Starting Over, Creating an Identity & More with Ursa || Blogletters Interview

Blogletters Ursa

Ursa Reads is owned and managed by a bookish girl currently studying cultural mediation and especially literary mediation. In her free time, usually with a cup of coffee in her paws, she likes to create all sorts of things — bullet journal pages, polymer clay charms, and even fictional worlds. But what she likes the most is to escape in some books and share her thoughts with her friends and followers.

Podcasting, Networking with Books & More || Blogletters Interview with Travis

Blogletters Travis

Travis Tippens runs The Fantasy Inn podcast and has interviewed authors, editors, and various other professionals in the speculative fiction industry. He’s also a moderator of the /r/Fantasy subreddit on, an online community of more than a million fantasy fans and writers. When not reading far more than is probably healthy, he attempts to write fantasy books of his own.