Favourite songs of the month

Aand it's time to talk about music again! I did a post last month on 8 songs I’ve listened to on repeat recently and I thought I'd do another one this month along the same lines. While we're at it, might as well make a monthly meme of it since I really want to share the music… Continue reading Favourite songs of the month

My sunday morning routine

I love getting to know other people's routines. Sometimes I pick up something that I could do as well. And therefore, I thought I'd share my routine too. The reason this is named "Sunday" routine is because I have college Monday through Saturday and Sundays are the only days I do something other than the basics in the morning.

Guest post by Stephanie

Hey everyone! I'm glad to say that we have Stephanie from Making time for me guest blogging! First of all, I want to say Thank you for allowing me to Guest Post on your blog.   It is my belief that the more we extend ourselves to sharing, featuring guest bloggers and commenting, the more successful our… Continue reading Guest post by Stephanie