#BlogRechargeChat final verdicts – September ’16

Another twitter chat has gone by! In case you're now here, let me explain. Charley and I hosted out first twitter chat with the hashtag #BlogRechargeChat back in June and due to so many requests, we made it a regular feature! This month's theme of the chat was blog posts. As usual, I will be saying the final,… Continue reading #BlogRechargeChat final verdicts – September ’16

Blogging daily: all the deets and feels

As many of you might be knowing, I've blogged daily until June. It takes quite some time, effort and application of mind to get ideas everyday. Recently, I read a post by someone called How daily blogging for one year has changed my life. All the points are true and truer. So, here I am today to tell… Continue reading Blogging daily: all the deets and feels