It is hard not to conceal my emotions When I was brought up With missionaries of no emotion. I do not realise when I am asked a question; That I have not offered an expression with my answer. It is not natural to me As it's supposed to be. I have been constantly hiding in … Continue reading Conceal

Ode to you

If I ever had to write An ode to you It would tell the world How I truly see you Inside out I would write About your huge heart Incredible kindness Benign thoughtfulness And your unwavering support Patriotism and humanity Equally balanced in your spirit You make rest of the population Look lacking in feature … Continue reading Ode to you

Into one

Can you feel the beat Of my heartbeat Beating through -When you sleep by Mary Lambert Looking at you in the eye now I see so much I see the whole world A world that is mine because finally we can be together. In all meanings and incentives, day in and day out together. The … Continue reading Into one