February Reading Challenges update + March Goals

reading challenges updates and goals @ the wordy habitat book blog

Hey guys! February was a shorter month, even though it was a day longer than usual. This basically means that I read one book less than I originally would. Okay, I'm totally lying. I'm barely finding the time to read, y'all! I'm using the one missing day as an excuse. While February was more hectic… Continue reading February Reading Challenges update + March Goals

2018 blogging goals

Before last year, I never made resolutions. Seriously. I'm a person who makes plans as opportunities come and just go with the flow. I don't make long-term goals because I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep them up with life's changes. I do make some goals monthly but not yearly.

But last year I saw everyone in the blogging world make resolutions and felt like making some too. I did and I never saw that list again. But I just checked back and I did manage to follow-through with some goals, not all.

So why am I making resolutions again this year, you ask?[...]

8 things I wish I did everyday

  I'm pretty sure what most people (including me) actually want to do is lie around, have money come to us without doing anything, eat and sleep. Oh and maybe watch YouTube sometimes. All we want to do is BE LAZY. But despite all of this, I am actually a productivity-oriented person. Only if I've… Continue reading 8 things I wish I did everyday