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Book blogging, asking questions & More with LaRonda || Blogletters Interview

We’re meeting another blogger today!

Today, I’m interviewing LaRonda from Flying Paperbacks and we’re talking about a ton of things. Let’s get to it!

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Hey, hi, hello– I’m LaRonda, a queer book blogger over at Flying Paperbacks who procrastinates a little too much. When I’m not rambling about books, my coffee *ahem* appreciation and my lack of a sleep schedule, I am… actually asleep. Or playing Animal Crossing, but mostly sleep.

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Hi LaRonda! What inspired you to start a blog?

I remember I had just turned seventeen, had just started homeschooling and had been lurking around Booktube/Book Twitter for a while, yearning to have a place where I could get my thoughts out about the books I had been reading. So, spontaneously I made the site and let it sit empty for a week before I wrote my first (not-so-great) review. I can’t say I had a vision, I just wanted a tiny space on the internet.

At what point did you actually start calling yourself a blogger?

Creating my blog felt like me putting one foot through the door. As soon as I posted my first post, there was the feeling of I’m a blogger now…. Kind of. I went from telling people “I run a blog” to full on “I’m a book reviewer” at around the 200-follower mark. At that point it felt like people were listening to whatever I was throwing out there at the time and solidified everything.

Has this platform and community given you anything?

It gave me a lot. Despite me being still a bit shy when it comes to interacting with others, I will say the community did give me comfort, even when I was on the outside looking in. There’s also the advice when it came to running my blog, to “upgrading” the quality of my reviews, etc. There’s so much I’m appreciative for and not enough words in my brain to express it.

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How would you describe your “blogger identity”? Is it different compared to who you are in real life?

Ha, I am 100% myself, or at least I try to be. I won’t lie, I am a bit more… toned down? On my blog than I am in real life. I do have a potty mouth and my humor is a bit on the… darker side and I know that’s not everyone’s thing. However, I am confident that when you come to my blog, you are seeing a huge part of me, even if I’m holding back just a tad.

What are your favourite and least favourite aspects of blogging?

Oh this was a harder one… I’d say my favorite part of blogging would be just having something that’s mine? You’ll never know how often I go and look at all of my older post. I cringe, I laugh– it’s like a little time capsule, seeing how both my reading taste and I as a person have changed. 

My least favorite thing would be social media. I make it known on my blog that I have extreme anxiety when it comes to Twitter and interacting with others (hence why if you look at my Twitter, I am a retweet queen). It’s something I’m sloooowly getting over, but it is a thing nonetheless.

You’ve been blogging for over three years now. Has your idea about blogging changed in any way?

It definitely has and hasn’t. I can’t say I had or have any dreams or goals for Flying Paperbacks. At its core it will always be my little pet project where I talk a little too much. Yet, starting out was very much a head empty just do it sort of moment, reviews were just a word explosion on the page, no structure or points being made, spamming content because that’s what you’re supposed to do right?

Nowadays, I like putting more care in my post and what I say. Quality over quantity has been a major saying for me, especially this year.

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What do you think being a book blogger means? Is your answer the same as what the public image of book bloggers is?

I mean, what does every book blogger have in common? BOOKS. We talk about them, we gush and we get emotional and excited and just overall BOOKS. Numbers, ARC’s and following don’t matter, as long as you’re loving books and letting everyone know is enough to be a book blogger in my eyes.

How important is a blog aesthetic, according to you?

It took a LONG TIME for me to find my blogging theme? I actually have each and every themed post banner and theme on my computer in a file because I just love to cringe at myself… but it means a lot to me. It’s another window to who you are as well as a brand in a way. Now, having a consistent theme is… a bit of work (the amount of time spent making sure everything color coordinates is…. yikes), but for me, it’s worth it. When you see brown and coffee and yellow flowers, I hope my blog is something that pops in your mind.

Do you have any advice for new book bloggers?

I feel like this is a usual one, but ask questions. Me first starting out, I know I didn’t– I felt like I was bothering people and ended up taking the long route of figuring things out myself. It wasn’t until later that I realized not only was there a ton of people out there willing to help, but also there are no dumb questions. At all.

Which bloggers inspire you?

Oh nooo I have too many to name….. (I’ll keep it short I promise)

Beginner me definitely looked at Eater of Books — their Swoon Thursday post was something I binge read on school nights when I should have been doing homework… as well as Dear Author— I love the formatting of they’re reviews (and they also reviewed my all time favorite series.

But, as I became a seasoned little blogger:

Melanie @ MeltotheAny has always been supportive and friendly. She’s just so genuine and such cheerleader– she definitely motivates me to be better at blogging.

Fanna @ Fanna for Books blog has always and will always be GOALS. The aesthetic? The recommendations? I aim to be that amazing.

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Thanks for doing this interview, LaRonda!

Do check out her blog at the following link because this interview doesn’t do her and her work justice!

LaRonda’s links: Blog | Twitter | Instagram

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  1. This was such a lovely interview.

    And I completely agree with you that there’s no such thing as a dumb question. There are so many people in the blogging community who are happy to help if you just ask. 🙂

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