Loveboat, Taipei || unpopular opinion alert!

There's been a lot of talk about this book since before it's release. Bloggers who were lucky enough to get an ARC of this praised it a lot. The word got out pretty well, and tons of people got to reading it. Everything I heard about this book was good. It was only positive. And that's the reason why I expected it to be really good. I did not expect for it have elements that I really dislike.

Song of the Crimson Flower || blog tour + review

When I got the chance to be a host for the blog tour for this book, I JUMPED on the chance. An Asian-based YA fantasy? I'm sold. I also have Julie C Dao's Forest of a Thousand Lanterns in my TBR, actually. (Don't ask me why I haven't gotten to it yet lol) I was super excited to read and review an ARC by this popular author.

The Belles || what a brilliant concept

Okay so WOW. I don't know what I expected going into the book but I did not expect THIS.

I've seen the hype about this book around and since I prefer reading a book when it's NOT totally hyped up, I waited a while before picking it up. And I loved it.

The Plot

In this world, everything revolves around beauty...

Let’s Talk About Love || so ADORABLE

Firstly, how beautiful is that cover?! I just love it.

I'll be honest, it's been a while since I read the book so I might not remember everything to write a proper review. *shrug*

This is the first book I've which has an asexual main character. I know what asexual means but I learnt so much more through this book...

American Panda || a story about living between two cultures

Y'all, THIS IS WHY WE NEED MORE DIVERSE BOOKS. I absolutely loved reading about Chinese traditions, beliefs and myths. Not only that, this book portrays how it is to be of two cultures, to be a mix of two worlds and manage it, or maybe not manage it. I loved every single aspect of this book, so let's move on to some of them specifically...

Autoboyography || hi I’m drowning in adorable-ness

Is adorable-ness a word? I guess not. Meh, I made it up, just go with it.

OKAY SO. This book was hella adorable and I really really liked it.

The Plot

We have Tanner, in the closet (according to society) but open to his family, who completely accept him. Set in Utah, a society consisting mostly of Mormons, Autoboyography is the story of two completely adorable boys exploring their feelings for each other.

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda || absolutely delightful

I read this book as part of the Dewey's annual readathon held on twitter and I LOVED IT.

I bought this at a second hand bookstore and planned to sell back (as I usually do with books I buy there) but after reading it? I CANNOT. I NEED IT WITH ME.

I would have fangirled so much to my friend via text,[...]

A Gleam of Light || down an informative road about Hopi Indians

Title: A Gleam of Light Authors: T.J. and M.L. Wolf Genre: Fiction Status: Book One of The Survival Trilogy Goodreads || Amazon IN || Amazon US || Synopsis: In 1995, at the age of eight, Una Waters survived a terrifying encounter at 30,000 feet aboard Flight 564 from Dallas to Las Vegas. It changed her… Continue reading A Gleam of Light || down an informative road about Hopi Indians

The Partnership || the NA romance we want

Title: The Partnership Author: Charlotte Penn Clark Genre: NA Romance Status: Extra Credit series #1 but can be read as a standalone Published: 01 March 2017 Goodreads || Amazon Kindle Synopsis: They're just partners…. Kyle’s got a problem. He needs to pass college composition to graduate but he can’t get words on a page.  And… Continue reading The Partnership || the NA romance we want

A bitter pill to swallow || all about mental health

Title: A bitter pill to swallow Author: Tiffany Gholar Genre: YA contemporary Published: 01 January 2016 Status: Standalone. Goodreads || Amazon || Amazon Kindle Synopsis: On the edge of the Chicago medical district, the Harrison School for Exceptional Youth looks like a castle in a snow globe. Janina has been there since she was ten years old,… Continue reading A bitter pill to swallow || all about mental health