October bullet journal set up

Hey y'all! Like August, I hardly used my bullet journal in September other than to update my trackers and brainstorm blog post ideas. In fact, I only made dailies on holidays because only then did I have enough time to do tasks that could be written in a list. I'm expecting the same for October… Continue reading October bullet journal set up

How To Start A Bullet Journal

I am obsessed with bullet journaling. I started it at the beginning of the year and Iridescence and I thought we would share some tips on how you can start too with you.

Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers

Iridescence, we all have busy lives. Be grateful we take the time to read your blabber.¬†Yes yes, I know. And I'm grateful. Whether you bullet journal or not, if you have any idea about it or have seen the amazing pictures online, you'd understand that maintaining such beautiful spreads takes time and effort. Bullet journaling… Continue reading Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers