Top ten book worlds I want to runaway to

This world sucks. None of us like it. And that's most probably the reason why we love reading books—it takes us to a different world, which might not be perfect, but is still one we want to be in instead. This week's Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the lovelies over at The Broke and The Bookish, is Top ten bookish settings I'd love to visit. I don't want to just visit, I want to live there[...]

Warnette fanfiction on WP???

WHERE ART THOU?  But, like, seriously. Warnette is my fav OTP like sooooooo much. If I'm asked what's my OTP I guess I would say Percabeth or Malec but I gush mostlyabout Warnette. You so much as MENTION Warner, Juliette or Warnette and I go off talking and talking and talking about them. I have… Continue reading Warnette fanfiction on WP???