July 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey everyone!

It’s been very slow for the past few months and slowly I’m reducing my spreads to accommodate the new lifestyle. This month’s setup is the most compact that I’ve done in the last two years or so. I usually have dates to keep track of throughout the month and I don’t have that now, other than birthdays.

Which is why I almost entirely removed that section and that reduced my setup overall. In fact, it was hard to fill up two whole pages without it and I ended up doing a bit of illustration and lettering.

cover page illustrated with a quote, dates, TBR section, habit trackers and expense tracker

I put washi tape over my expense for privacy reasons. But yeah, this is my setup for July. There’s a calendar on the top left corner in case I want to refer sometime.

I even made a “To Be Read” section this time because that part of the page was empty and I didn’t know how to fill it.

blog schedule

On the next page, I made a simply blog post schedule.

And that’s it.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my setup for the month. And I should be considering I’ll probably use only these three pages for the entire month. I tried making dailies in June but it just wasn’t working out and I stopped after a few sporadic days.

It’s disheartening to look at my bullet journal and feel like I have nothing to do, to be honest. I barely even pick up the notebook unless for marking the habit trackers once every few days. *sigh*

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How are you holding up now that we’re all several months into the pandemic?

June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

We’re almost halfway through the year, y’all!

And what a year it’s been.

The one thing I’m going into planning for June with is flexibility and the bare minimum. I kind of did this for May as well but now I’m sure of what spreads I really need and what I don’t need.

Let’s get on to the June setup!

june cover page + monthly log + habit trackers

Unlike May where I made the pages look very full and crammed everything, I wanted a more organized and clean look for June. So I used one of the very cute Dream Notes sticky notes that I have to add some colour to the otherwise very minimal cover page.

I know that I will still have very less (and probably changing) plans to write down in advance. Hence, the monthly log stays small. Since I did have so much space in the page left, I put the habit trackers here.

I’ve followed the same habit tracker page setup for several months and it has been working well but I need a change now.

blog schedule + blog post ideas + expense tracker

The one spread that cannot change for me is the blog schedule because I work best is a simple list kind of setup. And that’s what you see here.

Last month I was jotting down blog post ideas in random places like my phone or within my daily logs in the bullet journal. To keep it organized, I gave half a page to note any ideas. Whether I will write these posts is not decided but I like to have my ideas written together in bunches.

Since we’re in lockdown, I have barely any expenses. In fact when I got my salary a couple days back I was caught off guard for a second. My reaction to the notification was: “who’s paying me so much? Is this a scam???” Only after a couple seconds did I realize the date and that it’s my stipend.

My sense of time is whack right now.

As my expenses are low, I used the March expenses space for March+April+May lol. But now I ran out of space there and that’s why I gave half a page for it here this month. Most likely only a few lines will be used but oh well.

If you want to see my spreads during the month, do follow my Instagram because I show my bullet journal there often. Below is one that I shared yesterday.

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Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram #bookreview I added this book to my TBR after seeing @zanyanomaly praised it somewhere (IG? Twitter? idk) and it fit a Popsugar 2020 Reading Challenge prompt so I read it soon after. (Prompt—A book that won an award in 2019) The one thing that really kept me reading the book was the writing and the vibe. The story is great, the characters are awesome, and I loved the new culture rhat I was being introduced to. But the writing was so nice. As soon as I started reading it, I was transported to the story and into Darius's life. And that's one of the most important things about a book—how it grabs you and holds you in. That being said, reasons why you should read this book: ~ 🌟 Darius. I was really interested in reading about his life and I'm sure you would be as well. Also, his passion is tea (#relatable). ~ 🌟Iranian culture. Darius's family is from Iran and during this book they go on a trip to Iran and hence we are introduced to Persian culture and traditions. The food descriptions made my mouth water which was NOT good because we're in lockdown and I eat only rice items everyday!! 😦 ~ 🌟Family. If you're into complex family relationships, you will really like this book. I absolutely teared up about Darius and his dad, not gonna lie. And his relationship with his younger sister is the CUTEST. ~ 🌟Friendship. Hands down, one of the best friendships I've seen portrayed in YA books. ~ 🌟Mental health rep. This is the first book that I've ever read where the main character has depression genetically. Nothing happened to him to trigger it. It was interesting to see this being portrayed and how it is received by Darius's extended family in Iran. ~ 🌟And of course, the writing. #bookstagramindia #youngadultbooks #mentalhealth #booksbooksbooks #bookstoread #bookblogger #bibliophile #yabooks #diversereads #readersofinstagram #booksofinstagram #booksofig #bloggersofig #bookreviews #yabookreview #reasonswhy #bookstagramtogether #bookishbengaluru

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Are you using a planner or bullet journal now? Do you think it’s even required for you?

May Bullet Journal Setup

Hey everyone!

How is it month 5/12 already? My brain is not ready to accept that I have to write dates with 05 in the month area. March and April pretty much did not exist.

My bullet journal is not used so much anymore since I’m staying at home with no events. Mostly I use it to keep track of assignments and blog work. My habit tracker page is the most used. But my dailies have highly reduced.

But I don’t want to stop using my bullet journal because it feels like giving up on normalcy and routine. So I’m using it as much as I can, especially through the trackers. Lately, I’ve taken to doodling instead of making daily to-do lists.

page 1 with the month's dates and events. page 2 with the habit tracker.

Since I had time on my hands and felt like doing an elaborate and filled spread, this is what I came up with. I channeled my January setup, added those boxes in the bottom for decoration since I had space, and viola! It became a cute spread. I love it.

page 3 with washi tape, stickers and leaf doodles. page 4 with blog schedule planner.

Due to the “habit” in the previous spread, the ink showed quite a bit in the next page. I had to hide it with washi tape and the only thick washi tape I had was this metallic one. It’s actually quite cool.

But once I used it, I was clueless on what to do with the page since I’ve never worked with this washi tape before. Eventually after considering many different things, I added stickers and completed the page with doodles.

The doodles were very satisfying to do and I listened to an audiobook while doing them. Win-win.

I know that the two spreads look like they’re from two very different themes. But I seem incapable of maintaining the same theme past one spread.

And that’s it for my May setup! I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

You might notice that I didn’t do an expense tracker. It’s because I’m barely spending. My March expense tracker of two pages STILL has enough space to hold another slow month. So I’m going to continue using that instead of wasting a page.

As an update, I posted a casual flip-through of my 2020 bullet journal so far on Instagram which you can see below!

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Can you believe that we’re already in May? Are things looking better where you stay?

April Bullet Journal Setup

Hey y’all!

Things are very different nowadays, especially with our routines. With those changes, even our requirement in our bullet journals change.

For example, my outdoor activity is zero. My expenditure is VERY less. And I don’t really need to use my bullet journal daily, since I don’t find it hard to fit in all the things I need to do.

Usually I’d plan to do an assignment over two days but now I do it at once, because time required for travelling and getting ready to go out etc. has been freed up.

I barely used my bullet journal the last couple weeks of March, because my internship was paused and we’re all on lockdown. My internship has started back up now, though. So maybe I’ll use my bullet journal more? We’ll see.

This month’s setup reflects the current lifestyle with lockdown. It’s not very different, but it shows the changes.

The cover page is simple. Since there was a ton of white-space, I doodled a little bit on the borders. I had a little bit of time to spend on it so I doodled ice creams! I’m not really an ice cream fan but the doodles look cute.

The next spread is almost the same as last month’s. I debated on whether I should keep the monthly log because I have no outdoor events to keep up with. My March monthly log is mostly a record what happened instead of a plan of what is going to happen. In the end, I just kept it. It’ll probably only be used for logging events that I may want to look up later.

The right side are my trackers as usual. I swapped my “went out” tracker for a “work out” tracker. During internship I used to walk for about an hour everyday during commute but since I’m at home now, I’m working out. Mainly just to keep my body a little active.

The last page is my blog schedule tracker, which looks the same as usual.

The one missing spread this time is my expense tracker. I don’t go out and my mum does grocery shopping so I barely spend. This is the first time in three years that I’ve not made an expense tracker. I decided that even do spend, it will be very few times, so I’ll just write it down in my March expense tracker spread. It has quite some space since my logging stopped on 16th.

Funnily, I had made a 2-page tracker last month because I spend more now that I’m getting a stipend. If everything was as usual, I would have fully used both pages. But now only one of the pages is filled. The other page is empty.

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What are the significant differences in your life, besides the staying-at-home part? What are the changes in your normal routine like food, sleep, etc?

March 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey everyone!

We’re onto another month and another chance at getting our lives organized.

For the last two months, I focused on compact monthly setups and space efficiency.

Well, it finally bored me and I decided to go with more space this time.

The cover page is VERY simple. I’ve left a ton of space on the page so I can doodle as the month goes on. I haven’t decided on what to doodle, but that’s what the space is for. Who knows, it may look really good by the end.

