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Christmas time means watching tons of Christmas movies.

By now, I’ve watched quite a few Christmas movies and I have to say, they make you feel good. Cozying up in blankets with a hot drink or just watching when it’s all gloomy outside and watching a Christmas movie has a charm of it’s own.

When I got the chance to participate in the blog tour for Christmas Jars, I jumped on the chance. It sounded really nice and cute.

Christmas Jars poster

Based on the New York Times best- selling novel by Jason F. Wright

Hope is an aspiring reporter who has had her fair share of tragedy in life. Abandoned at birth, she’s grieving the recent death of her adopted mother when her apartment is burglarized of all her possessions. While reporting the burglary to the police, Hope discovers a jar full of money, labeled “Christmas Jar.” Shocked and grateful for this act of kindness, Hope discovers that people all over her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, have been receiving Christmas Jars for years during times of need. The jars are always anonymous and always contain different amounts. In this heartwarming Christmas classic, Hope goes undercover to discover the secret behind the Christmas jars, putting into motion a series of events that will change her life, and her community, forever.

Movie Trailer
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Christmas Jars has all the Christmas-movie things down to a T. It’s cozy, cheesy, funny and has a happy ending. What more do you need? The movie is perfect for a Christmas pick.

I watched the movie with a few of my friends because I thought it would be fun to watch as a group, and I was right. While I would have enjoyed the movie alone as well, it was super fun to watch with others. Even though my friends and I are quite critical about plots and don’t like cheesy/cliché things, we enjoyed the movie.

The plot was really nice. Hope, our main character, was anonymously given a Christmas Jar full of money at a bad time in her life. After finding out that many others have been gifted at rough times as well, she vows to find out who these generous gifters are. This search completely changes her life.

As the movie starts with Hope as a newborn, the timeline is pretty straightforward. There’s no jumping in time or confusion as you watch the movie. If you’ve watched a lot of movies, then you can also probably guess what’s going to happen next. To me, the twist was very predictable, but I still enjoyed the movie.* It’s a clean plot, so you can just sit back and enjoy.

*I went a little extra critical and found two plot holes too but it’s a Christmassy feel-good movie and you should not question things.

The best part of the plot was that it all comes full circle. I really liked that. I like when movies can connect things from beginning to end, and that happened here. Personally, that’s a fave so a big plus from me.

The one thing that I really appreciate about the movie is that it leaves you hopeful. By the end of the movie, you’re happy. The story makes you believe that there are good people and restores your faith about kindness and giving. Not only that, it also shows how just a little bit of help from someone, who goes out of their way to help you and believes that you’re worth it, motivates you to fight back harder. The message of the movie was really nice.

As for the romance, since it’s not the main plot, it’s barely there. The romance was nice but it was very cheesy and cliché. It was over the top for me, so I didn’t like it much. But I do think that it’s perfect for Christmas movie lovers.


I quite liked it. Would have watched it on my own even without the blog tour. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a new Christmas movie to watch. It’s also appropriate for all ages, so it’s a good one to watch with family or just with friends.


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Do you like watching Christmas movies? Which one is your favourite?

The Knight Before Christmas // Movie Review

My Netflix recommendations are FILLED with Christmas movies.

Christmas is right around the corner, and no matter where I go online, I see Christmas-related content. It’s really nice to see the cheer and happiness spreading around. And the same can be said for streaming services. It’s pretty obvious that a lot of people will be watching Christmas-themed content, and probably binge-watch Harry Potter movies again because they have THE BEST Christmas-time vibes.

So I thought, why not jump in on the wagon and try a Christmas movie. I also had zero patience to spend time looking for a good movie, and just pressed play on what Netflix recommended me. And, because the movie released very recently, I happened to watch The Knight Before Christmas.

But before getting onto the review, what is up with Vanessa Hudgens and Netflix Christmas movies? She was in The Princess Switch last year as well. I never watched that because it looked super cringey and my trusted friends did not like it.

The reason I gave The Knight Before Christmas a go was because I actually liked the trailer. A dashing male lead, time travel and all the cozy Christmas vibes? Sign me up!

the knight before christmas cole
The Knight Before Christmas – Josh Whitehouse – Photo Credit: Netflix / Brooke Palmer

What was the movie about?

A 14th century knight named Cole is transported to 2019 Christmastime by a magical old woman. She said that he has to complete his “quest” by midnight on Christmas Day if he wants to be a true knight, because apparently you can only be a true knight if you fulfill your great quest. What is his quest, you might ask? He doesn’t know!

Not gonna lie, the quest thing really had me questioning. How are knights supposed to fulfill quests and become true knights if they don’t know their quests? They just keep waiting? Makes no sense.

So anyway, back to the plot. Cole is in 2019 Ohio, in his knight armour. Cole wanders around looking for the old woman, and is super confused about his current surroundings.

Brooke, a high school teacher and non-believer in true love, takes Cole in after accidentally hitting him with her car. She believes that he may have temporarily lost his memory due to which he “thinks” he’s a 14th century knight. Brooke offers her guesthouse to him for the time being.

Love story ensues.

the knight before christmas cole and brooke
Image credit: Brooke Palmer/Netflix

So.. was the movie good?

It depends on what you’re expecting.

If you want a movie with a really good plot, great chemistry, good acting, and thought out details, this not the movie for you. You will hate it.

If you’re looking for a random Christmas movie to watch while being cozy with a hot drink and don’t care what it contains as long as it ends well, this is the one for you.

I watched the movie simply to watch a Christmas movie so I wasn’t very disappointed, especially considering that I haven’t seen many other such movies to compare with. Sure, if I was expecting a really good movie with a great romance, I’d be disappointed. I would have also noted and obsessed over details, but I decided to let it go. Normally, I’m a huge critic but since I didn’t expect much, I’m not really bothered.

My thoughts, in detail:

  • There was NO CHEMISTRY between the couple. The one thing I was really looking forward to was romance, because that’s my current favourite genre, and it sorely disappointed me.
  • The acting was not great. I’m mainly talking about Vanessa Hudgens because I could not see her as Brooke. I just.. no.
  • Josh Whitehouse was highly charming as Cole, and he was perfect for the role. He was awesome.
  • The supporting characters were okay. I wasn’t invested in them.
  • I feel like the writers just had a a great overall idea of the plot, but totally messed up when stretching it for a whole movie. I recognized plot points, i.e. certain parts of the story which are the structure of the main plot. But everything in between was just a mess. And sometimes, totally unnecessary.
  • I hated the ending. It was so cringey, I didn’t even properly watch it. I could not handle that level of cheese. It wasn’t even cheesy at the point. It was just cringey.
  • I think Brooke was supposed to have a character arc, but it was totally flat. I saw no character growth, and I also could not see her as a full-fledged character. She just smiled all the time and went around preparing for Christmas.
  • Everything on screen, at all points, was themed. The colours clearly bring in the Christmas vibe. At every point, there’s some green, red and white on the screen. As far as the set is concerned, the movie nailed it.
Image credit: Brooke Palmer/Netflix

There is one thing that really bothered me. Brooke, in the beginning of the movie, advises a high school student who recently got dumped by a boy that there is no such thing called true love. She says that it’s a fairytale and, in the real world, we have to concentrate on our lives and not hope for our Prince Charmings. At the end of the movie, after falling in love with Cole, she tells the student the complete opposite. The student moved on from her stupid ex at that point, and was being told that there is true love.

I was waiting for Brooke to say something like “true love will come at some point, and you will know it. Don’t worry about your ex, he’s not the one.” But instead she was basically telling the student to go back to her ex, or go back to being heartbroken? It came off like that. And that got me super annoyed.

Okay so.. skip the movie?


I don’t have much to compare with, and it STILL fell short. I’m sure that if I was expecting a good movie, I would have hated it so bad.

I say skip this movie. It’s not worth it. The only good part of the movie is Josh Whitehouse as Cole. If you want only eye-candy, you can go for it. Otherwise, nah.

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What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Have you seen The Knight Before Christmas?

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BTS Burn The Stage experience

Annyeong everyone! I’m starting this blog post as I watch Melon Music Awards on another tab, where BTS has already won 3 awards. I think it’s safe to say that I’m now an ARMY, although I still don’t feel like I’m one because there’s so much about BTS that I don’t know.

I know this post will take me days to finish, and I’m still excited to write ALL THE THINGS. Also warning: this is going to be a long blog post. You might want to free yourself for a little bit. #sorrynotsorry

Burn The Stage is the documentary of BTS’s Wings tour, which took them all over the world in a year. It contains behind the scenes, random fun the boys have, their hardships and their wins, and also exclusive interviews. 

In all honesty, the experience was a wild ride. And only some of it was the actual movie.

bts picture 1.

When my friends and I found out that India will be one of the countries to see Burn The Stage, we were STOKED. This was the first time Indian ARMYs got recognition. There were so many ARMYs who immediately started saving up money for the tickets, which we expected would be a little expensive at least.

The movie was acquired by INOX theatres and the booking was all online. For the movie, to be released on 15th November, the bookings was supposed to be on 4th November. And the worst part? The plan was to show only ONE screening of the movie in SELECT cities.

This was nerve-wracking because there are TONS of ARMYs and my friends and I planned on being on the website at all times that day to grab tickets ASAP.

But the movie was not listed online that day. For the next few days all ARMYs were anxiously checking the INOX website, slowly getting discouraged. Would we even get to see the movie?

bts accepting an award.

A lot of people started spamming INOX on twitter and the official BTS India Instagram page reached out to them as well.

Eventually we got a reply that the movie had still not gotten cleared from the Indian censor board. We were ENRAGED, guys. As it is, the Indian censor board doesn’t have a good reputation.

On November 15th 2018, all Indian ARMYs saw the rest of the world watch and react to the movie while we still didn’t know if we’d get to watch it. And all we could do was continue spamming INOX, but stopped that as well once they told the official Instagram page that they’ll update once they have any news.

Since everyone was bashing the censor board, they released a statement that they didn’t have any problems with the movie. The reason it was getting held up was because of insufficient documentation and they requested blurring of an alcohol label in ONE scene.

The movie finally got cleared, though. The tickets were released on 19th, first for Delhi. The second the news got out, everyone who was free went online checking for their cities.

I was home, thankfully, studying for an upcoming test when one of my friends called asking my confirmation to book the tickets. But by the time she got back to me, telling me to book with my card, the servers of the website were overloaded. My friends and I kept refreshing the website but after selecting the movie and the show, we got errors. I encountered at least three different types of errors.

shocked face.

And just like that, within 10 minutes, the show sold out. We had 1 show in 1 mall on 25th, and it sold out. Needless to say, my friends and I were SO DISAPPOINTED.

We gave up but later we found out that ARMYs who kept refreshing the website for hours and kept checking found seats. Due to many people being online at the same time, servers crashed and free seats were marked blocked.

Hearing this, my friends and I went back online and kept refreshing. While we were doing that, I saw ANOTHER mall in the listing with one show there. I freaked out, my friend called me and told to book there IMMEDIATELY.

I tried and after refreshing a few times (because the servers got overloaded then as well), I finally saw the screen to select the seats. By then most of the seats were already booked. Since we were 4 people going together, I selected whatever 4 seats I saw together, which was the second bottom row, and clicked next. My heart was beating FAST. I kept hoping that it won’t cancel on me.

After I entered my card details the first time, it didn’t go through and I was asked to do it again. I knew that if I tried again from the start, I won’t get tickets. But thankfully it only told me to enter my card details again.

At this point my hands were shaking so much. I could barely type. Right after I finished typing the card details, the card slipped from my hands but I did not care.

It took A WHOLE MINUTE to process the payment, during which I was worried as heck. But I finally got the confirmation and I stared at it for at least 30 seconds, checking if it’s real.

I GOT THE TICKETS! Right as I called my friend to let her know, my phone switched off. (It does that sometimes, just switches off when there’s too much going on in the phone.) I was thankful that it, at least, didn’t crash on me during booking.

I called her after I connected my phone to the charger (and retrieved my card from under the sofa) and told her, and even she took a couple seconds to register what I said. I was still shook from the experience of just booking the tickets. My heart was beating really fast as if I ran a kilometer but my brain was not registering much beyond “I got the tickets”.

bts group hug.

Good thing too because later I found out that the show I got tickets for sold out in two minutes. TWO.

My friends and I calmed down and went on to study. That night we found out that INOX kept adding shows all over the city. I think they were waiting to see the response before adding more shows.

They even added a show near our area, which would have been so much more convenient! We got tickets for an 8pm show in a mall which is over an hour away from us. Of course since they added more shows, the chaos of exchanging and buying tickets online between ARMYs ensued. And there was a lot of it.

We didn’t exchange though. We didn’t want to take the risk.

jungkook suspended in air at a concert.

Now that there were shows and enough tickets.. all the planning started. It’s the first time ever that there’s an official BTS thing happening in India and everyone wanted to make it special.

Everyone made whatsapp groups for all the malls. My friends and I found and joined the one for our mall as well. Only a fraction of all attenders found the whatsapp groups, but it was enough for us to plan things.

In a few days, we decided on the following:

  • Everyone would wear purple ribbons to signify that we’re ARMYs.
  • We would take videos and document our experience as part of a nation-wide GCF project.
  • The dress code was black and purple, if not BTS merch. (Not many stuck to that though)
  • Some people were selling posters and fanarts.
  • One person was selling postcards of BTS pictures, which we had to pick at random without looking. (I got two photos—one of Jin, who is my bias, and one of Jimin.)
  • One girl was making glittery purple heart pins for everyone who shazamed Waste It On Me.
  • My friends and I got some badges made with the BTS and ARMY logos and sold them. (I’m kinda proud of our badges, not gonna lie.)
one of the badges we made.
this is one of the badges we got.

Some ARMYs had also planned on flash mobs and dances (which we got permission for in prior) but it couldn’t work out due to state mourning of a sudden death that day.

We also sang Magic Shop, Two! Three! and Epiphany before going into the theatre.

Right before the movie we did the ARMY fanchant in the theatre, we tried an ARMY light wave and took videos.

All-in-all it was a big day.

Now, the actual movie?

Was B E A U T I F U L.

The movie went up and down in emotions, in waves. It was serious, nostalgic and somber and then it was joyful, funny and uplifting. And repeat.

The movie was narrated by 4 of the members (we think) and they compared parts of the wings tour to words such as “desert” and “oasis”. The comparisons were so fitting with the meaning of the words and the footage that followed.

The first half an hour I spent with my hand on my heart, not looking away from the screen. I can confirm that I teared up multiple times during the movie.

What I liked best about the movie was that it was real. We saw them having fun, cooking, getting awards and crying out of happiness. We also saw them get injured, practice hard and get bloody tired during a concert. It felt—was—unfiltered.

ARMYs know that the BTS members work HARD. They keep pushing themselves harder and harder, and it shows. The movie just showed more of the work and practice parts of it, which we’ve never seen before.

I didn’t want to blink throughout the movie in fear that I would miss something.

In fact, near to the end of the movie, I started worrying about it ending. I didn’t want it to end. And in that thought process, I missed the last line. The movie ended abruptly, just leaving us hanging, wanting more.

It was beautiful. I fell in love with them all over again.

bts at concert.
Source: Hypebae

When I got home, which was at 11pm, I texted my best friend Hema and was telling her everything that happened. And I was still so into the movie that I was emotional. I couldn’t stop talking.

Hema said that she’s never seen me have such deep feelings, and it’s kind of true. I don’t usually feel much for anything other than books and characters that I’ve gotten attached to overtime. And I usually don’t text her when I’m feeling emotional about things. But, I couldn’t help it this time.

For the first time ever I’ve seen so many people who love something dearly gather in one place and do things selflessly. Legit, all the ARMYs were so kind and nice. Everyone wanted to do things for BTS and other ARMYs. Everyone was laughing and smiling, and talking about BTS and how BTS matters to them.

Some ARMYs stood at the entrace of the 8pm show theatre and gave out these tiny photos of BTS with the date and time written below. Bless their souls. That small thing made us all so damn happy.

the small picture they gave.

And during the movie, everyone was pin drop silent. I’ve heard of other places where ARMYs kept screaming at random moments and disturbing others but that didn’t happen for us. We made sure to tell everyone to keep quiet. We were all united and despite me only talking to my friends and not really socializing, I felt like I was still with everyone. And I’ve not been a fan for as long as most of them.

Here are some texts that I sent Hema. I’m just copying and pasting them here because they exactly show how I was feeling then.

[11:47 PM, 11/25/2018] Sumedha: I can’t.
[11:47 PM, 11/25/2018] Sumedha: It’s so unbelievable.
[11:47 PM, 11/25/2018] Sumedha: And BTS are so pure man.
[11:48 PM, 11/25/2018] Sumedha: They kept talking about pushing harder than they can almost bear because one day they can’t do this even if they want to.
[11:48 PM, 11/25/2018] Sumedha: They spoke about how much energy the ARMY gave them.
[11:48 PM, 11/25/2018] Sumedha: That in concerts etc just seeing ARMY’s eyes light up, seeing them, was enough to give them energy.
[11:49 PM, 11/25/2018] Sumedha: They spoke about how they’re all very unique but through the years grew together.
[11:49 PM, 11/25/2018] Hem: Omg
[11:49 PM, 11/25/2018] Sumedha: They’re not themselves anymore.

And then after that I still had so much to say so I gave up typing and just sent her a voice recording. I was already emotional and TALKING about them got me to cry in the recording. I legit could not speak without sniffing and my voice wavering.

The movie was THAT GOOD. It was so emotional. Even now I’m becoming emotional just thinking about it. I’m very close to tearing up again.

They spoke about how they’re not just them as individuals anymore. They’re now part of BTS, and each of them are an integral part of BTS.

We are Kim Nam-joon, Kim Seok-jin, Kim Tae-hyung, Jung Ho-seok, Jeon Jung-kook, Park Jimin and Min Yoon-gi. These names feel awkward. We are now RM, Jin, V, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin and Suga.

-Suga, Burn The Stage.
(I’m not exactly sure but the lines were something like this.)

RM spoke about how they still find joy in being with each other, even though they do it all the time. 

There are so many feels running through me right now, just by remembering the movie. I’m currently listening to Spring Day because it’s perfect for such moods. It’s also a beautiful song.

(side note: as I’m writing this part it’s December 4th, Jin’s birthday, and Jin just came live. It’s so funny oh my lord, they took Jin’s profile picture to the next level, more than ARMY. BTS and ARMY are all crackheads.)

My friends’ thoughts

I think I’ve spoken enough now. I can keep going on but I better stop now.

I asked my friends to write a little bit about the movie and the experience so I can add it here, just so you know that it’s not just me who is this emotional.

Sabby said:

This movie was so inspirational, motivational, and beautiful. It really showed a whole other side of BTS, what pure beings they are that made me love them even more and I’m so so so proud to be an army. I laughed, cried, oohed and awwed along with everyone in the theater and it was such an experience. And meeting the finally found fam(ARMYs) gave me a whole new level of happiness. We are a fam only coz of BTS.
BTS is not just a kpop group. Basically they are THE kpop group. No one has done it like them. They’ve helped and connected with so many people including myself and they are perfectly imperfect. They’re just as beautiful on stage as they are off-stage. I wish I could watch the movie again, it was worth the struggle :”) Never thought I would be so connected with 7 people I’ve never met before. I love them with all my heart and they deserve all the love in this world💜😭

Swetha said:

Burn the stage… this movie was wow, seeing the boys on the big screen was a totally different experience, I loved the narration, it really hits you right in the feels, especially when yoongi says “sometimes we see ourselves in the crowd there with y’all”. I mean how beautiful is that. The movie was an emotional roller coaster, like one minute you’ll be thinking “bts is working to death are they really happy?” and feel sad and the next minute its all of them jumping and pushing each other into a pool😂 but the best part about this movie was that it showed how strong BTS is as a group and how much bts genuinely cares for army. We are inseparable.

another bts picture because why not.

Overall, the movie was amazing. The meetup other ARMYs just made the experience even better. It was one of the best days of the year, for me.

Even if you’re not a BTS fan, I definitely suggest watching the movie because it’s just a documentary which is beautiful. It’s not specifically targeted at ARMYs. It’s worth a watch, ARMY or not.

If you’ve stayed so long and read this bloody long post, kudos to you. And thank you.

Have you seen Burn The Stage? Are you a fan of BTS?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before // movie review

lara jean, kitty and peter

Source: Insider

This movie is, hands down, one of my favourite movies of the year.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a book-to-movie adaptation of the book of same name by Jenny Han. I read the book a few years back and really liked it. There were a few minute things that I didn’t like but overall it was good. I adored it.

So when I heard that it’s being made into a movie? I squealed! When I saw the cast, I squealed. When I saw the trailers, I was singing praises and couldn’t wait to watch it.

The movie released on Friday, 17th August ’18, and I needed to watch it ASAP. I do not have a Netflix account so I pleaded a friend to let me use his for watching the movie. I’m so sad that I don’t have my own because I couldn’t rewatch it. I really feel like rewatching it now.

Also, everyone’s been watching the movie and I LOVE that. When I go on twitter or Instagram I see others saying that they’re watching or have watched the movie. It feels like a huge movie-watching party and I’m so glad that this movie is getting the love it deserves. I’m also glad I asked my friend for his Netflix account ASAP because if I hadn’t watched it and saw all the love, I would have felt super left out lol.

What is the movie about?

Lara Jean writes love letters to her crushes when she has crushes so intense that she doesn’t know what to do. She has five in total, the latest being her next door neighbour, best friend and her sister’s boyfriend Josh. She doesn’t actually send these letters, though. After writing, she keeps them in a hatbox that her mother gave her.

But one day, her letters get sent out. And her life flips.

To keep Josh from deducing that she’s still in love with him, she strikes a deal with Peter Kavinskey (who also received a letter from her) to pretend to date. He can make his ex-girlfriend Gen, also Lara Jean’s ex-best friend and current enemy, jealous, and she can lie to Josh.

We see Lara Jean hopping through various hoops and somehow keep afloat in high school with so many sudden changes.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a sweet rom-com that depicts high school life with all it’s cheesiness and messiness.

The Characters

Lara Jean Covey


Lara Jean Covey is the protagonist of the story and I need to give a lot of credit to Lana Condor, the actress, for bringing the character to life brilliantly. She was exactly how I pictured Lara Jean to be.

Lara Jean is invisible in high school. She has one best friend and hangs out more with her family. She’s insecure, shy and awkward. This makes her so interesting to watch because she has to navigate having a sudden shift in her high school social life.

I absolutely adored her. While some of the dimension to her was not depicted like in the book because of the movie’s time limit, all the basic aspects of her shone through.

lara jean and peter k


Peter Kavinskey, played by Noah Centineo, perfectly complemented Lara Jean on screen and I can’t complain at all. I loved Peter K. in the book and Noah Centineo as Peter was perfect.

Peter is the hot, popular jock who dated the stunning and popular Genevieve. Gen dumps him to date a college guy and Peter is still hung up over her. He decides to make her jealous by being the perfect (pretend) boyfriend for Lara Jean in hopes of getting her back.

But other than that, Peter also has the sensitive and hurt side of him which comes out later, and it was shown so damn well.

Josh and Lara Jean

Source: Fashionista

Israel Broussard as Josh Sanders, Lara Jean’s latest crush and next-door neighbour, is the last of the main trio and he couldn’t have been better. Everything Josh was like in the book, he is so in the movie.

Josh is dating Lara Jean’s elder sister Margot in the beginning of the movie. But right before leaving for college at Scotland, Margot breaks up with Josh. And then he received The Letter.

Israel Broussard played all the sides of Josh perfectly, especially him feeling alone when Lara Jean avoids him because she’s his best friend too. I felt him. I didn’t care much about Josh in the book but I definitely cared more about him in the movie.

lara jean and her two sisters

Source: Collider

A huge part of Lara Jean’s life is her family. She absolutely loves her family and she prefers to hang out with them more than having a normal high school social life.

The casting for her dad and sisters were perfect. Margot, her elder sister, was brought to the screen brilliantly by Janel Parrish. Margot’s level-headed mind and practical decisions which make up her character were portrayed very well.

Katherine AKA Kitty, Lara Jean’s younger and clever little sister was also perfect. Anna Cathcart did a wonderful job as Kitty and I love that she was given enough screen time to show her importance in the story.

And lastly, their dad Dr. Dan Covey was everything I pictured him to be. John Corbett did great as the OB/GYN who tries very hard to raise three girls alone and also tries to keep them in touch with their Korean heritage.

chris and lara jean

Source: Fashionista

Now for the last and best badass character—Christine, Lara Jean’s best and only friend, and personification of I-don’t-care. She breaks the rules, stays out all night partying or in concerts, and doesn’t hesitate to stand up for Lara Jean. Chris takes no shit, especially if it’s for Lara Jean and even more especially if from her cousin Gen. (Yes Gen who is Peter’s ex). Played by Madeleine Arthur, Chris is exactly as she was in the books.

Other aspects

Okay so the movie was so well done! I loved the vibe that shone through, and the colours that dominated and were muted. It gave the movie so mimu more of a rom-com vibe and I was all for it!

At some points, I did find that the dialogues didn’t come out as they were supposed to but they were very few. I quickly forgot about them and got immersed again without much thought.

As for the book-to-movie differences, I’m very glad that the ski trip debacle was shortened and made less embarrassing. I actually didn’t like it stretched out a lot in the books so it was just right in the movie.

I’m a teeny tiny bit peeved that the sisters referred themselves as Covey girls and not Song girls. The Song girls thing had some meaning and while I understand that the additional back story couldn’t fit in, I would have preferred if it was not mentioned entirely.

And of course, with the short time-limit, a lot of things were cut out from the books but the very essence of it all was retained so I don’t have complaints there.

The soundtrack is really good as well. I noticed some songs but they didn’t take away my attention from the plot. I’m actually currently listening to the whole playlist on Spotify and it’s so good! I’m loving all the songs.


to all the boys lara jean peter.jpeg

Source: meaww

I absolutely loved the movie and totally recommend it. The movie doesn’t require the books to be read so even if you haven’t and/or are not interested in reading the book, watch the movie!

It’s rom-com, has an Asian-American main lead and will sweep you off your feet with a sweet high school romance.

I really hope we get a sequel. Everybody go watch it and rate it well so we’ll get the sequel!

Have you watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before yet? Are you going to? 

Jane the Virgin season 1 review

This post has been a long time coming. I watched season 1 so long back, I’m a little worried I hardly remember anything. I’m currently a few episodes into season 3 and have lost the interest I had in Season 1 so.. I don’t see myself binge-ing it further just yet.

I asked on twitter last week which post to do and this got the most votes, so here we are. I’ll only be talking about season 1 to avoid spoilers, even though I’ve seen season 2.

What is the show about?

Jane Villanueva is in her 20s and a virgin because she made a vow to remain chaste until she’s married. She has a steady boyfriend named Michael, whom she’s about to marry, and a happy family with her mom and grandmom when The Incident occurs.

The Incident is Jane getting accidentally artificially inseminated with sperm, hence making her pregnant, without her knowledge because the doctor screwed up. Jane went in for a pap smear and got a baby. Every woman’s nightmare.

The father Raphael (unwilling sperm donor) finds out and offers to make a deal with Jane. He and his wife will take the baby after he/she is born, allowing Jane to go back to her life. Only, does she want to?

We follow Jane and other characters in her life as they navigate waters after The Incident. 

What makes the show really interesting?

The drama.

The show has a humourous, entertainingly cringy and drama-filled storyline that kept me hooked in. I loved the way all the characters tied together, the backstory to all of them and how they all got connected in various ways.

Although we start off with the pregnancy and that’s the main thing, there is SO MUCH MORE to the story. We have Jane’s relationship with her family, her relationship with Michael, her evolving relationship with Raphael, a drug crime thing on the side whose leading detective is Michael, Raphael’s relationship with HIS family, and a lot more. A lot a lot.

My absolute favourite thing about the show is the narrator. The narrator is an off-screen character who’s basically overlooking all the events and also provides us with comments as if he’s human and is watching the show with us.

The recaps at the beginning of every episode is really fun as well. The narrator tries to recap everything really fast but considering all the drama and cross-linking ties in the story, after a few episodes it becomes a little too much and the narrator himself gets overwhelmed. So every episode we’re recapped with everything related to that episode and we move on because recaps themselves could take a whole episode, if elaborated.

My reaction to Season 1

I loved the whole storyline. It’s different, quirky and made me laugh a lot. Season 1 takes place over the time period from when Jane gets pregnant to when she delivers the baby. It’s a WILD ride.

I really liked the show, overall! Gina Rodriguez is a wonderful actor and she plays Jane perfectly. I love the rest of the cast as well. You can feel the chemistry. Also since I’ve taken to following a few of them online and see them hanging out with each other, I can see how their bond translates onto the show.

My take on the characters

Jane is a determined and well disciplined woman. She sticks to her schedules, is responsible (because she wants to be the opposite of her mom who is very irresponsible) and loves writing. Her passion is writing—specifically romance, and she doesn’t give up on her dream no matter what. She loves her family, is loyal and is pretty much the golden child.

Xiomara, Jane’s mom, is the complete opposite of Jane. She got pregnant at 16, has been chasing the dream of becoming a popular singer all her life (without finding success) and is pretty irresponsible. Sometimes it’s easier to view her as the 20s girl and Jane as the mom.

Alba, Jane’s grandmother, is the typical wise woman. She came to America with her husband Mateo and even though he passed away a long time back, he is always in her thoughts. What I liked most about her is how she’s done with Xiomara’s nonsense and is basically the all-knowing grandmother giving advice and support all the time. She’s a good sport. Oh and she always speaks in Spanish. No English, ever.

Michael, Jane’s boyfriend, is a little boring. He’s a detective and all but I found him boring. He’s really perfect for Jane, though. He’s understanding, supportive, always there to listen to her and gets along well with her family. He’s also won approval by dating Jane for TWO years without having sex with her. I mean.. what dedication. He waited.

Raphael is the hot, rich hotel owner who was very wild back in the day but has toned down since he got cancer. He’s now married, but is in confusion about his feelings toward his wife Petra. Because of the cancer, he cannot have kids and the only way he has is if they use his sperm sample that was taken way back. He’s.. okay. He’s a less popular stereotype with the “stuck in marriage with a woman who only wants him for his money”.

Petra is the number one villain of the show. She’s two-faced, does whatever it takes to live well-off and is always thinking about herself first. She’s also got a very mean mother. I think over the two seasons, I liked her character arc the most. Her character goes through SO MUCH and she goes through multiple personality and life changes, it’s very interesting to watch.

Other small things

I LOVE that this show’s main cast is diverse. Five of the main cast are people of colour and I love that a diverse show has become so popular. We need more of this.

Not only that, the show also shows the life of an aspiring writer who’s trying to manage various things in her life and also stays true to her passion. She works hard for her writing and it inspires me.


I totally recommend the show if you want to watch something funny, light and really entertaining.

Have you watched the show? What do you think of it? Or is it something that you’d like to watch? Do you prefer shows with action, mystery or drama? Tell me in the comments!

My Comfort Movies

There are some movies which make me feel good any day. Bad day? Put one on. Upset for some reason? Comfort movie. They’re my mood pick-ups for whenever. Even if I am not in a low mood, I let these play in the background while doing something. No matter how many times I watch them, I don’t become bored.

I talk way too less about movies on here so I thought why not share some of my comfort movies with y’all today.

[1] High School Musical


I will not lie—for a long time I watched HSM at least once a month. No set date or anything, but I just felt like watching it. It’s only in the last couple months that I haven’t seen it. (AND I MISS IT SO MUCH)

HSM is top #1 of my all-time favourite movies. I love the breaking of social cliques, Troy and Gabriella, and also the friendship. I love all of it.

[2] A Cinderella Story

a cinderella story.JPG

This is probably the oldest movie that has remained a favourite. No matter how many times I’ve watched it, I fall in love with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray all over again. Not only is Duff one of my favourite Disney stars, I just love Murray!

I saw him first in this movie and he’s the reason I watched One Tree Hill. Of course, I stopped watching that when he and Hilarie Burton stopped acting.

[3] Another Cinderella Story

another cinderella story.jpg

There are three reasons I absolutely love this movie:

  • It’s based on Cinderella
  • It has Selena Gomez
  • and it’s based on dance

[4] A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song

a cinderella story once upon a song.jpg

Let me tell you something: I have a girl crush on Lucy Hale. She is just SO PRETTY. And after this movie, I have a crush on Freddie Stroma as well. A high school drama where you’re crushing on both the leads—perfect, right?

I also really love all the songs in this movie. I know ALL the words of all the songs.

[5] StarStruck


I was looking for more Disney movies when I saw this one in a list, and I immediately searched it because it has Danielle Campbell—whom I know from The Originals.

I don’t particularly like the guy Sterling Knight but he does a pretty good job in his role. Danielle’s character is a little annoying with her I-don’t-care attitude which is quite overdone. It’s horribly cliche.

I know all the songs of this movie as well, word-to-word. I love it. I’m also currently watching this in another tab while writing this post. It’s not helping me write this faster lol.

[6] Radio Rebel

radio rebel.jpg

I love this show! It’s all about an introvert who’s secretly a radio DJ from her bedroom, crushing on an adorable musician at school.

I love how she becomes confident later on and I absolutely adore the dynamic of all the characters. A definite recommendation.

[7] Monte Carlo

monte carlo.jpg

I watched it for the first time on TV and when I saw that it has Selena Gomez, I immediately left everything else to watch it. It’s a really nice movie about mistaken identity, friendship, love and humour. I love the friendship part the best.

[8] The Princess Diaries

the princess diaries.jpg

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I don’t know how you got away this long! And you should watch it ASAP. It’s absolutely hilarious and you should watch it at least only for Anne Hathaway’s transformation in the movie. Best. Ever.


All these movies have a special place in my heart, and that’s why they’re my comfort movies.

What are YOUR comfort movies? Is there any movie from this list you haven’t seen? Which is your all-time favourite movie? Let me know in the comments!

Fallen: movie review || ALL THE RANTS

I’m going to be ranting A LOT so you might as well get a beverage to drink while you read this. Because trust me, we’ll here for a while (I have fifteen pages of “notes” on the movie). And hopefully, I’ll be entertaining you in that while.

First, a little backstory

Fallen is a four book series by Lauren Kate centered around fallen angels and how love is the reason everything started to go to hell. Quite literally.

Here’s the Goodreads synopsis for the book:

What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?

17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross . . . only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart.

Get ready to fall . . .

Well, that was shorter than I expected it would be.

I had read the whole series* almost 4 years back, and to be honest I quite hated it. The first book was sort of okay but it all went downhill as the books continued. But other than the memory that I didn’t like it, I hardly remembered anything about the story. So I thought: why not give the movie a chance. Also, since I hardly remember the book I can’t make a comparison of details between the book and the movie.

*back then I needed to finish reading a story even if I didn’t like it. Closure issues.

My initial plan, which I thought of a few minutes into the movie, was to give you a blow-by-blow reaction. And also sort of narrate the story to you, so you’ll know what happens and don’t have to waste your time watching the movie. But half-through the movie I realised I spent more time writing notes than watching the movie, so I abandoned that. You’ll still get a blow-by-blow reaction but just won’t know whats fully happening since I’m not completely narrating it.

NOTE: THIS REVIEW INCLUDES SPOILERS. Lots of them. Read further on your own risk (but also just keep reading because I don’t want you to save yourself and watch the movie)(not worth it)(my review is worth it)(yes, shameless self-praise but that’s not the point here)

So! Let’s get to it.

the movie starts..

Okay so we’re in a car. The girl, Lucinda/Luce, is listening to music using earphones while in the backseat of a car. She and her parents are headed somewhere. I assume it’s the boarding school Sword & Cross, where she’s made to go.

First impression on the actress: she looks old. I’m sorry but I’m REALLY tired of middle aged actors playing teenage roles. I am DONE with that. We’ve also complained enough that the producers and casting crew should take notice, but no. I can NOT picture her as a 17 year old. (This is where everything started to go wrong for me.)

They arrive at the gate and.. whoa that is spooky as heck. There’s literally fog and the school is in the middle of a forest. PERFECT place for haunted stuff to happen. Or, you know, to find fallen angels.

The school is a little Hogwarts-y. Smaller, but yeah somewhat.

Right as she enters the spooky boarding school, she notices 2 guys. CAN YOU ALREADY SEE THE LOVE TRIANGLE? I CAN.

Guy number 1: staring at her from a window at a higher floor. Still stares at her even though she catches him looking at her. Being creepy af. She moves on and walks in.

Guy number 2: as she’s told the rules of S&C, a guy is brought in by a cop in handcuffs. *BAD BOY ALERT* He obviously takes interest in her from the first look. Keeps staring at her while chewing gum. Swag dude.

Another girl, Arienne, is told to show Luce around. Luce notices that Arienne has scars on her back before Arienne notices and covers up with her jacket. Arienne also notices Luce looking at the bad boy and warns her. “Better stay away from Cam. He’s trouble. The bad kind.” Classic.

OH I REMEMBER NOW! Cam is the dark-haired bad boy. The other one is the golden, troubled boy! The two guys fighting over Luce! Right!

Cam, Luce and Dan

Image taken from

Later in the day, she has a counselling session with a psychiatrist who gives her pills to swallow. She refuses to swallow them, cuz they make her feel uncomfortable. We find out that she’s been having hallucinations of shadows and such since she was a kid. The pills make them go away, hence making her “normal”. She could leave if she takes the pills. Go back to her life.

Luce: “I’d rather be myself and caged than someone I’m not.”

Whatta dialogue.

K so then she goes to the library to take her books, and meets super-nice librarian Ms. Sophia—also Luce’s philosophy of religion teacher. In her conquest to find the last book, Luce comes upon a sleeping golden-haired boy with a sketchbook open in front of him. He wakes up while she stares at him and practically runs away from her with a pained expression. #what_not_to_do_when_winning_over_a_girl

In the next scene Luce gets bullied by a girl but that’s not important (much) because later we meet Penn, who just might become my favourite character in the whole movie.

Penn and Luce meet in the bathroom where Penn, in nervousness, blurts that she knows all about Luce’s history, comes off as a stalker, then continues talking to say that she’s not. She then apologises and keeps rambling because she’s nervous. I relate. Luce makes friends with her, and that’s the ONLY thing I’ve liked till now in the movie.

Philosophy of religion class:

VERY ironically, we learn about the story of fallen angels in this class. The thing this book is based upon. The match to the flame which burnt everything down. The match which struck because of Luce. I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. You don’t know what happened.

What HappenedTM: a not so abridged version by yours truly

In the beginning, there was God and his angels. (Humans too, but they were on Earth and no one cared about them. Pfft.) Lucifer was God’s favourite angel*. One day, he decided that he wanted to go rogue. Do bad things. Be badass. So, I don’t know how things got so dramatic, this thing happened where one by one the angels had to choose sides. With God or with Lucifer.

