January Reading Challenges update + February goals

reading challenges updates and goals @ the wordy habitat book blog

Hey y'all! 2020 is the first year where I take on reading challenges/readathons for the first time. I mentioned all the ones I'm participating in last year, and I was hesitant if I'll be able to truly keep up with them. But I'm trying! In this post, I'll go through my updates on every challenge… Continue reading January Reading Challenges update + February goals

2017 New Adult Reading Challenge // round-up

There are so many amazing reading challenges, just keeping track of them takes work. This is why I don't join in on many, and those I do are more general. I'm a fan of New Adult books, especially romance, and this challenge was perfect because I'll be doing it without putting much conscious effort. I… Continue reading 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge // round-up

Beat the Backlist // 2017 review and 2018 sign-up

We all seem to be reading too much, and are astonished by our progress, but our TBR just keeps increasing?? For every book I read, I seem to be adding three more to my TBR on Goodreads!

Earlier this year I had this small "clean-up" of my TBR on Goodreads where I read the synopsis of old books and decide whether to keep them or not. I removed, maybe, 20 books? And then I didn't find the time to do more..