The Journey We Call “Life” #BirthMonth

Some consider the fact that being a teen means being unconscious about life, whatโ€™s going on around us, or what truly matters. Iโ€™m a teenager. Iโ€™m 17. Young? Guess you thought so. But Iโ€™m about to explain how age is truly just a number. You see, I was born in a humble house; father, mother… Continue reading The Journey We Call “Life” #BirthMonth

Childhood Friends #BirthMonth

Hey everyone! I'm Selfie from The Meandering Course. Check out my blog if you'd like. I mostly post about anything at the top of my head so things are pretty random ๐Ÿ˜€ A big thank you to Iridescence for letting me post on here for her #BirthMonth series.I love the idea! Oh and Happy Birth… Continue reading Childhood Friends #BirthMonth

New blog post series – #BirthMonth guest blogging

Hey everyone! I'm turning 18 in December (yay! yay?).ย I absolutely do not feel as if I'm ready enough to be an adult, I'm too much of a kid! I can vote. I can drive. Wow. Anyway, I had an idea a few days back and after deliberating quite a bit, I want it to happen!… Continue reading New blog post series – #BirthMonth guest blogging