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Songs On Repeat // April 2020 edition

Hey everyone!

Normally time goes really fast. But now it’s fast and slow at the same time. This is so weird. I haven’t stepped out of my house in 6 weeks and I am losing sense of time and routine.

But music is always there, and I had a few favourites this month.

Say So (Japanese Version) by Rainych

I was never a fan of the original song Say So by Doja Cat. A lot of people were obsessed with and it was some tiktok trend as well, but I just did not care for it.

Then one day I saw this tweet going viral that Doja Cat reacted to Rainych’s Japanese version of Say So. I was intrigued so I listened to it and I loved it immediately. It’s such a bop.

Start by Gaho

I was obsessed with this song from the first time I heard it in Itaewon Class. You just can’t help loving it. It’s such a good song, and it always manages to pump some energy into me.

Stone Block by Ha Hyun Woo

Of course my Itaewon Class favourites aren’t going to stop with one song. Stone Block is another really good song but this one is all about grit and determination. Love it.

Someday, The Boy by Kim Feel

This song has such a raw feel to it. The singer’s voice straining in the high notes just.. hits me with feels. I want to sit in a corner and cry and let everything out. It’s like a hug for when you’re sad. It’s the song that I’m currently listening to on repeat.

And that’s it for this month. I know it’s less but I spent a lot of time going back to old favourites looking for comfort. Songs like Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran, Auditory Hallucinations by Jang Jae In, and Stay With Me by Chanyeol and Punch were my go-tos.

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What songs were you obsessed with this month? Recommend me some in the comments!

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Songs On Repeat // March 2020

Hey y’all!

This has been a CRAZY month. But it has also been a month of really good music. Here are the songs that I’ve been OBSESSED WITH in March.

Inner Child by BTS

This song is TOO GOOD. I frequently listen to this and dance around. It’s a happy song, and we need some happy vibes right now.

Friends by BTS

Jimin and V pairing up for this AWESOME song is goals. This song is so nice, y’all. It’s all about friendship and being there for each other. It’s also a HAPPY song. Another one that I dance to.

Old Me by 5SOS

I’m a 5SOS stan, and this song got me obsessed from my first listen. The high notes, the voice variations, and THE LYRICS. The lyrics are the best part. You have to listen to this.

00:00 (Zero O’Clock) by BTS

This song grew on me slowly. I didn’t like it much the first time I listened to it. But as I kept listened to the album, and hence this song, it really grew on me. The vocal line’s voices in this song are a masterpiece.

First Love by Sondia

I was introduced to this song through the Kdrama Extraordinary You and I love it so much. It’s almost a sad song because of the sound, but it’s not. It’s about first love and is actually heart-warming.

My Beauty by VERIVERY

This is another song from the Extraordinary You OST. I’ve never heard of this boy group before, but they’re so good! Especially the first guy who sings. The voices are so nice. This song is another happy song that you can dance to.

Fake Love (Rocking Vibe Mix) by BTS

This is one of the songs available to play in SuperStar BTS (the mobile game which is like musical tiles but for BTS songs). I did NOT like it when I first heard it. I was playing the song again a couple days back because I wanted to get the all-perfect score, and I suddenly loved it?! It’s so weird.

I really appreciate the mix now. The extra musical notes are perfect. They take the song to a next level.

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What songs have you been obsessed with lately?

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Songs on Repeat // February 2020 edition

This was a month of Taylor Swift, BTS and Kdrama OSTs.

You’ll see what I mean when I share the songs below.

Go away by Punch ft. Chanyeol (EXO)

This is a new song. It’s from the Kdrama Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim 2 which I haven’t watched. I listened to this song mainly because I LOVED another song by these two artists called Stay With Me from the Kdrama Goblin. This song did not disappoint. It’s really good.

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince by Taylor Swift

I didn’t really love this song before the movie came out. After watching her movie Miss Americana, I felt like listening to all her music again. That was when this song grew on me.

Only The Young by Taylor Swift

Huge props to Taylor Swift for writing this song for the young people who were devastated during the American elections. Taylor went off against Trump in this song and tells everyone to not lose hope. Just watching how she came up with this song and wrote it on the movie was touching. The song is really good too.


Yo. Y’all. I CANNOT with BTS’s newest album. I just can’t. This song is so wild and different from what I expected after their last album. But it’s a freaking HIT. Such amazing songs. This one is the title track and it’s honestly way too good.

Friends by BTS

This is a BOP. I found myself listening to this first thing in the last few mornings, and it’s made me want to dance while walking in public multiple times. It’s a happy dance song and I won’t hear otherwise.

We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal by BTS

This is another dance bop that I listen to before/after Filter. This makes me want to dance in public as well. The best part about this song are THE LYRICS. They’ve literally written a whole amazing song as an ode to their fans and ?????? MY BOYS MAKE ME CRY IS WHAT.

Moon by BTS

Of course, I HAD to mention the single by Jin. He’s my forever bias and this song is way too pure and beautiful. I love it. It’s the first song I listened to on repeat from this album.

May be by SEO

This is an old favourite from the My First First Love soundtrack. I found myself listening to the whole soundtrack during the beginning of this month. And I kept listening to it because the soundtrack is so soothing. This is one the most soothing songs I’ve heard.

Human by SEO

Another song from the My First First Love soundtrack. For a couple weeks, when I left home to go to work, I would listen to this first. It’s perfect to start the day with as it brings up your mood and makes you look forward to the day.

Baby Baby by yeop, Eun Ae

This is a FUN song. Right after Human, I’d listen to this. This will instantly bring your mood up and make you feel like skipping when walking. I always have a jump in my step when listening to this. It’s a proper fun jam song.

And that’s it for this month! I know the last three were old favourites but those where what I loved this month. You should definitely listen to them if you haven’t.

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What songs were you obsessed with in February? Recommendsome in the comments!

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Songs On Repeat // Jan 2020

January’s almost over, y’all!

Looking back, this month feels long and short at the same time. Way too much happened but I didn’t notice the days go by. It was a mix of many things.

It was also a month of mixed music choices. Through the month, my songs on repeat were wildly different and changed many times. Without further ado, let’s get to the music!

Psycho by Red Velvet

This is the song that’s currently playing on repeat for me. I hadn’t truly heard Red Velvet’s music before, and simply tried this one when it came on my YouTube recommendations. On my first listen, I didn’t like it and it gave me a bad impression of Red Velvet’s overall music.

Later, it played automatically after another song and I liked it slightly better. After about 4 or 5 random listens, I grew to like the song. I still don’t understand exactly why I like it. The song overall doesn’t appeal to me but some parts of the song sound really good and they’re the ones that got me hooked.

I’m also very obsessed with this song’s choreography now.

Winter Flower by Younha ft. RM

This song came up on my recommendations when it was released, and I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. The song caught my attention because of RM’s involvement but it became one of my favourites because of Younha.

Younha’s voice in this song is BEAUTIFUL. Her high pitches are a work of art. And RM’s rapping complements her vocals perfectly. This is a 100% song and I listened to it on repeat for a long time.

Black Swan by BTS

This is the first song release from BTS’s new album, and I honestly didn’t like this song the first time I heard it. Later, I saw it being loved by many online but didn’t relate.

One day I gave it another go without watching the video and that made so much difference. Now, I really like the song. It’s so good! It has a very different vibe compared to BTS’s last album but I’m excited to hear more like this from them.

Warriors by 2WEI and Edda Hayes

Yo. When this League of Legends cinematic dropped, I was done for. This video, along with this cover of Warriors by Imagine Dragons, is MAD. I could NOT stop watching this on repeat. The song and the video end leaving me wanting more, which leads to me rewatching this video again and again. I couldn’t get enough of this.

Dance Monkey by Tones and I

This song is so nice and catchy! After listening to it just once, I couldn’t get the tunes out of my head. I love it. There’s one video on YouTube of her singing this live in a concert, and that’s also really nice.

Other songs that I listened to on repeat were not new introductions but old favourites:

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What songs have you been listening to on repeat this month?

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Songs On Repeat // Blogmas edition!

Hey everyone!

I usually do this post with all my favourite songs at the end of every month. But because I’ve been doing Blogmas, it’s given me a lot of time to spend listening to more songs while I blog. If I did this at the end of the month it would be way too long.

So, here are all the songs I enjoyed while blogging this month!

Hard To Say Goodbye by Ekali & Illenium

Blogging is all about chill and relax vibes, which is exactly what this song is. YouTube recommended it to me and it’s perfect.

Grand Escape by RADWIMPS

Back when I watched Weathering With You in the theatre, it was a totally different experience. The music, the vibes and everything was so immersive. My friends quickly obsessed with this song, and since we listen to music together a lot, the obsession caught onto me as well.

Trampoline by SHAED x ZAYN

This is another really chill song to listen to. Their voices go well together as well, which makes the song so good.

Make Us Never Happen by SHY Martin

If I ever went on late night drives, this would be playing in the car. But since I don’t, it plays at night when I’m blogging.

we’ve never met but can we have a coffee or something by In Love With A Ghost


I found In Love With A Ghost with this music, and I am obsessed with their work. The music is so good. This one is currently my absolute favourite and I listen to it when I blog or study. It’s perfect to listen to at 5:30am when you’re studying. Speaking from experience.

Nevada by Vicetone

YouTube played this song after Hard To Say Goodbye and the algorithm got the vibe totally right. This one has more beats, but it’s still good EDM to play in the background.

Need Your Love by Gryffin & Seven Lions feat. Noah Kahan

This is the most recent fave. I can’t stop listening to it, and it’s the first song I play when I open YouTube.

Tanto by Jesse & Joy and Luis Fonsi

After finding Jesse & Joy last month, I’ve been slowly listening to much of their music. I absolutely love Joy’s vocals, and it comes out well in this song. I wish they didn’t do the collab with Luis Fonsi because his voice overshadows hers from the second verse, which is so sad.

Corre by Jesse & Joy

This is not the music for blogging, but I listen to it when I’m in the sad mood. It’s a sad song, and the music video shows a sad story too. But again, Joy’s vocals are too good.

Ecos De Amor by Jesse & Joy

This is THE song to listen to for Joy’s singing. It’s so good! I’ve listened to this so many times that I know all the words in it. This is also a sad-ish song, so not great for blogging, but I listen to it other times.

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What songs have you been listening to on repeat recently? Do you already know of the songs I mentioned above?

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Songs On Repeat // November ’19

Hey y’all!

I know it’s kinda early for this blog post but I didn’t feel like making any other post, and I’m pretty excited to share some songs with you so I just decided to post it now.

GIANTS by True Damage (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose)

I absolutely love the songs that League of Legends brings out. It started a couple months back, and it’s still going on. I actually didn’t like this song when I first heard it, but it grew on me. I still don’t like the second rap part (and always skip those 20 seconds) but I absolutely love the rest of it. Especially the chorus by Becky G and Keke Palmer. Best.

Phoenix by Cailin Russo, Chrissy Constanza

Another BRILLIANT song by League of Legends. I absolutely love all of this song. It’s way too good. This was on repeat for about a whole week before I even considered another song.

Malibu Nights by LANY

YouTube put this in My Mix, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I haven’t looked back from LANY. How have I never heard to this artist before?? Such great music, wow.

Lover Remix by Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes

I loved the original Lover, so it’s not a surprise that I love this as well. The chorus is especially nice, when both of them sing. Their voices really went together for this song.

Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish

I actually haven’t been liking Billie Eilish’s recent songs. After bad guy, which took time to grow on me, I liked nothing. This song came up on my recommendations and I just gave it a try. It’s actually pretty good. The vibe and the melody is really nice, and her voice goes well with it. I took a couple listens to start liking it, but I do quite like it now.

Strawberries and Cigarettes by Troye Sivan

I did like this song when I first heard it on Love, Simon but it was never on repeat for me. But my friends discovered it recently, and since we listen to music together on Discord quite often, they played it multiple times and hence I started really loving it as well. It’s really nice.

Mean It by Lauv and LANY

Okay first of all. What a GENIUS IDEA for these two to collab. I absolutely love both these artists, and this song turned out SO GOOD. I can’t get over it. It’s tooooo good. I clicked on the YT video instantly when I saw Lauv and LANY together. And it was totally worth it. If you haven’t heard to this yet, I highly recommend it.

It’s kinda funny that their voices sound so similar, though. It feels like only one person sang it all. I would have loved to hear at least one part where they’re both singing, but I’ll take what I get.

Jesse and Joy on Go!

Okay first of all, this isn’t an actual song. I don’t even know it’s name. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find the whole song by the artists, so I’m assuming it’s not a real one. The artists sang it while guest appearing on a show on Netflix. I don’t know, I just reaaaally liked the singer’s voice.

Edit: I found the original song! I was listening to all the songs by Jesse and Joy, and found it. Lol. This is the original one.

And that’s it for this month!

What songs have you been listening to on repeat? Do we share any? Tell me in the comments!

My Top Ten BTS Songs

I’ve been an ARMY since Epiphany released and I haven’t looked back since.

It’s been a year and a half, and while I don’t keep up with everything BTS*, I manage to know the highlights. It’s the only band that I’ve consistently been following. Usually, I move on to others pretty quickly. So yes, BTS is damn good.

*let’s be honest, it would take every minute of every day because there is SO MUCH happening with BTS. That’s not counting the backlog of BTS things to be updated on.

I’ve been wanting to make a post about my favourite songs by BTS for a while now. I just want to talk more about these AWESOMESAUCE songs, okay?! And I’m totally inviting more discussion and fangirling about BTS.