Until one angel, called the “rebel angel” who said he won’t choose both—said that the only thing worth choosing is Love. *cue angels singing music (not literally)* God got irritated. I mean, come on, his fav has BETRAYED him and now this random guy is spouting off about Love?? God has had enough.

He banishes Rebel Angel and the rest of the angels who hadn’t chosen yet to Earth. Unable to choose sides until Rebel Angel comes to a decision and chooses a side.

Dude! What is this! The rest of the angels did nothing! Their turn just happened to be after Rebel Angel! #unfair

Oh btw, all this because Rebel Angel is desperately in love with this girl. You guessed it, this girl was Luce. (Mind. Blown.)(Right? No?)

*So.. is no one going to talk about how God has favourites? Not cool, God.

Back to philosophy of religion (or what I like to call Teaching Luce what bomb she set off)

So Luce is simply sitting in this class, listening very intently to Sophia. Golden boy is sketching, paying absolutely no attention. Blah blah blah.

Oh and we also find out Luce is not baptized. Everyone stares at her.

Sophia: “Interesting.”

Golden boy: *YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME face*

Luce and Penn: *why is everyone staring face*

Take notes, kids. This fact is VERY important.

Wow what an eventful day Luce has had!

Day 2:

Okay so this scene was really creepy and also quite cliche. This is where the cliche was born*.

*Or somewhere else. I don’t really know.

Luce looking up and Dan starts to run towards her

Image taken from

Luce is in the yard, doing yard duty (doesn’t matter why) and she sees golden boy walk past with a blonde-haired girl. She then looks up at one of the angel statues, and yes I said ONE OF the angel statues, which is half-blocking the sun from her eyes. As she sees it, golden boy looks back at her. As they keep doing the same, the statue cracks and BREAKS, falling on top of Luce. At least, it would have, if golden boy hadn’t miraculously pushed Luce aside.

THE STATUE BREAKS, GUYS. But in true cliched fashion, we focus more on the tumble on the grass Luce and golden boy have, ending with him on top of her and them staring into each others eyes making me want to hit my head back on the wall. He suddenly gets off and walks away while she stares after him in confusion*.

*Kinda like Bella after Edward saved her from getting crushed by a car in Twilight. Both equally cringey.



I need to calm. Moving on.

Luce tries to thank golden-boy—Daniel! we FINALLY get to know his name—but he basically tries to run away. Again. She drops a line of “have we met before? you seem REALLY familiar”. This is also important to the story but the way she said it was SO CLICHE I rolled my eyes so far back, I came back only because I need my vision. Golden boy* says no and runs away ASAP.

*should probably call him Daniel now. Or maybe Dan? Yeah I think I’ll go with Dan.

Later, Cam tries to woo Luce with breakfast and good coffee he stole from the teachers’ lounge. So they’re sitting together, sipping coffee and having a dandy conversation. The paper bag is kept on the other side of Luce—perfect excuse for Cam to lean across her every time he wants to eat. Classic cringe face: a story by me. They almost kiss but the bell dings.

Cam and Luce having breakfast

Image taken from

K bro.

Fencing class!

  • Luce goes against her bully and loses, bad.
  • Change of partners and now she’s facing off against Dan. While sparring, she remembers fighting somewhere with fire in the background and using those memories, she totally kicks Dan’s ass. Miraculous improvement!
  • Everyone notices, stop what they’re doing and watch like it’s soap opera. (To be fair…)
  • Dan gets super into the fight now and starts backing Luce up.
  • In the flashback, we see her fighting and getting stabbed in the heart. Daniel runs to her and sits by her. Sad face while cradling her face. We assume she died.
  • Back to present, she falls to his fake sword fake-stabbing her. He gets worried, immediately removes her mask/face guard/whatever it’s called and cradles her face.
  • Luce: *ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm k? face*

The time when we go “Someone tell us something! Anything!”

So earlier somewhere, Arienne, Golden Girl and another guy bet on Luce going up in flames again. Now, after fencing class, the guy (called Roland) says he gives it a week. Arienne wonders if Luce not being baptized would matter in making a difference.

He replies nope and that they need to accept that Luce will die and there’s nothing she, Dan or Sophia can do to stop it.

Wait. Sophia is in on.. whatever this is? What is this, even?

What Is This: a helpful explanation by yours truly

God cursed Luce and Dan. She dies every 17 years, and it’s just enough for them to fall in love. They kiss=she dies. Only, Dan doesn’t die and hence he remembers every time, and his heart breaks every time. This cycle has been going on for a thousand years. (Yet, they never learn to not kiss and live happily ever after..)

You guessed it, Rebel Angel is our dear Golden Boy. Arienne, Cam, Sophia, the bully, Roland and Golden Girl are fallen angels as well. Pretty dandy, eh?

What I was starting to wonder at this point

Okay so these FALLEN ANGELS had NOWHERE ELSE TO GO except a caged REFORM SCHOOL for underage criminals. Sure. They couldn’t work some small jobs and earn money and live better. Nope. They chose reform school. Very spooky reform school.

Penn has her eyes on you:

Okay so Penn volunteers at the office for her free period* so she has access to student files. She looked into Dan and group’s files and found NOTHING. No home address, info—nothing. Sophia too. She tells this to Luce as they get ready for The Party.

*cuz she finds it cool in some way and it’s really not that lame (SHE IS MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER)

The Party:

Roland apparently throws wild parties and Luce gets invited by Cam. She takes Penn along and guess what? The Party is in the middle of the woods.

So let me get this straight: the students of a REFORM boarding school, who are supposed to be MONITORED by the staff like hawks, manage to sneak out AFTER DARK and have a WILD RAGER party in the middle of the woods with BEER KEGS that they got from God knows where (since they can’t drive and don’t have cellphones) and DANCE and YELL around a FIRE. All this without the forest on fire AND hiding from the school staff even though dozens of students are out.

K bro.

At this point I brought out my Oreos and, unsurprisingly, my attention was more on the Oreos than the movie. #sorrynotsorry

Cam tries to sweet talk Luce and find out why she’s here. She deflects. Dan stares from the other side of the fire. Typical love triangle stuff.

OKAY SO A GUY COMES AND TALKS TO PENN ABOUT MUSIC AND STUFF OMG. AT THE PARTY. OMG YESSSSSSS. Oh and Luce feels like a third wheel and walks off. Meh. Penn ❤ Todd.

Penn and Todd at the party

Image taken from Pinterest

Luce’s bully accosts her and asks if Luce still thinks about “him”. Trevor. The guy she killed. Who was also Luce’s crush. Oh so THAT’S why she’s in this school. Molly starts flinging fire at Luce and Luce is afraid because Trevor died in a fire.

Arienne saves the day! She interrupts. Cam also intervenes and starts demanding about what the hell the bully is tryna do. Ari takes Luce away. The bully taunts Cam about losing his track and wanting what he can’t have. Some magic voodoo happens and he chokes her with a snake tattoo on her neck until she faints. Okayy..

Some other stuff happens. Not important.

Day 3:

Steamy scene with Luce and Dan in the pool.

Luce: There is something between us and you feel it too, don’t you?

BRO. SERIOUSLY. Dan runs away, again.

So Cam asks Luce out on a date. She goes wearing this black dress and looking hot af. Oh and where do they go? To a club. How? ON A BIKE.

Okay so in this REFORM school for CRIMINALS and the DERANGED, they allow students to have a bike. Cam, that too, who has multiple offences on his record.

K Bro.

They go to this club Pandemonium. Luce and Cam kiss. Dan breaks it up and fights with Cam on the floor. (Hush no one ask how Dan ended up there as well.) Luce gets mad and leaves on the bike alone. She confesses everything to Penn and says that she HAS to find out what’s up.

They embark on a midnight adventure to find out What’s UpTM. So apparently Todd is super smart and he made a face recognition technology where the software searches the face across all the pictures on the internet.

They run Dan’s face and find a picture from way back in history, and Luce is standing next to him! What even, right?

Penn goes to get the print from the printer which is apparently NOT near the computer (makes sense, eh?) and in that time, Luce sees more shadows. A fire breaks out (by magical voodoo, obviously) and Todd runs into the fire to save Penn. Luce runs after him as well but loses him and ends up unconscious.

Dan appears out of nowhere (as he always does) and saves her by flying her out of there.

In the next scene, we’re at a funeral. I was screaming NO PENN NO YOU CAN’T BE DEAD NO NO NO NO NO YOU’RE THE ONLY REASON I’M STILL WATCHING THIS NOOOOOO. Turns out, Todd died. Penn was crying at the funeral. </3

Luce wakes up in the hospital from a smol Coma. She and Penn have a moment. When Penn’s asleep she leaves and finds Dan sitting on the edge of a balcony and asks questions. He denies the flying things saying she was imagining things.

So what does Luce do? She juMPS OFF THE FRICKIN BALCONY TO PROVE HER POINT. REALLY, BRO? The fall is shown in slow slow slow motion, and I was given the time to scream at her in frustration and then me for even watching this movie. Obviously Dan brings his wings out and catches her. Oh and the song that played during that scene got on my nerves. So bad.

Dan saves Luce from falling to her death

Image taken from

Are we close to the ending yet?

He HAS to confess now. He tells her she dies if they kiss, oh and in that moment they almost kiss. I MEAN—WHAT EVEN. They’re stupid.

Cam stops them in time and there are these few minutes where Cam and Dan shout at her from two sides—each saying why she should choose him. Classic, eh? I’m so done right now.

She chooses Dan and kisses him. Sigh. Then Dan hands Luce off to Sophia for safekeeping and goes into the sky after Cam. Why? Because he’s worried Cam will lead Lucifer to Luce. And that’s not good. Dan and Cam fight in the skies like 2 teenagers in love with the same girl. Except they’re NOT teenagers and actually thousands of years old. But they still have the maturity of teenagers. *rolls eyes* Penn spies all of this and comes to a realisation.

While they do that, Sophia takes Luce inside and they’re interrupted by Penn who wants to tell Luce something. But she doesn’t get the chance because Sophia cuts Penn’s throat.

I. WAS. DEVASTATED. PENN DID END UP DYING, AFTER ALL. I do not remember this from the books. I’m heartbroken. But I continue watching because we’re VERY close to the ending.

Turns out that Sophia wants to kill Luce because since Luce isn’t baptized this time, she can’t reincarnate. Hence Dan will have to choose and everyone can choose. Dan enters right on time after Cam gets away and saves Luce. Soph vanishes.

Dan says that Luce is in danger and he has to get her somewhere safe before Lucifer finds her and they don’t have much time. But Luce delays by giving a “heart-warming” speech about this is who she is and this is where she belongs. Like, BRO. SHUT UP. He knows you love him! Just let him take you to safety! I was rubbing my temples at this point.

And they fly off into the sunset together. LITERALLY. Into the sunset. Could this get any better worse.


I really hope there’s no movie on the following books. I don’t think there will be considering this wasn’t a “hit”.

Ohh and I finally remember how the series ended! I HATED IT. Not the Luce-Dan “happily ever after” part. The Cam part—who he ended up with. That was stupid and random and I hated it.

If you’ve read until here, I congratulate you. And I’m eternally grateful. This was a LONG post and you have the ultimate level of patience. Don’t ruin it by watching the movie, okay? Thanks.

Now that I’ve exhausted myself ranting about this movie, I’m going to go and read a nice book or watch High School Musical.

So, thoughts about the review? Have you watched the movie or read the books? What was your impression? If you liked them, what do you think about this review? Are you as tired of cliches as I am? Tell me EVERYTHING.

Popular movies I haven’t watched yet (and need to ASAP)

This post might just be the death of me.

popular movies i haven't watched yet.png

Hey y’all!

There are tons and tons of movies I haven’t watched. Honestly, I don’t watch many movies. Or that many TV shows. I spend most of the time reading, and I’m still very behind on my reading. Let’s be honest: one does NOT have enough time to watch all the movies, TV shows and read all the books.

I have a long list of movies I have to watch. And there are several popular ones I haven’t watched. While or after reading this post, you might be ready to shout at me because HOW HAVEN’T I SEEN THESE MOVIES.

Reactions you might go through while reading this post

  • “Really? You haven’t watched this one?!”
  • “Are. You. Serious.”
  • “Okay you have gOT TO BE KIDDING ME”
  • *gasp*
  • “You must be living under a rock.”
  • Planning to kidnap me and make me watch the movie(s).
  • “Are you sure you haven’t seen this one? EVERYONE HAS.”
  • *indignant gasp*

And many more.

My excuses in advance

  • I’m an idiot.
  • I don’t really go to the movies much?
  • Honestly, I only went when my friends dragged me along. Those friends aren’t here anymore.
  • The other friends watch other movies at home.
  • I don’t have time at home as well?
  • College sucks up 60% of my time. Minimum.
  • Another 20% goes in sleeping. *shrug*
  • I also need time for reading?
  • I think I can count on one hand the number of movies I have watched in the past year. ONE HAND.

I’d like to complain on the behalf of everyone that 24 hours is not enough for all the things we want to do?? Um hello I have 4 books to read, several movies to watch, many shows to binge and a dozen anime to watch as well that have been recommended to me, but all I do is read books which catch my eye that day and sit in college classes.* Why do IRL things take up so much darn time? Rude.

*Honestly though my college schedule for this semester sucks. I’ll hardly get any time for hobbies. *sobs*

tired GIF.gif

[1] Deadpool

Yeah. I know. What have I been doing in life. I NEEDED TO WATCH THIS LIKE LAST YEAR. I have been wanting to watch it ever since I saw the trailers before the release, but the release clashed with my exams (I think?) and somehow after that I never got to it??

[2] Baahubali 2

This is actually a film in Telugu. I watched the first part with a couple friends, and the second part came out TWO FRICKIN YEARS after the first. I have been waiting for this the whole time. After it got released, it was showing on cinemas for a bloody long time but I never went! I didn’t find anyone to go with, and I didn’t want to go watch myself. IT’S SUCH A GOOD MOVIE (I’ve heard) and I wanted to just watch it with someone. Can you really blame me?

It’s super popular here. People went to the cinemas and watched it like five times. Not kidding.

[3] Wonderwoman

Oh yeah I can feel the disbelief coming right in. Did I mention I can count on one hand the number of movies I’ve seen recently? All the friends I would have gone with went with other friends or weren’t in the same state and I AM DEPRESSED. I actually even asked my mom to go with me but she told me to sit at home and study for finals.*

Why, life? Why?

*I had hardly studied throughout the semester and really wanted to do well after the disaster of first sem results. I also didn’t watch movies, so I guess you can ask the question that WHAT DID I EVEN DO LAST YEAR?! Well, dear butter-fruit, I DON’T KNOW AND I’M WORRIED. Where is my time going?! 

[5] Suicide Squad

I don’t even know how I didn’t watch this one don’t ask me anything I don’t have anything in defense.

[6] MS Dhoni

For those of you who don’t know, MS Dhoni was the captain of the Indian cricket team. Cricket is SUPER popular here and it’s basically religion for somemost like football and other sports. I doubt there’s any Indian who does NOT know what’s happening with cricket, whether they actively follow the news or not.

The movie is a biopic on the captain and, at this point, I don’t even have to watch it because I know everything that happens. Sure, it’s on Wikipedia if I want to read but still, I’m talking about the movie. ALL my friends were discussing it and it’s almost like I’ve watched it but I actually haven’t.

[7] Any of the Marvel films

Yes. Honestly. I haven’t. It’s like I want to but I don’t take initiative to go watch? If someone came home with the movie and put it on, yeah I would watch. But me finding the movie and carving out time to watch it? I’m too lazy and busy for that. Sorry. Pretty much every Marvel fan IRL has yelled at me for not watching any of them yet. I do want to though.. *sigh*

[8] Spiderman: Homecoming

This is a more recent one and almost all of my friends (who watch Hollywood movies) have watched and snapchatted about it. I’ve carefully avoided spoilers in hope that I will watch it sometime, but yeah, I haven’t yet.

[9] Wolverine

I’m not saying anything.

[10] Pirates of the Carribbean

Any of the movies. I’ve seen a number of tumblr posts and love the idea of the movie, but I haven’t actually sat down and watched it. But then, I get like 10 days of semester holidays so what do you really expect me to do in that time? All the vacations in my life have sucked. Don’t even ask.

[11] The Dark Knight

Is this as popular as the rest? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s in the list.

[12] Star Wars (anything)

First of all, I have no idea where to start or in what order to watch. Secondly, not that many of my friends follow Hollywood, let alone are Star Wars fans. Thirdly, there’s too much?? It’s like starting to read The Mortal Instruments and all Shadowhunters books by Cassandra Clare now. There’s too much to many.

[13] Moana

My mom and I (I have no friends okay?!) DID plan on watching this. But again, it’s timing clashed with something else. Also hardly any of my friends watched the movie.

[14] Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

I have a poster of it. I have the book. But guess what? Neither have I read the book nor have I watched it. #theshame #THESHAME

Pretty sure you’ve given up on me by now.

I’m stopping here. Partially because I don’t remember any more, and also because this list is way too long and it’s making me wonder about my time and social life. Is there some dark magic happening? How come tons of my friends find time but I don’t?? Have no clue.

Have you watched these movies? Are any of these your favourites? Did you indignantly gasp at the list because HOW DARE I not watch them? Don’t fret, I frequently am offended by myself as well. How many of these have you watched? Are there any you haven’t watched either, and want to? Tell me everything!

Orphan Black season 1: review and discussion


I’ll be honest, it’s been a wee while since I watched it. And by wee I mean more than two months. I have actually binged four seasons, and am waiting for the fifth to finish so I can binge that as well.

I’ll be talking only about season 1, though, because it’ll be easier to avoid any spoilers. And plus, I love season 1 SO MUCH more than the others.

What is the show all about?

We start off with a woman called Sarah witnessing another woman’s suicide by jumping in front of a running train. And if that wasn’t shocking enough, the other woman looked EXACTLY like Sarah.

long lost twins?

Sarah steals Beth’s purse and investigates. Beth’s ID could TOTALLY pass for her, and after talking to her foster brother (and awesome sidekick) Felix, she decides that she has to check out Beth’s life.

Now, Sarah’s only goal is to get some money and get away to a nice life with her daughter Kira and Felix. So when she looks into Beth’s accounts, she finds that Beth was sitting on a huge lump of money. Sarah decides to impersonate Beth by dying her hair, watching videos to get how Beth acts and quickly puts things in motion at the bank.

But it can’t be that simple.

Later, she finds out that Beth is actually a cop who is on suspension due to unreasonable civilian shooting. Oh and Sarah’s ex-boyfriend returns looking to make Sarah payback for the drugs she stole from him to sell. On top of that, Beth’s husband Paul returns home and starts being suspicious. If all of this wasn’t enough, she finds more women who look exactly like her.

She learns from them that all of them are clones as part of an illegal experiment, and things get messier when someone starts killing them off.

So the basic concept is..

Cloning. There is a LOT of biology and science facts, lots of new information we learn as viewers about DNA and genes. The women also try to find out who actually made them and this leads us into a pool of so much more science and theories.

But the show is also about identity. It revolves all these women who look exactly like each other and are only different by the world they lived/live in. It’s about owning yourself and being individual even with other versions of YOU running around.

My reaction to season 1

I think it’s BRILLIANT.

