About me

On the internet

Hello! I’m Sumedha, a 21 year old blogger. This blog, and it’s linked social media accounts, consists of everything I am interested in. Main topics include books, bullet journalling, Kdramas, and music.

This blog is also a form of a journal, though. There are many life updates sprinkled in the middle so you can catch up with me anytime.

My personality on the internet is one of enthusiasm and optimism. I like to maintain a bright outlook, talk about happy and cheery things, and frequently shout about what book or show I’m loving currently. I am made of the things that I am passionate about.

In real life

I’m doing my last semester in Computer Science Engineering at college in India. I sleep late, wake up late, and usually don’t procrastinate.

Being a productivity-oriented person, my days are measured in what I get done. Being productive and checking off a bunch of tasks everyday makes my days count, because otherwise I feel useless.

My real life persona is made of quietness and strength. I’m an introvert and don’t talk all the time. But when I do speak, it’s with conviction and sureness. I’m also known to be rude because I don’t care for politeness and smiles. I’m decisive and a realist.

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