March Bullet Journal flip through

Hey y'all! Welcome back to another bullet journal flipthrough. I tried a different type of tracker this month as I was quite bored with the normal one. I'm really happy the way it turned out. It did take quite a while to set up, though. This following one has to be my favourite spread in… Continue reading March Bullet Journal flip through

How To Start A Bullet Journal

I am obsessed with bullet journaling. I started it at the beginning of the year and Iridescence and I thought we would share some tips on how you can start too with you.

My February bullet journal

Hey y'all! February felt so short??! Like, I did not sign up for this mirage?! WHERE DID THE 28 DAYS GO. I FEEL SO UNPRODUCTIVE. Ahem. Anyway. I did try to make my bullet journal pretty. Which I kinda ruined in the end. Oh well. If you're wondering, I'm using a Doodle notebook (which I… Continue reading My February bullet journal

My December bullet journal

It's been so very long since I did a bullet journal post, especially one that shows my bullet journal spreads. I think I stopped when I did all my blog planning in advance and just let this slide. Anyway, since I'm changing the way I'm bullet journalling this month with the start of 2017 and all that, I thought it would be good to show how I used to bullet journal. And I promise I'll show my Jan spread next month.

How to make your own page markers

    Hey everyone! A while back, I bought a notebook to use as my next bullet journal, but I realised when it was delivered that it didn't come with page markers i.e. the thread you use in diaries to mark which page you're in. Since I use it a lot to keep up with… Continue reading How to make your own page markers

Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers

Iridescence, we all have busy lives. Be grateful we take the time to read your blabber. Yes yes, I know. And I'm grateful. Whether you bullet journal or not, if you have any idea about it or have seen the amazing pictures online, you'd understand that maintaining such beautiful spreads takes time and effort. Bullet journaling… Continue reading Bullet Journalling tips for busy lifers

What is “ghosting” and “bleeding”?

In the Bullet Journal (henceforth referred as BuJo) world, these terms are thrown around a lot, especially regarding notebooks and pens. If you're a newbie, you must be wondering what these mean. This is a short post explaining the two. Ghosting     In the above picture, can you see the trace of ink which… Continue reading What is “ghosting” and “bleeding”?

My July Bullet Journal

Last month, I did a sort-of traditional flip through (see it here) but this month, I'm shaking it up a bit. Here's how this post will be going: main monthly pages my weeklies and how I tried different layouts a few of my favourite daily spreads (which are not already in the weekly picture shots)… Continue reading My July Bullet Journal

June bullet journal flip through

Hey everyone! First things first, I know I promised a video but I tried filming so many times and when I finally spent hours on waiting it to upload, it's quality SUCKED. So I decided I'll just upload pictures on here which is much easier. You'll also be spared from listening to me stammer. This… Continue reading June bullet journal flip through