  • I loved the idea of cloning and versions of one person in different settings. It’s almost like parallel universe lives, in the same world.
  • I also loved the science. It was so interesting to listen about all these topics that I wouldn’t have bothered to read on otherwise. Quite a few times I went online to find out more about the theories and how it all works. It fed the nerd in me.
  • It also had a danger element with the killings, which added the action factor into the show. When they find out the identity of the killer? It’s even better.
  • The interactions between the clones was SO FUN to watch. It’s like long lost sisters meeting each other, forming bonds and becoming family. There comes a point when you’re really unsure who to trust, but you can always count on your sister clones.

Tatiana Maslany is one BRILLIANT AF actress. She plays half the main cast. Every time I see her listed in the cast list, or an award nomination, it’s so different when you see it written like, “Tatitana Maslany as Sarah/Allison/Cosima/Beth…..etc.” The way she tries to keep the characters distinct and how we KNOW which character is really on screen even when one clone is impersonating another—brilliant. I can’t stop saying that word.

My take on the characters:

  • Sarah grew up in the foster care system and her life is mostly in the shady parts of town. She absolutely LOVES her daughter, and pretty much doesn’t think of anyone else. On occasion, Felix, but not very often. One thing that bothered me about her was how she treated Felix throughout the seasons. He’s always there for her, but she doesn’t give him some slack when he wants time of his own. Every time there’s a problem, she drags Felix into it and expects him to leave all else and help.
  • Felix is the BEST. SIDEKICK. EVER. He’s always there for Sarah, and later for other clones as well. It’s like he’s the honorary member of the Clone Club. He’s badass, fun, loyal, caring and everything awesome. I absolutely loved him.
  • Allison is the soccer mom version of Sarah. Honestly, the hair, makeup and mannerisms are so different in acting that I might have realised she’s a clone only a few minutes later, if they hadn’t said it themselves. She’s a mom of two, living in the suburbs with her picture-perfect, white-picket-fence family. On the surface, she seems as a simple person, with only one face. But as we go, we find out so many layers to her character. I don’t love her, but she’s interesting to follow.
  • Cosima is probably my most favourite clone. It’s a tie between her and another clone (spoiler so I’m not saying the name). She is a genius and I love her nerdiness, science mind and how she’s damn good at what she knows and does.

You might like the show if you love

  • science stuff
  • interesting theories and conspiracies
  • shows that have a LOT going on
  • and getting hooked into shows with new ideas

Now for the actual discussion part (INCLUDES SPOILERS):

If you don’t wish to be spoiled, click here to skip this section

I liked Paul! But I also didn’t? I’m someone who loves a romantic aspect in every story I read/see and he gave me that so yeah. I don’t think I particularly like him for anything other than how he refused to betray Sarah and fell in love with her. But as the seasons went on, I started hating him. Especially in season 3. I was so done with his character. I’m glad he died.

Helena was AWESOME. I LOVED seeing her on-screen with her complex personality. It’s a tie between her and Cosima for my favourite clone. I really loved her interactions, how she’s almost like a child, but can turn into a badass killer when needed. Throughout the seasons, I always loved watching her.

I did NOT like Siobhan, Sarah and Felix’s foster mom. I always felt like she has some hidden agenda. Always.

Donnie was dumb? Like, I never liked his character. Maybe he’s suitable for Allison but honestly, I just felt like he was dumb. And very gullible.

Dr. Leekie (is that how to spell his name?) was freaky. With his evolutionism and stuff. So weird.

I liked Cosima and Delphine’s romance! It was nice to see. They’re probably my most favourite couple of the show. But then, I didn’t like them that much either. The romance really takes a backseat in this show.


I absolutely loved it. I DEFINITELY recommend it to everyone. It’s not that popular, and I’m quite surprised! I think it should be popular.

To be honest, my interest started waning as the seasons went. Too much was added in and it became so complex and out of hand. I’m kinda glad the show is ending after season 5. But season 1 will always be gold.

Have you watched the show? If not, would you? Are you a science nerd? Do you know anymore shows with really cool storylines? 

Gossip Girl (season 1): review and discussion


My classes are over and exams are looming ahead, which makes it the perfect time to binge-watch some shows! So I googled for lists and decided to give Gossip Girl a shot, especially since Aditi absolutely LOVES the show.

To be honest, I never thought the show would be my thing because I usually don’t like shows with drama, elitist circles and all of that. But you never know until you try, right?

What is the show all about?

Revolving around the lives of Manhattan’s elite, Gossip Girl is a blog which reports on all the juicy gossip and drama occuring in their lives. No one knows her (or his, let’s be open-minded) identity. Most gossip comes from “tips” submitted by sources who happen to spot or hear something. And many times, Gossip Girl is used as a weapon of revenge against enemies by revealing secrets.

My reaction to season 1

It’s not bad! This would be my reply. I’m not overly attached with the show because as I said, it isn’t my usual cup of tea. But I didn’t hate it.

The main storyline of season 1 revolves around Dan and Serena falling in love. Yes, there are other main characters as well, but this was the only constant throughout.

My take on the characters:

  • Serena Van der Woodsen: the reformed bad girl who suddenly comes back home a year after disappearing into thin air. I didn’t like her that very much. I could see her efforts to change, but she relapsed a few times. And I hated how she kept a lot of things secret from Dan assuming he’ll judge her. She never gave him the chance.
  • Dan Humphrey: goody-two-shoes from Brooklyn going to the elite school through a partial scholarship. Smart, isn’t like the others in the school, quite judgemental, really sweet guy, and has had a crush on Serena for two years.
  • Blair Waldorf: two-faced scheming “Queen of the school”, throws a lot of parties, loves getting even and revenge plots, worries about image. Childish at times. Definitely my least favourite character.
  • Nate Archibald: poster boy for the elite. Good looking, gentleman, cares about everyone’s feelings, clueless about choices a lot. He’s the boy who’s being forced into a future he doesn’t like by the family who have a certain reputation to uphold.
  • Chuck Bass: billionare bad-boy. Spends most of his nights with girl(s), careless most of the time, has daddy issues, the perfect scheming partner for Blair and Nate’s best friend. Signature dialogue—”I am Chuck Bass”.
  • Jenny Humphrey: Dan’s little sister, social climber, runs around most of the time doing Blair’s bidding in an effort to be in Blair’s inner circle. Also is Blair 2.0 when she decides to go against Blair.
  • Vanessa Abrams: Dan’s best friend, homeschooled, really cool girl to hang with, loyal, and can I just mention that she looks amazing even in casual wear?
  • Eric Van der Woodsen: Serena’s younger brother. Apparently has mental health issues but I never saw any trace of it throughout the show except mentions to the past. That was unrealistic. You don’t just become alright and have no trace of earlier struggles.
  • Lilly Van der Woodsen: Serena and Eric’s mum. Totally screwed up love life. Not a model mum.
  • Rufus Humphrey: Dan and Jenny’s dad. I LOVED him. Such a cool dad.

Why you might like the show:

Drama. If you love

  • watching drama unfold, especially in the lives of (mostly) rich people
  • all the undercurrents of love affairs
  • plotting and scheming
  • lies and cover-ups, and
  • secrets being revealed in a very public way which sets off ripples,

this show is YOUR THING.

I think what I liked most was watching the reactions of characters and further actions when secrets were dropped like bombs. I LOVE big reveals.

Now for the actual discussion part (INCLUDES SPOILERS):

If you don’t wish to be spoiled, do NOT read further. 

I liked this season mainly because of Dan and Serena’s relationship. They just fit, you know? But always the problem of the difference in their lives was something they COULDN’T get past. Dan with the easy judging and Serena with her secrets—they were P.E.R.F.E.C.T. excluding these issues. I really loved them and shipped them hard though. So in the end when they broke up? I was heartbroken.

Nate and Blair were only together because of their families but were NOT right for each other. I was so glad when they broke up. And Blair and Chuck are definitely a better couple.

I did NOT like Jenny. The way she just wanted to be part of the high crowd instead of staying true to herself,even though she kept telling Dan that she would never lose herself. At least in the end she decided to stop and give up. Better than fighting more and ruining things more.

Georgina was a bitch! Sorry for the cursing, but she was. I hated her. I’ve seen the actress previously ​on screen in the movie Ice Princess, where she was as innocent as you can be, and it was a little weird to see her playing the devil. The two-faced thing really worked here. Blair shutting her down in the end was the BEST. I loved how it occurred.

The Lilly-Rufus thing was pretty weird. At one point I thought Jenny and Eric would get together as well, and I was slightly grossed out by the idea that Rufus and Lilly’s love for each other was passed down to their kids. Although I did think Lilly and Rufus were best for each other, I really shipped Dan and Serena. When the kids broke up in the end, I was pissed! Serena asked her mom to not go with Rufus only to screw it up with herself and Dan. No one was happy in the end!


The show wasn’t bad. Not entirely my thing, but I enjoyed it a bit. It’s not like the usual shows I watch.

Have you watched Gossip Girl? What’s your take on it?

The Space Between Us || the story I wanted without knowing it


Name of the movie: The Space Between Us

Director: Peter Chelsom

Starring cast: Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Gary Oldman, Carla Gugino

Genres: Romance, Drama, Adventure

Duration: 2 hours

Released: Early 2017 (dates differ in different countries)

An STX Entertainment movie.


I saw the trailer for this movie when I went for La la land with my friends, and I loved it. All of us said that we HAVE to watch it when it releases. We’d never heard of the movie, but then there wasn’t much advertisement for it. When it did release, it was only showing for three days in the theater nearest, which SUCKED because we couldn’t postpone it! Finally, my friends dropped out and I went with my mom (which was a bit awkward). Until then I lived on trailers and clips on YouTube.

