Explosion of my earth

I see you standing over there;

My heart soars like a vulture

High above the ground inside me

That keeps me down with gravity.

I can feel my bones singing

Like the beautiful nightingale,

Pouring out notes in high pitch.


You are only a few feet away from me now;

The snow-capped mountains in me rumble,

Trees swish around with whispers

Clouds crack open, pouring showers.


I am a whole world when you are near me;

A world alive with magic-

A magic that is oh, so hard to describe

A magic that elevates my being

To a level where I hope to be like you.


You walk over to me and stop,

The tips of your feet just an inch from mine;

My heart beats so fast I worry you will hear the earthquake in me

My emotions are going on overload like the flood of my feelings.


You stare into my eyes and it is as if you see the depths of my soul

Where everything has become attuned you.

My name on your lips, and I alight like a candle

Bursting with flame like forest fire;

The smoke wafting around us

And forming a wall of fog

Making us the only two in existence.


Your hand raises to my face, just a few inches more

And everything in me is turning active;

The volcanoes, the ground plates,

The amass of water and strong winds,

The spirit in me lying seemingly asleep

Now stirs.


You touch me

And I explode.

I was toying with the idea of expressing feelings and making it like a whole world inside the person for a few days. I made a few notes on what to include and how to make it related to the movement of the other person. I’m not sure it’s turned out as well as I wanted it to. I might try again some other time 🙂



It is hard not to conceal my emotions

When I was brought up

With missionaries of no emotion.

I do not realise when I am asked a question;

That I have not offered an expression with my answer.

It is not natural to me

As it’s supposed to be.

I have been constantly hiding in the shade;

Never in the sunlight to bloom.


Everyone I see,

Hide at least some of themselves.

Truly being who we are and

Portraying our whole selves

Has become like a myth.


Your laughter, your expression

Are something foreign to me.

The way you are effortless at just being

It confounds me

Puzzles me

To see someone show so much emotion.

You wear your heart in sleeve

And it’s oh, so hard to resist

Trying to get to know you.



Slowly you taught me to show emotion;

To not be fully guarded everytime

To trust

To confide

To love.


Today, my love;

I stand here in this cemetery,

Looking down at the fresh dirt piled.

I cry unabashedly.


This poem isn’t even close to good; but then I’m not much inspired to write at the moment. I promise, the next time I try poetry, it will be much better.

In response to the daily prompt Conceal

Nothing else

I don’t care

About my job;

I don’t mind

Leaving this place;

It doesn’t matter

That you want to go across the country.

All of it

Mean nothing

As long as you and I

Are together

To wake up in each other’s arms

To have breakfast together

To have fights over small things

To make up later with love

To make love

To fall asleep in each other’s arms.

As long as we

Don’t have to dream at night

About being together.

As long as we

Are living the dream.

No, none of it

Matters at all.

Ode to you

If I ever had to write
An ode to you
It would tell the world
How I truly see you
Inside out

I would write
About your huge heart
Incredible kindness
Benign thoughtfulness
And your unwavering support

Patriotism and humanity
Equally balanced in your spirit
You make rest of the population
Look lacking in feature

But no, I wouldn’t by myself
Use descriptive linguistics
To describe the majestic soul
That you are

I would rather use actions
To be all I can be for you
And give all of me to you
Because you, my love,
Deserve all that and more.


-Sumedha Shankar

Into one

Can you feel the beat

Of my heartbeat

Beating through

-When you sleep by Mary Lambert

Looking at you in the eye now

I see so much

I see the whole world

A world

that is mine

because finally

we can be together.

In all meanings and incentives,

day in and day out


The world will know

how our hearts beat

and why we breathe.


to you, my love,

I pledge


my whole being.

I, finally,

marry you

underneath the tree.


Musings to the sky

Here in the late summer sun

I lay looking at the sky

Thinking of the infinite and beyond

And stuck here in reality


In all the years to come,

Will I ever feel contentment

In the skin I possess

And the routine I follow


Oh, endless sky,

How do you manage to be so vast

How do you receive and hold within you

All the secrets whispered to you


I am one in so many billion

I understand that I am no more

Than a speck in the sea of people

You envelope with your grace and support


But for tonight I’ll pretend

That you are mine

And tell you everything

That no one else knows.


Tonight, I’ll tell you

Who I really am.


-Sumedha Shankar

The next life

Imagine a world

Where you and I

Have a destiny

Not so tragic.

Where we are not

Separated by misconceptions

And miscommunications.

Haunted by death

And suffering from grief.


I imagined and imagined

Convinced that after going through so much

Us together

Wont work anymore.


And as I pulled back

I lost you to the wind

Like a six year old loses a kite

Which was his most beloved possession.


Trying to save us both

From further heartbreak,

I never thought to savour those moments

When you tried to get me back

And accept you.


When I finally listened to my heart

And decided to love you free,

You weren’t there

For me to get back to you.


I was too late,

And I’m tired

Of being all alone.


Save a place for me beside you

In the garden of heaven.

My love, this wasn’t how

Our fates were supposed to be.

Next time I promise

It will be entirely different.



-Sumedha Shankar



Gravity binds

I asked him one day

What if I said

I couldn’t take it



Would you ask me to stay

Or would you

Let me leave


He replied

I am not the sun

Who sets every night

For the moon to rise


I am the rock

And you are my earth

I always end up with you

Gravity makes sure of it

And I will too


-Sumedha Shankar

Days bygone

Years later

When we all stand here again

With our hearts bundled up

Inside ourselves

Sadness and fatigue in our eyes

And experience

In the wrinkles on our skin

We will wonder

About the childhood we had

Filled with innocence and happiness

When we still remained best of friends

We will wonder

Looking at each other

What happened to us


-Sumedha Shankar

Some book poetry

Years of dirt under our nails

After we’ve said goodbye to all those we love

We cling to the smell of earth and rain

Not me

I’ve waited

To evaporate with the rain and pour down again

In memories and dreams

Save a place for me

Next to you

I’ve waited

You know all my secrets

My body’s tired

I can’t wait to see you both again

Until then

I miss you every moment.

-from the book Here’s to falling by Christine Zolendz

Girl in the mirror

I see a girl staring back at me

Wide brown eyes, almost straight black hair

Whose face I find every time I look in a polished surface

Who is she?

This girl in the mirror.


Perhaps she is from an alternate universe

Is she happy, then?

If true, she wouldn’t look so somber, I suppose.

Who is she staring back at me?

This girl in the mirror.


I now take a step forward

To look closer at the girl

Who hardly resembles the one I used to see

From laughing all the while

To never truly smiling

This girl in the mirror.


Her hands have a slight tremor

Like she is fighting to stay

And to stay to fight

Is she a survivor?

This girl in the mirror.


Bags under eyes and slumped shoulders

They give it away

Is she tired from putting on a smile?

This girl in the mirror.


I have been staring too long

Does she mind?

Or is she content with the fact

That at least someone notices

This girl in the mirror.


I suddenly cannot look anymore

At her and this stage of despair

I turn and walk away from her

This girl in the mirror.


-Sumedha Shankar