November Highlights || great books + blog maintenance

november highlights

November is over! It's hard to believe that we're already at the last month of the year. Even though the days felt slow, the weeks are going by so fast. I think I'm especially feeling it because I work every day and have this blog to run, and hence a lot of my time is… Continue reading November Highlights || great books + blog maintenance

Bookending Winter, Motivation Slump, Hiatus? // The Chatty Habitat

the chatty habitat

It's been over two months since my last chatty post and I missed doing this. I keep wanting to but I push it off because there isn't anything interesting to talk about and there are better blog posts to share. I'm forcing myself to sit down and write this post today. Beware: this post is… Continue reading Bookending Winter, Motivation Slump, Hiatus? // The Chatty Habitat

Sum It Up || quickly reviewing some great books

sum it up mini book reviews with sumedha

My reading streak has been really great recently. I don't know if it is because I'm finally getting to my "high expectations" TBR, or if it is because I just stopped making myself sit through I don't like. It's probably both, to be honest. I'm super excited to talk to y'all about them, so let's… Continue reading Sum It Up || quickly reviewing some great books

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to the WordPress Block Editor (+ Tips To Use It)

5 reasons why you should switch to wordpress block editor and tips to use it

Using the WordPress block editor has elevated the way I write my blog posts. I switched to the block editor back when it was first introduced and never went back. It did have a ton of bugs and options missing but it was still an improvement from the classic editor, for me. It has come… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to the WordPress Block Editor (+ Tips To Use It)

Sum It Up || Where I Try To Catch Up On Book Reviews

sum it up mini book reviews with sumedha

Ever since I stopped doing weekly reading updates, my reviewing frequency has reduced drastically. I know that I don't have to review all the books I read, but I want to share my thoughts on most of them. Individual reviews for books are hard to do because I need to have enough to share about… Continue reading Sum It Up || Where I Try To Catch Up On Book Reviews

Blogging As An Art, Privacy & More || Blogletters Interview With Lydia

Blogletters Lydia lydiaschoch

Lydia Schoch is a speculative fiction author and blogger who is working on her third book and lives in Toronto with her spouse. When she’s not doing bookish things, she lifts weights and dances in order to remain physically prepared for any zombie apocalypses that 2020 might still have in store for us.

#BlogRechargeChat is back! // ft. all the details

blog recharge chat ft. all the details

Back in 2016, Charley & I hosted #BlogRechargeChat on Twitter once and because we got feedback to do it regularly, we started hosting it every month. We took a break after March 2017 and never got back. Until now. It's been almost three years since the last Blog Recharge Chat and the blogging community on… Continue reading #BlogRechargeChat is back! // ft. all the details

I Juggled 7 Readathons (and barely passed) // November Reading Challenges Update

reading challenges updates and goals @ the wordy habitat book blog

Reading is a hobby but I am on a warpath to make it more challenging than it has to be. 2019 Sumedha was avoiding reading challenges and readathons because she was a mood reader and could never read books for the prompts. 2020 Sumedha decided to make readathons bend to her books instead. Did it… Continue reading I Juggled 7 Readathons (and barely passed) // November Reading Challenges Update

Being a Teen Blogger, Making Friends & More || Blogletters Interview with Jayati

Blogletters Jayati

Hello! I’m Jayati, a student, book blogger, writer and coffee lover. If you’re looking for someone who’s procrastinating on everything and despite being a part of the young generation that’s supposed to be tech savvy, is unable to figure any of it out, you’re at the right place! You can see me struggling over at my blog and also on social media, where I attempt to talk about books I love.

October Highlights || blog purge + I’m on YouTube!

october highlights

October was a month of changes and new beginnings. This was the first full month I had after officially graduating and navigating my newfound free time was.. interesting. Looking back, it feels like I haven't done much but I also know that I've done a little bit of many things. In Real Life I started… Continue reading October Highlights || blog purge + I’m on YouTube!