Pages of November || A Variety of Books

November was a busy month. Don’t ask me what I was busy with because I genuinely cannot remember but it was BUSY. Because of that, I didn’t read too much until the middle of the month. Once I did start reading regularly, I read quite a bit. I finished 12 books in November. The part I’m … Read more

10 Interesting Reading Challenge Ideas for 2023

At the start of the new year, we get a chance to start over and try new things. It’s good to have goals for life and career but it is also great to have goals for hobbies. You can keep it low-key and still finish a yearly goal that will give you satisfaction, or you … Read more

Pages of October || A Chapter a Day Adds Up

October was a great reading month for me, and I don’t mean in numbers. I picked up some great books in the month which is why I’m doing a wrap-up of books this time instead of a wrap-up with sections on other things too. Going into October, I had only one goal—to read at least one … Read more

How to Develop a Reading Habit || 19 Ways to Read More Books

Congrats, you’re already one step there by reading this post. The main requirement to do something is wanting to do it. It will push you to work on it and find ways to do it. To develop a reading habit, you must want to create one first. Reading is like anything else. If you want to do more of … Read more

How to Annotate Books When You’re Reading For Fun

I absolutely love to annotate books. The habit started with highlighting and taking notes in e-books. I was not ready to actually write in physical books. But after a while, I simply could not hold myself back. I HAD to highlight and comment on things, so I picked up a pencil and began annotating Children of … Read more