My #1 song by BTS will ALWAYS be Epiphany. It’s the first song by them which I REALLY liked, even though I had heard a few before. Epiphany’s lyrics, tune, and Jin’s voice sealed the deal for me.*

I highly recommend this song if you haven’t heard to it, even if you don’t like BTS or Kpop. Read the lyrics as well. I love the self-love in it.

*fun fact: Jin is also my bias. He has always been, and I’ve just liked him more and more from the beginning.


If you’re an ARMY, I think you will agree with me that Spring Day is on every ARMY’s top ten songs. It’s too good a song. It gives sad feels, nostalgic feels, hopeful feels, and some other feels that I can’t even name. I get into a specific mood every single time I listen to it, and I NEVER get bored of it. Spring Day is a must-listen BTS song, in my opinion.


This song, y’all…. what a great song. If you don’t know, this is a Japanese song by BTS. And IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL. I could cry. What a great song. I don’t have words for it.


Another song about self-love like Epiphany, but with much different vibes. It’s very hopeful and cheery, and I just love listening to it. It never fails to make my mood better. Love Myself is the song to listen to every day just to set the mood of the day. It adds a spring to my step, I kid you not.


This is a song from BTS’s latest album Persona: Map of the Soul and it’s just B E A U T I F U L. I love the vocals, and I even love the rap. I’m not someone who usually likes rap but they way BTS raps alongside the vocals is so nice. I became obsessed with Jamais Vu right from the first listen.


I won’t lie, fast-paced songs are usually not my favourite. Even if I do like them, it’s short lived. Mellow songs are more my type.

That said, there’s something addicting about Dionysus and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. Every time I’m remotely in mood for fast paced songs, I listen to this. It hypes me up so much lol. I feel ready to take on the world after listening to it. I feel badass.


I actually didn’t like this song much the first time I heard it. I even played this on Superstar BTS multiple times and didn’t become attached to it. But then one day, I suddenly found myself singing it and I couldn’t recall it’s name! I typed the lyrics on youtube and got it, and that was when I started liking it. It barely took a few listens for me to love it.

Now, I absolutely love the song. I’ve taken to listening to it after Crystal Snow.


The only other fast-paced song on my favourites is Run. I can’t tell you why, but I just love it. Right from the video showing the friendships and BTS’s alternate universe story, to the beats, to the lyrics. I love it.


This song is part of the album mono by RM, one of the members. First of all, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS ALBUM’S THEME?? The vibes, the titles with only small letters and no spaces and the tunes… wow. RM is brilliant. He’s my #2 BTS member.

Second, I just love the hope given by this song. Everything goes, everything will be okay. What a wholesome song. I listen to it whenever I need a slow pick me up. Just something to get me through the day or night.


I like listening to this right before sleeping. It always makes me calm and slows me down, which is perfect for night time. I also listen to it when I want to cry or when I’m sad, because that’s the exact vibe of the song.

Bonus favourites!

Yes yes I know I said 10 but there are a couple more songs that I just HAVE to mention. They deserve it.

Young Forever with the sad, regretful, and yet hopeful vibes. Perfect for millenials lol. I resonate with it so much, even without the lyrics. Just the tunes and the voices. The melody. I love it.

This is a SAD song. I usually only listen to it when I’m sad or about to cry, because it evokes those feelings in me. And it’s not a good idea to listen to it when happy haha. I love the lyrics, though. The melody, the rap and the lyrics go so well together.

And those were my top ten BTS songs!

What are your favourite songs by your #1 band? Share your BTS favs with me in the comments as well!

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Songs On Repeat // September 2019 edition

Hey y’all!

I’m blogging from my phone right now and it feels SUPER WEIRD. I didn’t bring my laptop to college, and I found ZERO time in the last few days to blog.

The reason I’m settling for blogging on my phone is because I’m trying really hard to keep to my goal of blogging thrice a week. I actually used to blog quite a bit from my phone when I started blogging, so I could blog everyday.

Anyway! Let’s get to my favourite songs of this month.

RISE by League of Legends ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako and The Word Alive

My friends who are totally into League of Legends got me onto this song. It’s now my favourite hype up songs. I ALWAYS listen to it when I start my work out.

Awaken by League of Legends ft. Valerie Broussard

This is another song that my friends got me into. It didn’t take long because I do like Valerie Broussard’s songs.

Legends Never Die by League of Legends ft. Against The Current

No explanation needed. Another great song. I’m honestly loving League of Legends soundtracks.

Birds by Imagine Dragons

I did listen to this song when it released, but I totally fell in love with it only this month. IT’S SO GOOD. It puts me in this unique mood which makes me feel good and refreshed.

Ready Yet by Sasha Sloan

A couple of my friends became obsessed with Sasha Sloan’s songs and got me into them as well. I actually really like the lyrics and tone of her music.

