My December bullet journal

It's been so very long since I did a bullet journal post, especially one that shows my bullet journal spreads. I think I stopped when I did all my blog planning in advance and just let this slide. Anyway, since I'm changing the way I'm bullet journalling this month with the start of 2017 and all that, I thought it would be good to show how I used to bullet journal. And I promise I'll show my Jan spread next month.

Planning takes time too

I did posts on advantages and disadvantages of being a planner but one thing I did not mention was how much time planning takes. Sure, planning makes life easier but you have to spend a certain amount of time on it everyday. It does not get done by itself. How my time is managed: I spend… Continue reading Planning takes time too

Advantages of being a planner

Everyone knows that planning makes life easier and being an organised person means you'll have fewer mixups and mistakes. But actually being organised? That's not easy. In this post, I will be talking about how being organised helps in blogging. Even if we're cluttered in other areas of our lives, at least our blogging is sorted,… Continue reading Advantages of being a planner

My July Bullet Journal

Last month, I did a sort-of traditional flip through (see it here) but this month, I'm shaking it up a bit. Here's how this post will be going: main monthly pages my weeklies and how I tried different layouts a few of my favourite daily spreads (which are not already in the weekly picture shots)… Continue reading My July Bullet Journal