Hannah Carmack: Building the Ultimate Book Playlist

Hey everyone! I'm so pleased to announce that we have Hannah Carmack, author of Take Your Medicine, here to guest post today. She's written a post on making book playlists which is super helpful so I'm going to sign off here and let you read her words[...]

Deep Mind

Today, I have Fabio Descalzi guest posting! Head is blurred. Mind is knotty. Thought is tangled. Missed words? Never mind. Just prompts. Depth of thought. Meanders in your mind. Paths inside your head. Better now? Should be. May be. Just thoughts. Now I think better. Now I feel sober. Now I know. Any other grief? Not… Continue reading Deep Mind

New blog post series – #BirthMonth guest blogging

Hey everyone! I'm turning 18 in December (yay! yay?). I absolutely do not feel as if I'm ready enough to be an adult, I'm too much of a kid! I can vote. I can drive. Wow. Anyway, I had an idea a few days back and after deliberating quite a bit, I want it to happen!… Continue reading New blog post series – #BirthMonth guest blogging

Guest post by Stephanie

Hey everyone! I'm glad to say that we have Stephanie from Making time for me guest blogging! First of all, I want to say Thank you for allowing me to Guest Post on your blog.   It is my belief that the more we extend ourselves to sharing, featuring guest bloggers and commenting, the more successful our… Continue reading Guest post by Stephanie

This is How I promise to Love You

Today's guest blogger is Sushmita. They say if a writer falls in love with you, you will never die. Your love will stay alive in every word they use to spin a new story. So here I am immortalizing the way I will love you. When I love you, my love will make you forget all… Continue reading This is How I promise to Love You

A world where shadows don’t belong

Today's guest blogger is Kushal. I'm swimming in the skies skies burning all around my world was on fire the fire scalding me from the insides I look around to find people and their own worlds Their worlds where the skies weren't burning, I reach out my hand towards them, But, my hands pass through them… Continue reading A world where shadows don’t belong


Today's guest blogger Frank Einstein comes to you with a short scene. I woke up to darkness. I couldn't remember how I got here. At first, the place seemed aphotic, but as my eyesight adjusted, I could see bright dots in the distance, high up in the sky. The ground felt sandy, like a beach. There was a… Continue reading Bridges


Today's guest blogger is Mukthi Raja   Underneath the unending sky, The blue beauty bejewelled in gold, I sit and stare blankly. Oh, the skies speak to me; Gently, very gently she says, "Come with me, darling." Its lips, the wind, Softly plants a peck on my cheek and lifts me away, higher and higher; away… Continue reading Majestic

The Portrait Maker

Today's guest blogger is Earl James.   An old man was lying in a bricked sidewalk. His face covered by a worn out fedora hat, his beard was gray and almost reached his stomach. A few pedestrians will stop at the presence of the old man, some will throw coins, and some give blank stares. A cop… Continue reading The Portrait Maker

Happy ending love

Here's a poem by this week's guest blogger Charley. Love does not change through the centuries. Always unrequited or more accurately the fear of mutual love of what to do after the professed love. Always though there’s an obstacle a couple’s love must overcome: political parental self-induced or other. Miraculously like a book or movie… Continue reading Happy ending love