Older by Sasha Sloan

This is my favourite song by the artist. It’s because I relate to this SO MUCH. It literally speaks about the situation that I’ve been through, so it’s close to my heart.

Normal by Sasha Sloan

This might be the one song that almost everyone can relate to. And it has a really good chorus. I lose myself to this song’s melody.

And that’s it for this month’s songs! It’s a short list but that’s because I simply couldn’t move on from these songs for a long time. They’re toooo good.

What songs did you listen to on repeat this month? Recommend them to me!

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Songs On Repeat // August ’19 edition

Hey y’all!

I always try to do a recap of my favourite songs at the end of the month, but this month I thought I wouldn’t be able to because no song caught my fancy for half the month! I was just listening to old songs.

But then, the second half of the month picked up slack like nothing else. I have a few for you now. So, let’s get to them!

There You Are by Zayn

I had this in my Liked Songs on Spotify for a long time but I never gave it a second listen after my first time. One day, it came up in my Daily Mix and I fell totally in love with it. The song’s vibe is what made it one of my favourites this month. I still listen to it sometimes.

Lips on Lips by Tiffany Young

Okay so, the first time I heard this, I found the chorus so weird. I did not like it. But I listened to it again, and I began liking the chorus! And that’s how I started liking it little by little.

Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepsen

I actually didn’t even know that Carly was bringing out new music. The last I heard was just Call Me Maybe. I read a tweet thread that described how Carly’s career was being almost sabotaged by Scooter Braun, how her newer music is actually very good but Braun wants more like Call Me Maybe, etc.

It got me curious about her newer music, and I totally loved this one immediately. I haven’t gotten to all of her music yet, but I will. I like this vibe much more.

Lover by Taylor

I will be honest, I did NOT like this song in the beginning. I got wind of the hype and I listened to it when the audio released, and again when the music video came out. But I did not understand why so many people loved it. I found it average.

But then, one day, I found myself humming it?? And I actually knew the chorus lyrics! I was so surprised. I went back and listened to it again, and the third time was the charm. I really liked the song after that.

Daylight by Taylor Swift

Even though I didn’t like Lover in the beginning, I was still looking forward to Taylor’s new album. The concept just appealed to me, and I loved the colours that they were using. The vibe sounded great as well. On my first listen of the complete album, this song stuck out.

The song caught me in it’s melody and lyrics immediately! I listened to it on repeat for a whole day, just getting lost in the song. I listen to it when I’m in the bus, or when I have a quiet moment. It’s perfect for those times.

“My love was as cruel as the cities I lived in.”

the first line.

London Boy by Taylor Swift

Once my obsession with Daylight went down a little, I went back and listened to the whole album again. And London Boy caught me in it’s trap. It’s so catchy! I love the lyrics. I keep singing it in my head now. I spent the last two days just listening to this and singing it all the time. I. AM. OBSESSED.

I’m listening to it right now! I want to dance every time I listen to it as well. London Boy makes me happy.

And that’s all the music for this month!

What music did you listen to repeat? Recommend songs to me in the comments!

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Songs On Repeat // July ’19 edition

I’m back with some great music!

Hi y’all. I know, it’s been a while since I posted my favourite music on here. Looks like when I lost my touch with organization for blogging, I kinda lost a lot. But, I AM planning on bringing back all kinds of content and more. Thanks fo rsticking around.

Since I haven’t posted my fav music in MONTHS, I’ll not only share my favourite music of this month but also a few others that were reeeeally good from the previous months (if I can remember them lol). Let’s go!


I listened to 5 Seconds of Summer’s Youngblood album only recently and I have quite a few favourites. This song is really good.


This song is PERFECT to listen to when you’re sad or nostalgic. When I first heard this, I actually got transported back to my One Tree Hill phase. It sounds SO much like the songs from OTH’s soundtrack. I literally had OTH scenes running in my head without me meaning to think about them. This song is SO GOOD.


And of course, the title track of the album.


Not gonna lie, I actually didn’t expect to like this, I don’t know why. I just.. wasn’t liking BTS’s recent collaborations then and didn’t even try to listen to this one. Then it played on my spotify one day on BTS Radio and I LOVED IT.


It took a couple listens for me to truly like this song, but once I did I listened to it on repeat for days.


I haven’t seen Alladin but I absolutely love this song. It came in my Youtube Mix and I just couldn’t stop listening to it! I must have listened to it on repeat for a whole week.


This came up on my Youtube Mix as well. I love the sad vibe and the lyrics. The melody is reeeeallly good.


