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Blog Aesthetics, Monetization & More || Blogletters Interview with Cielo

Welcome to the last Blogletters interview (for now)!

This is my 26th interview! I’ve interviewed so many bloggers and spoken about several topics. To end this batch of interviews, I’m talking Cielo who’s blog I absolutely LOVE. So let’s get to it!

Cielo from Bellerose Reads

Cielo is a 20-year-old book blogger and aspiring writer from Latin America. Her blog includes everything from book reviews, blogging tips and bookish discussions (always with a spice of Latinx content!). When she isn’t reading or trying to recover from her everlasting writer’s block, she can be found binge-watching Friends or listening to Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber on loop.

Blog | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Instagram

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Hi Cielo! What inspired you to start a blog?

I’ve been reading book blogs since I was fourteen (six years ago), and I always liked how people showed and shared their love of books with the rest of the world in an unique and very personal way. During that time and until some time ago, I was entirely focused on my writing and translation hobbies and I didn’t have book blogging in mind. But as I started reading more and more on 2018-2019, I knew I had to be closer to the bookish community, and here we are!

Your blog has a cohesive aesthetic throughout. Do you think every blogger should consider blog aesthetics, and do you have any tips for that?

It makes me *so* happy to know that people like the way my blog looks. I’ve been told that a few times now and I feel so honored every time, maybe because of all the headaches I got on the process of making it possible, haha. I don’t think that having a good aesthetic should be a mandatory priority for every blogger (at the end it’s all about having fun!), but if you want your blog to be more appealing to the readers, you should aim for an aesthetically-pleasing blog that stays true to your taste and personality. I just have two universal tips: do your research on Pinterest, as it’s the best site to find good color palettes and fonts, and don’t try to make it perfect, just focus on being content with the final result.

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How would you describe your blogger identity?

My blogger identity is WAY more sociable than my real-life self. I’m too shy and I have issues at making friends, but it isn’t like that on the blogging world. I think I would describe my blogger identity as supportive, bright and spontaneous. All things considered I think that’s pretty much how I am in real life too.

Besides writing, what do you think the most important aspect of blogging is?

Consistency. I know it’s hard to keep up with blogging sometimes (I’m currently trying to juggle all my responsibilities and it gets hard to post something on schedule all the time), but you should aim to have a blogging schedule so you’re always around and readers and fellow bloggers don’t forget about you. I personally don’t like reading a blog that’s updated once a year, then twice a week, then once a year again. Besides this, I believe graphics and blogging aesthetic are really important too!

What are your favourite and least favourite aspects of blogging?

My favorite aspect of blogging is meeting amazing people on the internet! This is the loveliest community I’ve had the chance to be a part of, and I’m forever grateful for all the amazing people I’ve met. Another thing I really love about blogging is to inspire people to pick up a certain book, there is nothing better than someone telling me they read a book because of my recommendation!

My least favorite thing about blogging is handling all the technical aspects that happened behind the scenes. I actually spent almost two months making my blog before I launched it, and I got headaches because of that almost everyday. I just exhausting.

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Do you think it is harder for book bloggers to monetize their blogs compared to other niches?

Definitely, yes. I made a post on that which you can read here. I don’t have experience blogging outside of the book niche, but when you do your research and see many more sponsored posts from lifestyle, fashion, and other niches in comparison to the scarce amount of sponsored posts from book bloggers… well; that speaks for itself. I have recently started trying to reach out authors for sponsored posts and promos (you can read my first sponsored post ever here), and it has proved to be a very difficult task, since many authors aren’t willing to spend on that.

At what point did you actually start calling yourself a blogger?

Probably from the moment I launched my blog, haha. This was mostly on my social media bios, as I’ve always wanted people to easily know what I do, and so when I launched Bellerose Reads I instantly added “book blogger” to my Twitter bio. I don’t think experience played a factor for me to take this decision, and I didn’t overthink it before starting calling myself that! Of course, there are many people (who I deeply admire) who are way more experienced than me at this, but that doesn’t make me less of a blogger than them, the same way that people who are just starting aren’t less of a blogger than me.

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Which platform are you most active on, and why is that?

Definitely Twitter. College and work has made me a little inactive on here lately but regardless of that, it’s the app I use the most. This is the app I want to give the most importance to because it’s where word travels faster -and therefore, what you have to say is prone to have a bigger impact.

Do you have any advice for new book bloggers?

My first advice would be to take things slow. You don’t have to launch your blog the same day, week or month you decide you want to have one. Take your time to figure things out and try to not get too stressed about it. I would also suggest new book bloggers to not be afraid to ask experienced ones any questions they may have! As I said before this is such a kind and welcoming community and most people are going to be happy to answer your questions.

Which bloggers inspire you?

My top favorite book bloggers are Mieke from Mouse That Reads,May from Forever and Everly, Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books, Rose from White Rose Stories and Fadwa from Word Wonders. All these amazing people are wonderful at what they do, their blogging voices are amazing and their blogs are simply beautiful. I also love how they boost diverse authors & books on their platforms, which is so very needed on this community and beyond it!

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Thanks for doing this interview, Cielo!

Cielo’s blog aesthetic is just the first hook. Her content is really good as well and is honestly a blog that I feel comfortable going into because of her writing voice. So do look at her blog!

Cielo’s links: Blog | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Instagram

If you’d like to check out all the bloggers I’ve interviewed so far (there are MANY amazing bloggers talking about so many things), check out the master list here!

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Talk to us!

What are your thoughts on blog monetization in book blogs? Do you think it’s harder for book blogs compared to other blogs?

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