Christmas Jars // movie review + GIVEAWAY

Christmas Jars has all the Christmas-movie things down to a T. It's cozy, cheesy, funny and has a happy ending. What more do you need? The movie is perfect for a Christmas pick. I watched the movie with a few of my friends because I thought it would be fun to watch as a group, and I was right[...]

The Knight Before Christmas // Movie Review

My Netflix recommendations are FILLED with Christmas movies. Christmas is right around the corner, and no matter where I go online, I see Christmas-related content. It's really nice to see the cheer and happiness spreading around. And the same can be said for streaming services. So I thought, why not jump in on the wagon and try a Christmas movie.

I’m doing Blogmas!

blogmas 2019 header image

It's officially December! Can I please ask where the year went? It feels like yesterday when I was freaking out about 2019 because of the hectic college schedule. I was worried about studying for placements and interviews. February 2019 me was desperately hoping that she'll be able to get a job and get through this… Continue reading I’m doing Blogmas!

Top ten books I wish I’ll be gifted

It's the best time of the year! The weather is cold and makes you wear layers and curl up under a blanket with a hot beverage, reading a book or watching something. It's also the gift-giving and receiving time of the year. Everyone's in a good mood—wishing others the best time during break, going shopping for themselves and others, and spend time with their loved ones.

December is pretty much the best month of the year, and it is even for me without Christmas all around IRL*. Why? Because my birthday is this month! And I actually CAN make wishlist posts along with everyone else—but for my birthday and not Christmas[...]

Bangalore metro station flea markets (Dec 10-11)

Hey everyone! So on Dec 10th, I was travelling through the metro when I saw the posters about the flea market at a couple stations and I've visited a couple before (which were very good) so I took my mom with me in the evening to check 'em out! They were pretty good, and I… Continue reading Bangalore metro station flea markets (Dec 10-11)