I haven’t seen the movie Five Feet Apart yet, I am planning on it, but that didn’t stop me from checking out the music! I fell in love with this song halfway through my first listen, and I played it on repeat for days.


Guys. If you haven’t heard this song yet, listen to it RIGHT NOW. It’s so good! It gives me feels even though it really shouldn’t and I absolutely love the vocals.


I absolutely love the original song and will listen to every cover which is recommended to me. When YouTube showed this on my recommendations, I gave it a listen and was B L O W N away. Such great voices, and such a good rendition of the song. I only wish it was longer.


Bastille’s new album is damn good but the title track is my favourite. The lyrics are so good, the melody gives me so many feels. There’s truth in the lyrics. I’m sad that it’s so short.


This is a Spanish song. I watched Go! Vive a tu manera season 2 on Netflix as soon as it came out, and I loved the songs immediately. This one is my favourite of them all. El Purre’s voice is magnificent. The show is kind of like High School Musical but it’s Spanish.


I had been waiting for a duet between these two artists since the beginning episodes of season 1 and when I did get it, I was not disappointed. I love love LOVE this song. It’s so comforting. Their voices are great and work together even though their styles are different. It just works.


Pilar Pascual’s Si Te Atreves A Sonar from Season 1 was my favourite song from the show. Her voice is beautiful and just grabbed my heart. I expected the same (or more) from her and I was not disappointed. Not only do I like the melody of this song, I like the meaning as well.

And those were the songs I listened to on repeat in the last few months! I’m sure there were more but these are which I still remember and go back to sometimes.

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What songs did you listen to on repeat in the last month(s)? Do we have any favourites in common?

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Songs On Repeat // April ’19 edition

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I did a post on my favourite songs of the month i.e. the songs I listened to on repeat. I was not sure if I’d do this month as well because I wasn’t sure I’ll have the time. BUT. I have such good songs to share with y’all this month that I made time.

So, let’s get started! I’m going to separate the songs into categories according to the language to make it easier for y’all.


Just My Type by The Vamps

I absolutely LOVE the chorus of this song. It falls into place SEAMLESSLY. I don’t care for the lyrics much but the melody always gets me dancing and singing along.

Audio by LSD ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

Okay so I LOVE THIS SONG. Spotify introduced me to this song and I’m forever grateful. I’m actually listening to it right now with my friends on Discord. I love the lyrics, I like the tunes, I liked the voices, the EDM.. everything.

Genius by LSD ft. Sia, Labrith, Diplo

This played after Audio and I fell in love with it immediately. I love the vibes of it, and how catchy it is. I found myself singing the chorus at random times after first listening to the song. I think I love this more than Audio.

New by Daya

This is really catchy in a melodic way. This was included in my Daily Mix on Spotify and I got drawn into it immediately. The lyrics are very easy to memorize and sing-along to. I listen to it now and then sometimes just because the vibe is really nice.


Kill This Love

I took a while to watch this after it released but when I did, I was BLOWN AWAY. It’s been two weeks or so and I’m STILL not over it. When I workout or in the morning when I need to get energized, I listen to this absolute bop and it ALWAYS works. It’s way too good. I have most of the choreo memorized as well.


While the Map of the Soul: Persona album has some really good songs, Dionysus is my favourite. It’s another song that’s a pure bop which energizes me every time I listen to it. I play this and Kill This Love on loop.

When I first listened to it on Spotify, I merely liked it. But when the live performance video came out on YouTube, the song put itself in my favourites list. I’ve attached a live performance video above and it’s AMAZING. Their performance was SO GOOD. It requires so much practice and stamina to sing while doing those steps. Oh wow.

Reset by Tiger JK ft. Jinsil

I found this song through the Kdrama School 2015: Who Are You and it’s SO GOOD. It gives me so many feels and I was obsessed with this for quite a while. I still listen to this from time-to-time.

If you’re looking for good Korean melodies that have a bit of rap and have great choruses, definitely try this one.

Beside Me by DAVICHI

This is the song I’m currently playing on repeat all day. I found this on Spotify when I was playing songs by this artist duo on radio, and I did not get ahead of this song. I just got stuck there, playing it on repeat.

Pray by Younha

I got this song from School 2015: Who Are You as well. Once I my obsession with Reset started going down, I fell in love with this. It’s a slow, soothing song that’s also kinda sad. It’s perfect for some specific moods. I listen to it when I’m nostalgic or it’s raining or when I’m looking out the window while in bus.


Dope Track by Yuvan Shankar Raja

I finally felt brave enough to try the Tamil playlists that Spotify has and I found this gem. When I mentioned that I liked this, my best friend was surprised. I’m not a huge fan of Tamil music, and I mostly just listen to what she recommends, but I liked this immediately. Especially chorus.

