The Sunday Post // HECTIC week. Also COVID-19.

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The virus has taken over the world, and also all conversations. What did we all even talk about before? I can barely remember. I wonder what would be trending on twitter if there was no coronavirus now. Probably some tiktok video or something on US 2020 elections. Who knows. Anyway! Let's get onto updates.

The Sunday Post // rambles in shambles

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It's been a wild three weeks, y'all. And by wild I just mean hectic. I actually took a couple weeks off blogging spontaneously. I didn't feel like posting and my motivation to blog was at a low. I also had many things happening in real life so I didn't find much time. In fact, I've… Continue reading The Sunday Post // rambles in shambles

A description of my college life

Brace yourselves, this could be a long one. Now how do I fit everything into one post?  Hey everyone! If you've been following me for a while, you might be knowing that I began college this year and have spoken about it quite some. I kept postponing personal posts (it's been a long while since… Continue reading A description of my college life

Wandering thoughts and accepting criticisms

Just another day in my life as a student. Being a senior in high school and studying for the last exam ever that I will be writing related to my school board, I have realised just how much I can procrastinate. I have been going at a very slow speed for the last four hours! must… Continue reading Wandering thoughts and accepting criticisms