The Poppy War || gruesome and compelling

There has been so much hype for this book online since the time it released. I added it to my list and was waiting for the paperback's price to go down so I can own it as a physical copy. Sadly, it never went down.* I finally caved and got the ebook just in time to participate in the Autumn is for Asia read-a-long happening on Instagram. The Poppy War is the buddy read book for September, and it gave me the motivation to finally read this tome.

The Hating Game || 11/10 recommended!

I've heard a LOT about this book. The last time I went to the second-hand bookstore I frequent, I looked for this book and didn't find it. I asked for it and the shopkeeper said he can get it to me within an hour. I waited an hour and got it.

The book has had quite some hype, and it deserves it.

The Plot

Bexley & Gamin were two separate publishing companies that were about to fold and joined efforts in hopes of saving their companies.

The worst part of the join is how different the employees are. As Lucy says,

One year on, you can still tell at a glance which company someone came from by his or her physical appearance. The Bexleys are hard geometrics, the Gamins are soft scribbles.

It's also evidenced by Lucinda Hutton, a Gamin, and Joshua Templeton, a Bexley.

Crazy Rich Asians || just rich people politics

With the movie's release, everyone's been talking about this book. I finally got to it recently and I didn't like it.

The Plot
While we go through SEVERAL points of views and follow a lot of characters in the book, at the center are Nicholas and Rachel.

Nicholas is from the uber rich Young family in Singapore but he works as a professor in New York, not telling anyone who his family is...

The Kiss Quotient // I will go down with this ship

I had seen praise for this book around for a while. I had it on my TBR but hadn't bought it yet. One day it was free (!!!!) on Amazon Kindle and I grabbed it immediately. I'm really glad because I was in the mood for romance soon after and I picked this up.

Content warning: on-page explicit scenes.

The Plot
Stella Lane is a brilliant econometrician. She's fascinated by math and patterns. Her career life is stellar, but her personal one is not. She has Asperger's and hence doesn't do well in social situations, like dating...

Call Me By Your Name || unpopular opinion alert!

Unforgettable, it was.

I'll be honest, this review is a negative review.

Call Me By Your Name had been getting a LOT of praise. The movie, especially. I'm not really a person who watches a lot of movies, but I do read a lot of books so I thought I'll read the book.

Initially, the plan was to buddy read with a friend of mine. It didn't work out but both of us ended up reading at the same time and I'm so glad for that because I NEEDED someone to rant with!


From Lukov With Love || hate-to-love romance

Note: Chronologically, this book comes after Dear Aaron, which I found out only while reading Dear Aaron but it does not affect reading this book first in any way. 

I was cruising the New Adult new release section on Goodreads when I saw this and it drew me because it's main character is a figure skater. After I saw the movie Ice Princess, I've become interested in stories about figure skaters so I immediately got this book...

How to Adult 101: #1 preparation

Since I'm now 18 and need to learn stuff (because I'm a spoiled, coddled butterfruit who doesn't know anything in life), I thought I'd take you along with me on this journey which will be filled with failed attempts. Disclaimer: I don't know anything and the most I'm expecting you to get from this is a… Continue reading How to Adult 101: #1 preparation