of the month I simply listened to old songs I had and was in need of new music. Anyway, to the songs: California Dreaming by Arman Cekin ft. Paul… Continue reading Favourite songs of the month

Some song covers I really like

There are times when you love the cover better than the original, then there is also a possibility of loving a cover song when you've become bored of the original. You might also like a cover because of the tone, lack of instruments or the modifications. Whatever the reason, I think we can agree that… Continue reading Some song covers I really like