For the month-at-a-glace, I went with a vertical divider. This is my favourite kind of layout to do because you get to draw arrows and have fun with the space. It also doesn’t restrict you to a single line per day, which is just wasting space if you don’t have many events.

The trackers on the right are the same as usual. This spread works, and I haven’t thought of a new layout just yet that doesn’t involve a lot of time to setup. Hopefully by next month, this would have changed too.

Two pages for expenses again because, like I predicted, I’d needed more space last month. I only used about 5 lines in page two but it definitely showed that one page isn’t enough anymore. Especially since I track every rupee.

And lastly, a simple blog schedule because I’m a blogger and I desperately need one.

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Did you set up a planner for March? How do you organize your schedules?

February 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey everyone!

January went by fast, phew! I used my bullet journal a lot in the first half but once my internship started, I barely used it lol. I’m just managing to track my habits and expenses.

Anyway! Since I’m not used to my new schedule, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted for February. The only thing on my mind was that it needs to be simple, and I should set it up fast.

Hence, I quickly copied the spreads of January, making very few changes. As a result, it took me only 20 minutes to set up for February and I’m very happy with that.

By the way, ignore my chipped nail polish in all the pictures lol. Haven’t felt like redoing nails lately.

February 2020 bullet journal setup page 1

The first page is simple and almost a copy of January’s cover page. I totally freestyled the “February” lettering without planning so the space was tight at the end haha. I’m not even mad about this mistake and others ahead since I got it done fast and it doesn’t look too bad.

February 2020 bullet journal setup pages 2 & 3

The next page contains my habit trackers. It’s almost exactly the same as January’s. The only change is the lettering below saying “mindset is everything”. A classic quote from my Pinterest quotes board haha.

The next page is a simple blog schedule to keep up with blogging and plan out my posts.

February 2020 bullet journal setup pages 4 & 5

The last of my setup is the expense tracker. Until January, I kept only one page for my expense tracker. There have been a few months where I barely managed to fit everything, and January was one of them. As I’ll be receiving my internship stipend from this month, I may be spending more so I made two spreads just in case haha.

And that’s it for my February setup! Simple and fast was the goal this time. Maintaining a colour scheme made setting up easier as well, since I didn’t have to think about what colour to write with for every spread.

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How was January for you? And how do you think February will be?

January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup


I had some time to spend on my Jan 2020 setup, and you can bet that I used all that time to make it look pretty. As a rule, you’re supposed to put more effort to make things pretty if it’s the beginning of a notebook.

January setup page 1

My aesthetic for this spread was inspired by tbhstudying. I tried to imitate her brush lettering style here. And I didn’t want to keep up with many monthly pages so I crammed everything into these two pages. Usually this would be three pages in my journal. This spread has it’s flaws, but I’m okay with those so I left it.

The habit tracker style has not changed because this format works really well for me. I also really like the quote on the right hand side.

spread 2

The only other monthly pages I use are these. Expense trackers are mandatory for me and having a page to plan out blog posts is helpful.

And that ends my January setup! It was short, yeah, but I wanted to have less things to keep up with and track.

I also posted my 2020 yearlong spreads setup, which you can see by clicking here!

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Are you all set up for January? What plans do you have for the month?

Favourite 2019 Bullet Journal Spreads

One of the best parts of using a bullet journal is the flexibility.

You can customize spreads, experiment with any style you can think of, and decorate it however you want. This room for customization allows us to be very creative with our bullet journal spreads.

My 2019 bullet journal is mostly normal spreads with the bare minimum of decoration, since I was busy and focused more on usage than look. But when I did manage to carve out bits of time, I made some really nice spreads that I love flipping back to.

Today I’m sharing my favourite spreads from my 2019 bullet journal, and maybe it’ll inspire you to try something new as well! Feel free to tell me which your favourite spread is in the comments 🙂


quote: "fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself."

This is my most favourite spread. I love this quote and using the scrapbook paper to give a pink backdrop was a really good decision. When I’m flipping through the notebook, this opens up and I always read the quote, which comforts me that it’s the process that matters.


habit and mood trackers

This spread was made when I started to love the colour yellow. For years I’ve hated the colour because it’s too bright and eye-catching, but lately it’s been growing on me a fun and happy colour. The black line offsets the yellow letters well, and the trackers look really good all filled up.