And that ends my list for this month! That was a lot, lol. I usually fall in love with songs really quick and listen to it on repeat. Then, when my obsession starts to die down, I listen to Daily Mixes and playlists until I find the next repeat-worthy song.

What songs did you listen to on repeat this month? Do we share any? Tell me in the comments!

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Songs On Repeat // January ’19 edition

Hey everyone! We’re at the end of January, y’all. A whole month has passed already. I just took one day at a time and it’s been so long already. Is it just me who already feels like I’m letting 2019 go to a waste?

This month, I was listening to a lot of old songs on shuffle, not much on repeat. Which meant that I didn’t find many new songs. But I do have a few songs so let’s get to it!

(This post was actually supposed to go up 5 days back but I forgot to hit publish, wow. I’m noticing it only now.)

Bellyache by Billie Eilish

I really got into a Billie Eilish kick early in the month. While I was listening to multiple songs on YouTube, this one stood out. I love the lyrics and her dance in the music video.

7 Rings by Ariana Grande

I was obsessed with this song from the first time I heard it, not gonna lie. When I saw the trending hashtags on twitter, top 2 of which were #7Rings and Ariana, I had to listen to it and see the hype. And I totally get the hype.

Firstly, Ariana RAPS. Secondly, the lyrics are really good. Especially a couple lines here and there were great. Also the music video got me crushing on Ariana so hard.

Watch by Billie Eilish

This was the next song that I got obsessed with. I’m sure I’ll have phases where I’m obsessed with Billie Eilish’s songs one by one.

Pieces by Sum 41

I actually discovered this song through one of my friends a couple months back. I liked it then but I’ve been really loving it for the past few days. I have been listening to it on repeat along with Sea by BTS which I mentioned in a previous Songs On Repeat edition.

And that’s it from me this month! It’s only now that I realize that I barely listened to new music. Oh well.

What songs did you listen to on repeat? Are any of the songs I mentioned a favourite of yours? Let me know in the comments!

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Songs On Repeat // December ’18 edition

Hey everyone! We have only few days left in this month and I’m kinda sad to see this year end, because I’ve had some great times, but I’m also happy to be moving on to hopefully better things.

Now, get your earphones/headphones and settle down because I’ve got some really great songs this month. And it’s NOT all Korean this month.

The Other by Lauv

I’m slowly listening to more and more songs by Lauv, and I’m loving all of them. I especially love the chorus of this song.

Sea by BTS

No, I’m still not over BTS. This song evokes so many emotions from me, I cannot handle them. It’s such a raw, truthful and emotional song I CAN’T. I definitely recommend listening to it, and do pay attention to the meaning of the lyrics.


THIS CHOREOGRAPHY, GUYS. I was OBSESSED. I couldn’t stop rewatching this video again and again, and somewhere in between I started to love the song as well. I don’t know if I would have liked the song this much without the awesome dance moves, but oh well. Do watch it!

Hann (Alone) by (G)I-DLE

I started liking (G)I-DLE immediately after listening to this song. I just love the vibe and the vocals of this. This girl group is definitely underrated.

POP/STARS by K/DA ft. (G)I-DLE, Madison Beer, Jaira Burns

I had heard of the kpop song for League of Legends but I never actually listened to it before. My friend told me to listen to it one day and after one listen, I was done.

I listened to this song on repeat for over a week. I still listen to it very frequently. I LOVE IT. It doesn’t hurt that the video is super cool as well.


Not gonna lie, it took me a few listens to like this song. But once I did, I couldn’t get enough of it. Especially the ending where you’re like I WANT MORE and they actually give you a tiny bit more before stopping. Argh I love.

Some by Bolbbalgan4

My friend suggested this song to me and I’m SO GLAD. I love this song! It’s so cute and happy and I just love it so much. Especially the chorus.

I kept playing this on repeat along with Thanks and POP/STARS. All of them are different vibes but I loved all of them so much that I needed more of each.

Dangerous by David Guetta ft. Sam Martin

My friends and I were on Discord one day, just playing music and doing our own things, when one of them played this song and I WAS IN. Damn, what a good song. How have I never come across this before?

Reflection by BTS

I have heard this song before but that was while watching the WINGS short films and I was too into the theories to properly listen to the song. It got added to Superstar BTS recently and the game got me to actually listen and like the song. I love RM’s voice in this.

Eastside by Benny Blanco, Halsey and Khalid

I weirdly like this song? I don’t like the lyrics and I don’t find the song that special but I just really like the beats. It’s also quite catchy.

