The King: Eternal Monarch Kdrama review

The King: Eternal Monarch was on many viewers’ lists immediately after its release announcement. Not only is the story intriguing—following treachery and love across parallel universes—it also stars two of the most popular actors: Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun. The drama was Lee Min-ho’s first project after returning from military service. There were high expectations for … Read more

W Two Worlds || Kdrama review

Welcome back to another Korean drama review where I talk about another one of my favourites so far! W Two Worlds was the fourth Kdrama I watched and I did not expect that I would like it this much. My luck with Kdramas was so good in the beginning, though? Out of 4, I really liked THREE. That’s a very good … Read more

Rain or Shine Kdrama Review

Rain or Shine—also known as Just Between Lovers—was a random watch for me. I was browsing titles on Netflix and was intrigued by its poster as it looked grim next to all the cute posters. Right after reading the two-line synopsis, I started watching it. I ended up watching the entire Korean drama in one day. … Read more

A Love So Beautiful || Korean Drama Review

A Love So Beautiful is one of the most charming Kdramas that I’ve seen. It’s a good thing that I started it on a weekend because once I started, I couldn’t stop. I binged it in ONE day and have zero regrets. what is A Love So Beautiful about? This is a Korean remake of the Chinese … Read more

While You Were Sleeping || Kdrama Review

I am obsessed. Completely obsessed with While You Were Sleeping. I wasn’t interested in watching Korean dramas before but after a lot of insistence from my friend (thanks Sab!) But I finally agreed to watch it, and I fell in love with it. I binged this show in two days and did NOTHING else. The second day was … Read more