September month at a glance and habit trackers

My September monthly is SO AUTUMNAL. The vibe was perfect for that season, and it’s the only time I went all out with stickers and doodles. It came out super well and I totally forgot to post that month’s setup on the blog, sadly.


monthly log and habit tracker

I tried a new type of monthly setup here. The blue colour scheme, and the lines with mildliners, actually made the spread look quite good.


habit tracker and blog schedule

This is another yellow theme that I did. The style is very similar to the last one, just in a different format. The best part of this is the sticker that says “fearlessly authentic”.


daily to-dos

I’ve seen this style of writing headings many times online and always wanted to try it. This is the only time that it came out really well. I love the look here.


January month calendar and event log

This is my monthly spread from January 2019. While it’s not very great, I love the fairy lights decoration I did on the left. It took very little effort but turned out really nice.

And that’s it, haha. The rest of my bullet journal is a mess because the only focus was on function.

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Out of these, which was your favourite? Tell me in the comments!

2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey everyone!

We’re just days away from the next year and it’s time to get all our plans and planners set up for it. Since my next (and last) final is four days away, I got some time to set up a new notebook as my bullet journal for next year.

My entire 2019 is in ONE notebook/bullet journal and that honestly makes me really happy. December is ending with about 3 pages left in that notebook. I might use the last 3 pages to do a homage for 2019, by adding in polaroids and writing about memories, but that’ll be after my holidays begin.

Now, onto the 2020 setup! I have to say, saying and writing 2020 is SO satisfying. It’s symmetrical and I’ll probably play with many styles this year. We’ll see.

index page

I started the new notebook with an index. Indexes are not very used by me but I do use them sometimes to flip to some important information or notes that are in the book. Its a very simple index, didn’t decorate it at all.

2020 cover page

For this spread, I was inspired by My Life In A Bullet. Her 2020 setup looked so good and I took this decorative idea from her. I actually quite like that my 2020 is not centered and that it has a small doodle on the inside.

Next is my year calendar. Yes, I did write it all by hand and it didn’t take that long so it was fine. I carried over the leaves from the last page here. I only made it a calendar and not a future log because I usually don’t use a future log, but I do flip back to see dates of the year. My week always goes Sunday to Saturday so I didn’t bother writing the days for every month.

goals, challenges spread

This is my favourite spread from this setup. Sometime in the last year I fell in love with the colour yellow in my bullet journal, and I went all yellow here. I’m not a huge resolutions person so this spread just contains what I’d like to do in things that are in my control.

I wrote down the reading challenges I’m doing so that I won’t forget what I’m exactly doing throughout the year. The blogging goals are what I’d love to do this year. I have huge plans for this blog y’all. On the right, I’ve written some personal things that I’d like to improve on in 2020. The lettered quote “grab opportunities ASAP” is my sentence for the year since I’m a hesitant person on taking opportunities and trying new things.

period tracker and birthday list

Next, I’ve done a period tracker. I have irregular periods and it’s necessary to track them, and I don’t like doing it on an app. Until now I marked down the dates on my monthly spreads but it’s hard to see all the dates in one place that way. By doing a year-long tracker, it will be easier to notice patterns and irregularities.

On the right, I just wrote down birthdays I want to remember. Whenever I set up my monthly spreads, I need to see what birthdays are in that month online or ask a friend, so this will be helpful for the next year.

And that’s it for my 2020 setup! All these spreads are what I’ll be referring and using for the entire year. It’s always a good idea to set up yearly spreads in the beginning of a new notebook or a new year.

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Are you excited for 2020? How was 2019 for you?

December ’19 Bullet Journal Setup

It’s the last month of the year… and the decade. It’s also a super busy month for me.

My bullet journalling in November started after half the month passed because of my medical emergency, but I haven’t been totally back to bullet journalling since then. Now that I’ve setup my December bullet journal, I expect to be back to full planning swing!

I have my finals this month, and I’m also doing Blogmas* so I needed my bullet journal to be easy and efficient. I decided to not be elaborate and stick to what has been working for me, and made sure that my monthly spreads are low maintenance.

*A blogging event where we blog every single day from 1st to 25th of December. So make sure to follow me in order to not miss any posts!

The first thing I decided was to go back to a yellow theme. I did a yellow theme a few months back, and the spreads looked bright and fun. I loved opening up my bullet journal. It made me happy, and I really need some of that positivity this month. Hence, yellow is back!

monthly cover page and

I kept to a VERY BASIC first spread. What I love about this spread is that it allows enough space for decoration, in case I feel like it later. I also get to see the monthly calendar view, Sundays to Saturdays, which I always refer. The right side gives ample space for writing down multiple events. Here I’ve done it so that my finals and academic dates go on the left and everything else goes on the right.

