The Sunday Post // finals are done! + bookish candles + further plans

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I honestly cannot remember the last time a wrote a post to go up immediately. I'm a huge planner and I usually write my posts in advance. In fact I used to even write posts a month in advance! But I had a blogging slump a while back and then I had my finals so I've been blogging lesser. I'm back now, though! And I'm doing a more personal post to catch y'all up on my life. I used to do life updates before but I haven't been doing them lately.

#BlogRechargeChat reminder

Hey everyone! After the huge success off the first time Charley and I hosted this chat last month, we immediately planned for the next time after many bloggers asked for it again. (I was so happy my heart expanded so much and we were on a high) The chat is in 5 days! I already announced it in one of… Continue reading #BlogRechargeChat reminder