I’m back from my hiatus!

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At least, I hope I am. I can't tell for sure yet. It's been exactly two weeks since my last blog post, and I had promised to blog more in that post. Ha. What a joke. So, what's been happening? Why am I just disappearing into the void without a peep on Instagram or Twitter… Continue reading I’m back from my hiatus!

Life Update // it’s finals time

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've blogged freely. It's been only reviews been review and properly structured posts for a while. Back in 2016, I used to make random posts and just blabber, and it felt so freeing! Ever since I started thinking about polishing up my blog posts and putting up… Continue reading Life Update // it’s finals time

Rewind and Play || Indian college adventures

Title: Rewind And PlayAuthor: Tarun GautamGenre: ContemporaryCategory: Young Adult+Series info: Single bookGoodreads Synopsis: Raghav Diwan is living the American Dream. A successful career, a comfortable and happy married life. One day, he receives an invitation to an evening get-together with his college batchmates. He has not kept in touch with any of them and has… Continue reading Rewind and Play || Indian college adventures

The Sunday Post // Kdrama binges and busy schedules

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Hey everyone! It's been SO LONG since I last posted a Sunday Post. I feel like I've got so much to say but also I don't know how to even write it all anymore. It's weird being back. The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer to update our followers about… Continue reading The Sunday Post // Kdrama binges and busy schedules

Life Update // rambles rambles my schedule is in shambles

Hey everyone! It's been forever since I've done a life update post, especially since I started doing "The Sunday Post" where I just talked about the past week's events. Warning: this post will probably be highly unstructured and is simply like a sit down talk. I'm really in the mood for something casual right now, and don't feel like drafting it and revising it etc., so yeah.

November Bullet Journal Setup


Happy November, everyone! It's the month of Diwali and I'm STOKED. I get FIVE WHOLE days of break from college and I have big things planned. And by big things I mean finishing my projects for this semester. Much excite. I didn't do a bullet journal setup post last month because I was too busy… Continue reading November Bullet Journal Setup

The Sunday Post // what am I doing.

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Happy Sunday y'all! It's the day to sleep in, rest, read and have tea. Or if you're not like me, it's the day to go out and have adventures. Now, if you ask me the question in the title of this post, I wouldn't know what to tell you. It's been a long week of… Continue reading The Sunday Post // what am I doing.

September Bullet Journal Setup

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Bullet journalling has changed my daily life. I cannot say otherwise.

First, let me introduce you to my new notebook.

I started a new notebook this month. Its from personal-planner.com, a website where you can customize your notebook and have it shipped to yourself for free.

The Sunday Post // finals are done! + bookish candles + further plans

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I honestly cannot remember the last time a wrote a post to go up immediately. I'm a huge planner and I usually write my posts in advance. In fact I used to even write posts a month in advance! But I had a blogging slump a while back and then I had my finals so I've been blogging lesser.

I'm back now, though! And I'm doing a more personal post to catch y'all up on my life. I used to do life updates before but I haven't been doing them lately.

Life Update (I want to change my blog name? + new semester in college + other smol stuff)

  HIYA. Do you remember the last time I wrote a life update, or anything related to my life in general? Yeah, ME NEITHER. It's been a while since I sat down and wrote a chatty blog post about multiple small things, and life and just rambled. There are SO MANY things I want to… Continue reading Life Update (I want to change my blog name? + new semester in college + other smol stuff)

What I’ve learnt about myself in college

College is a whole new era of life, and there are so many new things you learn, especially about yourself. I studied in the same school for 12 years and most of my friends have known me for at least a couple years, which was the duration when I changed the most. Therefore they don't… Continue reading What I’ve learnt about myself in college

A description of my college life

Brace yourselves, this could be a long one. Now how do I fit everything into one post?  Hey everyone! If you've been following me for a while, you might be knowing that I began college this year and have spoken about it quite some. I kept postponing personal posts (it's been a long while since… Continue reading A description of my college life

College and Pokemon Go

Written on Wednesday, 20 July. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I did a personal post, right? I got into a college! The official semester hasn't started yet, it will on the 1st of August. Until then, we can go for a type of bridge course where they teach/revise the pre-requisites that we should… Continue reading College and Pokemon Go