I meant to stick a washi tape or doodle on the empty space on the right side, but I left it for another day. Didn’t have time to do much when setting this up.

habit tracker and blog schedule

This habit tracker, while a little unconventional since it runs vertically and looks a weird due to the labelling, actually looks pretty good when it’s all finished up. Plus, it’s super easy maintenance. What I mean by that is, I don’t have to put too much effort in making the spread look nice. I just mark every day and by the end, it looks good on its own.

On the right, I have a much needed blog schedule page. It’s just the dates and days running down, with area to write down blog posts against the dates. I’m using pencil to write everything in case I want to switch up things. I considered making a ideas spread as well, but I already did an impromptu one when considering doing Blogmas, so I left that out.

I really like the way it turned out with the “perfectly authentic” sticker and “blog” letters over it.

Oh and I cranked up the brightness to mostly hide my schedule for the month haha. Keep an eye out on this blog because I’ve planned for some really good content!

expenses page

And as always, I have an expense tracker. I’m super happy with the way the lettering turned out here. It’s a style I should do more often.

And that’s it! I find that I’m so much happier with simple and fewer spreads to manage. This is why I’ve started to only keep the spreads that I really will use or look back at. Gone are the days when I tried elaborate spreads after copying what I see on Instagram or Pinterest. Efficiency is key now.

How is your December going to be? Busy? Full of celebration and fun? Tell me in the comments!


October ’19 bullet journal setup

Hi y’all!

I’m quite excited to show you my setup this month because I put some effort into it and made it look good.

Before setting up, I was going through Instagram for inspiration and found @bulletsandconfetti. She is doing an origami theme this month along with a few other people, but I just took the paper planes idea. I’ve never tried a paper plane theme before so I had fun doing it this time!

This is my cover page, which is quite simple. I really wanted to make some use of my washi tape since I don’t use them much so I put that too.

Next is my monthly log, along with main tasks/goals, and my habit tracker page. I actually REALLY love how this turned out. I love it.

Next, I kept my basic expense tracker and basic blog planning/scheduling page. (You can see that I decided early on to post my bujo setup today!) I doodled a few paper planes and added color to make the spread pop a little.

Lastly, I made a page for the Autumn is for Asia readalong, just like I did last month! To the right is how I started my dailies, with a cute cat sticker and regular lettered heading.

And that’s it for this month!

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Did you decide to try anything new this month? Tell me in the comments!


September ’19 bullet journal setup

Hey everyone!

September marks the beginning of Autumn in many areas of the world. I don’t actually have Autumn because it gets overshadowed by our Rainy season. It just rains every evening and also at random times during the day.

I love the concept of Autumn though. I always see such nice Autumn aesthetics online. So I tried to make this month’s spreads Autumn-y. I just wanted orange and brown.

I’ve always wanted to get real creative with doodles, but never had the time to spend doodling on a spread. I had some this month so I just went for it. I also have a lot of stickers lying around so I added stickers in the free space here. The space was looking very empty before but it looks good now.

You might notice that I didn’t leave much space for monthly events and that’s because I’ve noticed that I barely have things going on during the semester with my classes, so I highly cut down on space. If I do have any important events, I’ll bubble the day and write nearby with an arrow. The notable dates go below the box, like I’ve written one now.

I actually really like how this spread turned out! The habit tracker goes vertically down. For the days that I did a specific thing, I would X the date next to the activity written.

I’m going to be participating in a read-along for three month starting now so I made a whole spread for it. I’ve never really tried to keep a TBR because I’m a huge mood reader. But I wanted to join in on this read-along because it’s centered on Asia and it also has many books which are already in my TBR. This might just give me the motivation to read them sooner.

I used a blog schedule last month after SO LONG and it actually helped! So of course I’m doing it again this month. There was a lot of empty space below on both pages so I just tacked on a few cute stickers that I’ve been dying to use. I did leave some space on the read-along page in case I had comments to write later on in the month.

My last spread is my ever-present one. Tracking my expenses has become a habit now and while I’m not fully using it, I’m glad to do it because I know that it will be handy when I start earning and have taxes etc.

Please excuse the right side page because I wrote a blog post idea there and it’s gotta stay a secret. Shhh!

With that, my bullet journal setup ends for this month! You might have noticed that I didn’t do a mood tracker this time. I just don’t feel like having it and I don’t truly glean any information from it right now. Hence, I decided to scrap it.

Do you like the colours of Autumn, or any other specific season? What do you think of them in my setup?


