Positive 2020 Reflections || Wrapping Up The Year

2020 positive reflections

I like looking at the positives in any situation. When I was a kid and didn't have much to be happy about, this became a coping mechanism. Even if situations were not good and I wasn't happy, I'd take lessons (if any) at face value, wouldn't dwell on the sad bits, and move on by… Continue reading Positive 2020 Reflections || Wrapping Up The Year

Long Weekend Blog || 4 Books & Notion Setup!

journal blog, a glimpse into my regular life

Vlogs are a huge thing on YouTube and while they meant to imitate blogs, we somehow stopped journalling on blogs. And I want it back. I've been wanting to do this kind of post but eventually I end up making them as life updates instead of journal logs. After seeing Alison's reading blog recently, I decided I'm going to finally do it too. But I don't want to do only reading so you're coming along with me with whatever activity I do.

If we were having tea // exams!! + hospital visit + I miss my friends :(

Apparently y'all really like reading about my life even though nothing actually happens in it. I was unsure about what to post today and put up polls on Twitter and Instagram asking people to vote, and (as of right now) "life update" got the most votes.* Not sure why I even put it up since… Continue reading If we were having tea // exams!! + hospital visit + I miss my friends 😦

If we were having tea… // 21st June 2020

It's been a while since we last caught up over a hot drink! In fact, it's been over a month. I'm pretty sure I wanted to post a life update somewhere in the middle but was swamped with work. These posts actually take some time to write, even though they're easy to. Anyway, grab your choice of drink and let's catch up.

if we were having tea… // 2nd May 2020

if we were having tea header image

It's been a while since I last posted a life update... and I have quite a bit to update on. So get a hot cup of your favourite drink and settle in to chat with me for a bit. P. S. I'm just typing as I think and I'm not proof-reading in order to not edit my thoughts. So if there are typos or things that don't make sense.. go with it lol.

The Sunday Post // HECTIC week. Also COVID-19.

the sunday post header

The virus has taken over the world, and also all conversations. What did we all even talk about before? I can barely remember. I wonder what would be trending on twitter if there was no coronavirus now. Probably some tiktok video or something on US 2020 elections. Who knows. Anyway! Let's get onto updates.

I’m back from my hiatus!

the sunday post header

At least, I hope I am. I can't tell for sure yet. It's been exactly two weeks since my last blog post, and I had promised to blog more in that post. Ha. What a joke. So, what's been happening? Why am I just disappearing into the void without a peep on Instagram or Twitter… Continue reading I’m back from my hiatus!

The Sunday Post // rambles in shambles

the sunday post header

It's been a wild three weeks, y'all. And by wild I just mean hectic. I actually took a couple weeks off blogging spontaneously. I didn't feel like posting and my motivation to blog was at a low. I also had many things happening in real life so I didn't find much time. In fact, I've… Continue reading The Sunday Post // rambles in shambles

if we were having tea… // 13-08-19

if we were having tea header image

Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute since I last posted a life update and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. I have a lot to tell y'all. I'm pretty sure that I'll be talking more than usual and will ramble a lot so bear with me. If we were having tea... the first thing I would tell you about is[...]

November Bullet Journal Setup


Happy November, everyone! It's the month of Diwali and I'm STOKED. I get FIVE WHOLE days of break from college and I have big things planned. And by big things I mean finishing my projects for this semester. Much excite. I didn't do a bullet journal setup post last month because I was too busy… Continue reading November Bullet Journal Setup

September Bullet Journal Setup

SEPTEMBER 18 bujo header image

Bullet journalling has changed my daily life. I cannot say otherwise.

First, let me introduce you to my new notebook.

I started a new notebook this month. Its from personal-planner.com, a website where you can customize your notebook and have it shipped to yourself for free.

July ’18 Bullet Journal Setup

It's been a long time since I posted a bullet journal setup! I actually didn't even use my bullet journal much for a couple months because I didn't have the time. It was just college, college work and maybe blog all day.

This month I've had more free time because it's exam time (kinda ironic eh). So I present to you, my July bullet journal setup!