10 Super Hyped Books I Need to read ASAP

10 super hyped books I need to read asap

It is a fact well known that you will never finish your entire TBR. If you're an avid reader, you'll probably find at least two more books to read before you finish your current read. There are way too many good books coming out for us to keep up. I've been especially feeling the trouble… Continue reading 10 Super Hyped Books I Need to read ASAP

Reading Updates // where I read 5 romance books in a week

reading updates

Remember last week when I said that I probably won't read much and might not have anything to update on? Haha what a joke. I completely forgot about the fact that I read MORE around exam time because I'll be so stressed, I'll pick up comfort reads every free minute. That's exactly what I did… Continue reading Reading Updates // where I read 5 romance books in a week

WWW Wednesday // 10th June 2020

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I'm back with the reading updates! Since lockdown began and I've been reading more, these weekly reading updates are really useful. They give me a chance to talk about multiple books that may not review and they also let y'all hear about many books within one post with short and concise opinions. I didn't do… Continue reading WWW Wednesday // 10th June 2020