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Book Blogging, Expressing Oneself & More || Blogletters Interview with Nora

Hey everyone!

Today on Blogletters, I’m interviewing Nora who is a fairly new blogger talking about book blogging and more. Let’s get to it!

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Nora from Rating my Reads

I’m Nora, a non-binary individual who likes writing about the books I’ve read. Reading and writing are passions of mine, and I want to be able to share my thoughts on the books I read, and more.

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Hi Nora! When did you start blogging and what pushed you to it?

I started blogging years ago under a different name, I would just talk about my daily life and put it out there, kind of like Jenna in Awkward. the TV show. But for RatingMyReads, I started in June of 2020, with the sole intention of writing book reviews. I wanted to expand my world into books and I did that. Its an outlet for me to keep my thoughts on each book I read in one place, which I find really satisfying.

What is “blogging” to you? Is it writing blog posts or interacting with bloggers or ..?

At the beginning of starting my blog, I believed it was just writing blog posts. But now I’ve been doing it for a while, I’ve realised its posting on social media about each post, trying to get engagement, interacting with other bloggers who enjoy my work and interacting with bloggers I enjoy too. And of course there’s the actual individual blog post, which so much thought and effort goes into each one, whether its spoiler-free where you have to talk about how you feel without saying much regarding the book, or spoiler-filled in which you can rant as much as you want about it! They all add up to blogging for me.

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Compared to most bloggers, you’re kind of new to the community. What do you blog about and do you think your content will change soon?

Like I’ve said, I’ve been blogging about books. I’ve even created my own folklore-inspired book tag. I think I might expand onto mental health, as its something that has always interested me, but I will forever keep my blog mostly about book reviews and things to do with books. It’s what I’ve been wanting for so long and now I finally have that, and I’m enjoying it, too.

What are your favourite and least favourite aspects of blogging?

Oh god, my least favourite would be the interface some websites have when writing, and they change it often so it’s like, you have to get used to something new all over again.

I also mildly dislike writing reviews, because sometimes it brings me back to reading the worst book of the year or my life and I just have to deal with it to write a review! 

But I also love writing reviews for that same reason: it brings me back to good books and let’s me relive them- especially if I have to look through the book to find a quote, I just get lost in it again.

I really enjoy sharing my blog posts to the world via social media, because people tend to show that they’ve read it on social media rather than my blog, which is completely fine, because I feel like reading it and engaging is still reading and engaging.

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Which platform are you most active on, and why is that?

I think I’m most active on discord, actually. It has different servers for different things (alas, most of mine are about books and writing), and there’s huge communities on there willing to look at your work and enjoy it and talk to you about it. Other than discord I think twitter. I think twitter can be hit or miss. There’s a lot going on in the world and it can be overwhelming at times, which is why I use discord more – it has my bookclub on it and it means the people who engage the most with my stuff are there too.

What is your “blogger identity”? Is it the same as who you are in real life?

Sort of. The Nora you see on my blog (and youtube) is a lot more outgoing than in real life, I can make friends easier online than I can in real life- but I’ve always been that way since I started going on the computer to play things like Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel. Those are throwbacks.

What aspect of blogging really excites you?

I really like talking to people about my the books I’ve read/reviewed. Its a lot of fun comparing experiences with the book and laughing together about the similarities and differences you experience. That’s one of the reasons I love this community- everyone is so nice and we don’t argue about opinions of books.

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Do you think blogging is also a form of support system for people around the world?

Oh 100%. Like I previously said, I used to use my old blog to write about my daily life. It was a place for me to be expressive, and it really helped to have that. Now, I can blog and people talk to me about my posts and I talk to people about their posts, and sometimes they can be so informative about mental health or just about books, but we talk and we can show our feelings truly, and I think that’s wonderful.

You have a degree in creative writing. Do you think that will help your blogging in any way?

Not really, if I’m honest. Yeah it may help with some wording, but my creative writing degree was definitely more based on writing stories about my life or fictional stories, or writing essays based on these things, which I hated. Blogging is more about being able to express myself in the way I want to, rather than the way someone else wants me to. So, I did my degree, I enjoyed it, I wrote stories that I love, but reviewing books mean I sometimes get to talk about the thing I love the most in the world, I didn’t have that with creative writing. It’s a draining degree and took a lot of creativity out of me. So I’m kind of glad it doesn’t help, because then I would be creatively drained.

Name some bloggers who inspire you!

Books Nest is probably my favourite blogger. She talks about mental health a lot amongst book reviews and general bookish content! She keeps her reviews spoiler free which is great because it means you can read it before you read a book to understand what its like!

Vee Reading Is a friend of mine who provides wonderful bookish content. I have done a few buddy reads with Vee and hope to do more with them in the future!

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Thanks for doing this interview, Nora!

Do check out Nora’s blog Rating My Reads for her opinions on books and more!

Nora’s links: Blog | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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What does blogging mean to you? Is it just writing a post or is it everything that comes with the process of writing posts? Tell us in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Book Blogging, Expressing Oneself & More || Blogletters Interview with Nora”

  1. Hello! I started the blog to help build a community around my novel Tripio, and all future novels to be direct published. However, I have come to see the blog a creative entity of it’s own, and I really love it. I recall being apprehensive about even starting one until I read that a blog was defined as a “web log”. After reading that, I decided that I can do this! I’m glad I did. Thanks!

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