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Winter Playlist || BEWinter 20

Having playlists for seasons and specific moods makes me really happy. It’s like having the perfect soundtrack for my days.

Although we don’t have autumn in India, I found a really good autumn playlist (through Clo) which went well with the monsoon season as well. And now, it’s time to make a playlist for winter.

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my winter playlist aesthetic

Winter is my favourite season. We don’t have snow here but it’s still a great time. I love wearing cute socks and winter lets me bring them out and admire them. The temperature means I need to keep moving in order to stay awake, and hence I’m the most productive during winters. I get to bring out my favourite clothing items which are warm layers such as hoodies, sweaters and beanies.

I love winter so much that I even wrote an entire post listing the reasons why.

My winter playlist is soft and comforting. Soothing tones and melodies. Slow duets are heavenly. I also love listening to music that I can easily sing to. Winter is also when I spend the most time daydreaming and reflecting on my year. The songs would be playing in the background as a non-intrusive companion.

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my winter playlist

As I want a comforting playlist, I made sure to include songs that are uplifting. Slow sings are generally sad so it was hard to pick songs that weren’t negative.

I actually have another playlist with slow songs but it doesn’t take tone and emotion into consideration. It’s just a collection of slow songs. The winter playlist is uplifting slow songs.

All my playlists have songs from multiple languages. Switching between languages is normal for me and I actually become bored if I listen to only one language for too long. While I listen to songs from many languages, my winter playlist includes only four of them because they’re the languages that I’m most familiar with and hence are the most comforting. This playlist includes songs in English, Hindi, Tamizh, and Korean.

Of course I had to include songs from folklore. That album is great for winter but it mostly has sadder tones so I couldn’t include much. mirrorball is the only one that was fully uplifting and comforting.

(P. S. this post was written before evermore released. I still haven’t listened to the album because it came after my work day started *sob*)

My favourite song from this playlist is Golden Love which is so nice to listen to. It is like a warm hug on cold days.

I will definitely be listening to this playlist multiple times during the season. As I write this, the playlist has 12 songs but you can bet that I’ll be slowly adding more songs as I remember/discover them.

And now I’m off to get myself tea and daydream with this playlist in the background!

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Bookending Winter logo

This post is part of the prompts for Bookending Winter 2020 prompts hosted by Clo @ Cuppa Clo and Sam @ Fictionally Sam. And I’m today’s host!

Prompt summary: Time to get your aesthetic vibe on! Share your playlist which you like to listen to nowadays while reading, having a drink, or daydreaming in the cozy weather.

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What songs would be in your winter playlist? Do we have any in common?

If you do a post based on this prompt/my post, do pingback or let me know so I check out your winter playlists 🙂

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