August ’19 Bullet Journal Setup

I’ve officially been bullet journalling for three years!

I started it in July 2016, but stopped halfway through the month (it was experimental). Then I started in August 2016, and haven’t stopped since. I cannot believe that 3 whole years of my life are cataloged with detail in a few notebooks. Every doctor’s appointment, every expense, and tons of journalling pages show who I was for three years. I bet that if I read through all my journal entries, I’d see how I’ve changed.

Anyway! August is going to be a totally new experience for me because I’m sitting for interviews and applying for jobs for the first time EVER. I’m so nervous.

month's dates and events

I went back to the colour yellow because I just love it in my bujo. I added black outlines to make the letters more defined and it looks so good! Why have I never done this style before?

habit and mood trackers

I tried something new with my trackers as well. I don’t really like it so empty but maybe I’ll like it when it’s filled? We’ll see.

aug bujo spread 3 with expense tracker and blog schedule

I stopped doing blog schedule spread for a while because life just wasn’t letting me plan for my blog. In fact, I am writing this post at 10pm because I set that it has to go up today. I’m already struggling to keep with the schedule. Aargh. I hope I’ll be able to stick to schedule.

placements spread

This is a totally new spread! It’s about my placements and what interviews/tests I have on what days and what priority they are to me. I just needed everything on paper so I could get to action without scrambling with my plans.

I quite like my spreads this month. I always like changing up things. I’ll mostly be posting more of my spreads on my Instagram during the month, so make sure to follow me there to see how things progress!

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Do you bullet journal or maintain a journal? Do you have any plans set for August?

June Bullet Journal Setup

Hey y’all!

We’re officially almost at half of 2019. I cannot wait to be done with June so it’ll mean that I’m almost done with my finals, but I’m also dreading the next academic year.

Anyway! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shown y’all my bullet journal setup. I’ve kept my setup really simple for this month since I only have exams as the main events, and am not planning on concentrating on other things.

First are my monthly front pages. I tried to make “June” a little fancy but it’s just meh. And on the right is my “snapshot” of the month, which I filled out after I took this picture. It’s just so I can see the most important events in one glance.

front pages

And then, I made habit and mood trackers. I’ve kept the style of my habit trackers the same for the last few months, and it still works for me.

I added in a mood tracker after a couple months without it because I had quite a few emotional ups and down last month. I also expect it this month, so I wanted to keep track of it. Sometimes, just knowing that I’m continuously sad and seeing the proof makes me determined to find out the cause and either fix it or deal with it better.

habits and mood trackers

And then, like every month, I have my expense tracker which has not changed in format or style for a long time. It’s arguably the most adult-ish thing I do and also one that I really value.

bujo expenses page

(Excuse the hidden part. It has some things that I can’t share with y’all.)

And that’s it for my setup this month!

Also, I did a bullet journal flip through video for the first time ever. It’s on my Instagram which I’m embedding below so you can watch it!

I’ll be back soon with another post! Have a great week!

Do you have any cool plans for June? Tell me in the comments!


November Bullet Journal Setup

Happy November, everyone! It’s the month of Diwali and I’m STOKED. I get FIVE WHOLE days of break from college and I have big things planned. And by big things I mean finishing my projects for this semester. Much excite.

I didn’t do a bullet journal setup post last month because

  1. I was too busy to blog regularly in the first place and
  2. I didn’t even find time to take pictures of my journal.

Lately, I’ve been finding lesser time for my hobbies and it also affected my bullet journalling. I completely lost track of my habit trackers last month and I opened the journal only once in two or three days.

I also didn’t find time to do a pretty setup for November. So when I had a small amount of time, I decided to do my setup super fast. I gave myself 15 minutes to do a simple and efficient setup for this month. I limited myself to two pens and just started setting up with no planning whatsoever.

Hence, my setup is subpar this time BUT, it’s enough for my use so I’m not worrying.

november main page

You can see the lack of planning by the last few dates crammed on the right lol. I took the photo before adding all the event so it doesn’t look very cramped.


Since I don’t have time to keep up with habit trackers, I made only a mood tracker this time. This was also really simple. I just kept making circles. It took less than 5 minutes.


The most important spread for me is my expense trackers. I update it very diligently and evaluate at the end of every month.

And that’s it! I’m not happy with my setup this month but I know that throughout the month I won’t be looking at the presentation of it all. In the end, the bullet journal is for my use and not to look pretty.

I will try to take out time and make a better spread next month, though.

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How was October for you? Do you have any big plans for November? Let me know in the comments!