How to Judge a Book by its Cover // Analyzing Cover Trends in Different Genres

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s advice everyone’s heard at some point. Covers, people seem to think, represent only the surface level appearance of a book, which is why it’s bad to judge books for their appearance instead of their substance. And while it’s true that the content of a book is the… Continue reading How to Judge a Book by its Cover // Analyzing Cover Trends in Different Genres

Book Feature // Kitsuneko by C.S. Johnson

Hey y'all! I'm here with a different type of post today. One of the authors whose books I had reviewed when I was still a blogging newbie has a new book out, and I can't wait to introduce it to you! Kitsuneko is a companion novella to Johnson's The Realms Beyond the Rainbow, a fantasy… Continue reading Book Feature // Kitsuneko by C.S. Johnson

Misleading book covers in NA romance

I understand that all romance novels with sex have trashy covers but sometimes, I don't like that good romance novels that don't revolve around sex have trashy covers too. It misguides me so much that I've just taken to ignoring covers and only looking at synopsis and reviews. When they go wrong Take Hooked on the… Continue reading Misleading book covers in NA romance