Lovely by Billie Eilish, Khalid


I just cannot get over it! I’m listening to it on repeat right now and I just. LOVE. THEIR VOICES TOGETHER. It’s so soothing and lovely and arrrrgh. I stan.

What songs did you listen to on repeat this month? Do we have any favourites in common?

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Songs on Repeat // November ’18 edition

Happy December everyone! I didn’t get a lot of blogging done in November but I did listen to a lot of songs. I admit, almost of them are Korean. Now that I’ve discovered them and started to love them, I’m just venturing more into that world. 

Don’t Cry by SEVENTEEN

First up is this really nice song by SEVENTEEN. A friend of mine made me watch the dance practice video (which is really nice) and this popped up in my YouTube recommendations. I listened to it and I can’t seem to go back to the original version. I love the acoustics.

Shine by Pentagon

missemmareadsalot posted a story on Instagram about being obsessed with this choreography and I checked it out immediately, only to become obsessed myself. I love that song is kinda funny and the coordination of the group is brilliant.

I didn’t like the song immediately but after watching the video a bunch of times, the song grew on me. I also made many of my friends watch this video and they loved it as well. One of them said that the first steps look like bharatnatyam (an Indian dance style) and I can’t un-see it now XD

Runaway by Pentagon

While I liked Shine, I didn’t purposefully look for more songs but Runaway played on auto play one day and I was HOOKED. This sounds more like their style. I don’t like the dance practice video that much though. My favourite part of the song is Yuto’s rap which comes near the end. And it’s only about 30 seconds, which is sad because I WANT MORE. I do agree it’s not easy getting a bigger part with 12 other members in the group.

Right after I got into Pentagon I found out that E’Dawn, one of the members whom I like because he raps well, left. This was due to some personal issues but oh well.

everythinggoes by RM (BTS)

I cannot believe that I forgot to mention songs from RM’s mixtape “mono” in the last songs on repeat. But I did carry the love for the playlist well into this month. My favourite has to be everythinggoes because.. I just love the vibe.

seoul by RM (BTS)

Another favourite from the mixtape is seoul which is SO NICE. I love every single song from the mixtape but these two stand on top of the rest for me.

Crystal Snow by BTS

The last song, and one that I’m still obsessed with, is Crystal Snow by BTS. The vocal and rap line KILLED IT in this song. It’s in Japanese and all 4 of the vocal line sound like angels. I especially love that Jin got a big part in this song, and he sang beautifully. (Jin is my bias)

What songs did you listen to on repeat last month?

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Songs On Repeat // October ’18 edition

Hey everyone! It’s been a whole week since I’ve blogged and I did not even realize until yesterday. Wow I was right about probably being able to blog only once a week. This will probably go on until the end of November, when my classes for the semester end. Sigh.

Anyway, I have quite a few songs for y’all today so let’s go!

There’s No Way by Lauv ft. Julia Michaels

At first listen, it was just okay but later when it came up on shuffle, I loved it so much. Their voices together are really comforting and melodious.

Happier by Marshmello ft. Bastille

I just heard this yesterday and I know that I will be listening to it on repeat for the next few days. I love the song but I love the video even more. Y’all should definitely watch that video.

Waste It On Me by Steve Aoki ft. BTS

This was suddenly dropped on us BTS stans and while I don’t love it as much as I like their other songs, it’s pretty good. It’s the first song with BTS where they’ve sang completely in English.

All We Know by The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan

I suddenly felt like listening to this one day and I proceeded to listen to it on repeat for a few days. It’s comforting, talks about not knowing where to go and I really like the music.

Seesaw by BTS


Okay so this song just came up by YouTube autoplay and I LOVED IT. I listened to it on repeat for over a week. I love Suga’s rap. It’s comforting and for the first time I heard him sing a little, which is lowkey comforting as well.

I’ve listened to it enough that I know the lyrics byheart even though I don’t understand them word by word. I like the meaning of the lyrics though.

The Truth Untold By BTS ft. Steve Aoki

This was the first song they did with Steve Aoki and only because of this did I listen to Waste It On Me and had high expectations. I LOVE THIS SONG. I know all the lyrics of this as well.

Just One Day by BTS

My friend made me listen to this because she was listening to it on repeat, and it transferred to me. I listened to it on repeat after that. At the same time I got her hooked on to Seesaw hehe.

Young Forever by BTS

Okay so I LOVE THIS SONG. I like the vibe of the rap and the vibe of the vocals, the shift, each person’s voice, how they all sing together in the end, EVERYTHING. To me, it gives the mood of trying to be young and alive and happy in a negative world.

And that’s all for this month! I really need to go do my project now. See y’all next time, which is hopefully soon.

What are the songs that you listened to on repeat this month? Let me know in the comments!