Why I wanted to watch it:

  • Asa Butterfield. He is SO CUTE. I’ve never come across him before. And I really loved his character, Gardner Elliot, in the trailer.
  • Britt Robertson. I wouldn’t she’s one of my absolute favourite actresses, but I do like everything she’s acted in. The Secret Circle (TV show which showed only one season, to my dismay) and The First Time (movie with Dylan O’Brien). I’ve been stalking her Wiki page to watch more but haven’t gotten to it yet.
  • THE PLOT. I’ll get to it in a minute.
The Plot

In 2018, six astronauts go on a mission to Mars, not to visit, but to live there. Only after did they realise that one of them in pregnant. Shortly after their landing on Mars, she goes into labour and dies giving birth to Garnder. Then, forward to sixteen years later where technology has improved (but not that much). Gardner is smart—basically a genius. He has known only 14 people in his life and dreams of going to Earth. He also talks to a street-smart girl named Tulsa (who lives on Earth) on the internet. She doesn’t know he lives on Mars, of course.

There, of course, has been talk by the company leading the mission about bringing Gardner back to Earth but he apparently can’t handle the Earth’s gravity. His heart is too large, bone density different etc. And also they have to keep up their PR. So, Gardner remains a secret from almost everyone.

Sixteen years later, they finally bring him to Earth. But, they do a load of tests and he realises that the other never meant to let him free as he’s a secret. Therefore, he runs away and goes to Tulsa. This ends up in them going on a road trip, him learning ways of Earth, trying to find his father and also falling in love.

(While getting the links for the trailers, I ended up watching them again and swooning)

My views in a list:
  • Gardner is PERFECT. Asa Butterfield did a splendid job on acting. It felt so real.
  • Tulsa. She’s a street-smart girl who is in foster care. I honestly didn’t like her character very much. She was nice, but Gardner took my heart.
  • The beginning. Too much time was spent on Gardner’s mom and her her pregnancy time. I could have gone with a five minute introduction because quite a few scenes weren’t required.
  • Representation of Earth. Since we all live here, we take most of it for granted. But seeing Gardner see Earth for the first time, I saw through new eyes too and there is so much beauty.
  • Gardner is a romantic. I love that he simply blurts out if he thinks Tulsa is beautiful. And his lines were really cheesy in some places, but I did kinda like it. Coming from him, it felt natural, not scripted.
  • Kendra. I really liked her as a mother figure. She raised Gardner on Mars. She’s really cool.
  • Gardner learning the ways of Earth were MY FAVOURITE THINGS. 
  • The romance was really cute and fluffy. I loved it. Essentially the movie is a love story. It gave me so many feels.
  • The ending. The last scenes were open ended. It shows us about what would happen in the future, but also not giving us that. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I have to admit—it’s a brilliant tactic by the writers. How much every fluffy they would have made the ending if they showed it, people would have found ways it could be better. An open ending leaves us to possibilities, and therefore leaving us happy to our own imagination.

LOVED the movie. I am totally going to download it later and keep it. I already want to re-watch it. Highly recommended if you like YA romances.


Movies set in high school || my favourites

I’m a sucker for chick flicks and movies about love stories in high school. My absolute favourite? Cinderella stories. I LOVE movies about totally unpopular, weird and introverted girls and popular, good-looking guys. Cliche, yes, but ❤

Today, I’m here with some of my favourite moves that take place in high school or between teenagers.

1. A Cinderella Story

2. Another Cinderella Story

3. A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song

I just told ya, cinderella stories are bae. So I HAD to mention these.

4. Radio Rebel

This movie is one of my all time favourites. If you haven’t watched it yet, DO. It’s a type of cinderella story, again. Tara is an underground anonymous radio show host (who is super popular) and is crushing on Gavin, who is a band-member and songwriter i.e. a newborn-pop. Just watch it.

5. Starstruck

My love has no bounds for this movie, which is ALSO a type of cinderella story. (Maybe I should just rename this post “movies based on Cinderella”). Christopher Wilde is a big name in the music industry and Jessica’s sister is his “number one fan”. When her sister drags her to one of Christopher’s shows, Jessica stumbles upon him (she doesn’t like him AT ALL btw). From there on starts him trying to get her to like him, friendship, fights and a cute love story.

6. Teen Beach Movie

I found this movie way late, because I kind of refused to watch new Disney movies since I though they weren’t as good. But this one was put in a list with my favourites so I decided to watch it, and I loved it. I even did post about it and its sequel.

7. Camp Rock

I like this one significantly more than it’s sequel. Now, do I really need to talk about it? I’m sure you know this movie. We grew up with it! Not as popular as HSM, but popular enough.

8. Geek Charming

Reverse Cinderella and Prince Charming’s roles, now you get what this movie is about. Dylan is the school diva and really popular while Josh is a nerdy unpopular kid. He wants to film her life and make a documentary on it decoding popular people’s lives, and this gets them together.

9. Princess Protection Program

Another one of my all time favourites. Less about romance, more about friendship. If I start, I’ll give the whole story off while gushing. If you haven’t watched this, OH COME ON! GO WATCH, NOW!

10. Frenemies

This is a cute film with three short stories about frenemies-friends who become enemies and make up again later. There is a small dose of romance, but not much. It’s pretty good, not as favourite as the above mentioned ones, but I like it enough.

And that’s enough, I suppose.

Have you watched any of the movies I mentioned? What are your views?

Also, if you can recommend some like these, I’d be grateful 😛

Anyone else have an obsession with first episodes?

Because I do.

We all watch TV shows and we watch many. The thing is, it’s hard not to watch many because most of them are amazing. The 100, Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow, Teen Wolf, the whole SuperWhoLock.. and various others.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched any of them completely. I haven’t watched even one of Doctor Who. I’m so behind but I know that if I start, I will get sucked into it and it will take a huge chunk out of my daily life where I read, do some activity or go outside. It will also cut into my time with the fangirling and possibly stop me from doing something productive.

At times when I am free but I have things and dtes looming up, I can’t start watching new shows. Therefore, I end up watching first episode of old shows.

I loved first episodes. The 100 starting with Clark sketching on the floor and narrating the history; supernatural when we see Sam’s life and Dean barrelling in; Once Upon A Time with Emma’s lonely life and Henry knocking and dragging her to Storybrooke; Shoadowhunters with the introduction theme song and Clary bumping into Jace; and I could go on and on.

I replay these episodes. I love seeing where it all started, what was the catalyst and how they go on with it. First episodes are definitely my favourite.

I know this post is slightly on the shorter side but if I have to continue, I’ll just be saying the same thing.

Do you like first episodes like me? What shows are your most favourite?

Teen Beach movies


I only recently watched these Disney movies and-I loved it! Honestly, I prefer the old movies and television shows by the channel than the new ones. I apologise to anyone who likes it the other way round. So, when, the other day I searched for movies like (insert Disney movies I love), this popped up as one and I was surprised since it came out in 2013. I was intrigued as to whether it is actually good enough, therefore I watched it.

Cannot say I’m disappointed! I love the theme, the story, the characters (played very well by the cast) while also having the old Disney charm of making itself placed into teenagers’ hearts and sometimes also adults.

In case you haven’t watched it yet, here is a short synopsis about what its on (so you don’t have to go to Wikipedia and spoil the story for yourself by reading the plot):

  Teen Beach movie

images (2)

This is where it all starts.

The film portrays two teenagers, McKenzie “Mac” and Brady, who met this summer and have become extremely close to each other through their love of surfing. The problem (there has to be one) is that as per a deal made years back, Mac has to move in with her aunt and join a prep school. This, obviously, isn’t what Brady or Mac want. But Mac has decided that she will fulfil her mom’s dream of higher education and becoming successful in life. Mac, since she is going away, breaks up with Brady.

The day of her flight, there’s a storm and Mac goes in to surf. The waves become dangerous and Brady goes in to get her out. In the process, with Mac’s surfboard doing some magic, they end up-guess where-in a movie!

They have come out of the ocean into Brady’s favourite movie where it’s all perfect- people come out of the water dry, wake up with perfect make up and have impromptu dances. It’s basically a 1967 musical movie.

images (4)

We see Brady join in the dance that he always wanted to be a part of.

It’s really teenager-ish, movie-ish, with some magic and switcheroo thrown in. You like Disney movies such as Camp rock and High school musical? Then you’ll love this too.

images (5)

In the end, there’s also a little impromptu dance shiz in the real world led by Mac and Brady. Perfect way to end the movie.

Teen beach movie 2

I’m not going to say much about this since it’ll spoil the first movie for you. But here’s one fact: Lela and Tanner from the movie come into OUR WORLD with some-you guessed it-unknown magic. It’s the other way round from the first movie and, it was so good! I loved the end part and I just can’t gush enough.


Have you watched the movies? Your thoughts?

‘Shadowhunters’ premiere

Are you a TMI ( The Mortal Instruments) fan? If you are, you definitely would have heard about the tv show Shadowhunters based on the book series by Cassandra Clare. I must say, the amount of fanfare they have been receiving in phenomenal.

When I first saw the movie, I had strong opinions. Loved Lily Collins and Jamie Bower, could even overlook the fact that they didn’t exactly match the character description. But the storyline change and especially in the end when they spoilt it by saying that Clary and Jace are not siblings? Total buzzkill.


The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie

So when a second chance was given as a tv show? *fist pump!* The social media news and constant updates from the cast helped in increasing the fanbase, creating hype and keeping everyone on the edge. I admit, when Clare said that the movie was more faithful to the original story than the books, I was disappointed again. But I had time to get over it and the lack of expectation that everything will be exactly the same helped in getting into the show when I saw the premiere.

The show, as I expected, garnered mixed feelings from the whole populace. If you’re not expecting or haven’t read the books, I figure you will love it. On the other hand, if you expect a perfect book-to-screen adaptation, you will be disappointed. The books aside, I liked the first episode so I will continue watching it.


Shadowhunters episode 1


Shadowhunters episode 1


If you’re having trouble finding links online to watch the show,

  1. Type ‘watchseries’ in google
  2. Click the first link
  3. Type Shadowhunters in search bar
  4. Violá! List of episodes will be shown
  5. Click which episode and choose a streaming site of your wish
  6. Make sure to avoid pop ups
  7. Enjoy!

Want to ask or tell me something? Don’t hesitate to comment!