november highlights

November Highlights || great books + blog maintenance

November is over!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the last month of the year. Even though the days felt slow, the weeks are going by so fast. I think I’m especially feeling it because I work every day and have this blog to run, and hence a lot of my time is used up.

I actually don’t have many highlights to share for November. I considered not doing a wrap-up this month but I don’t want to subtly decide that I’ll only talk about good things on this blog. Even not-so-great months deserve to be shared, at least so that my standard doesn’t become overworking myself just to share something in highlights.

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In Real Life

I had one goal which I kept up with and was not able to do anything else in November. I journalled every day in the month. It has brought back my love for journalling. While I don’t think I will continue to do it every day, simply because I don’t have enough to write down, I think I will journal some days.

November takes us the largest portion in my 2020 bullet journal compared to any other month because of my journalling. It makes me happy to flip back on those pages.

I was also in a creative slump last month which I talked more about in my life update. I’m not going to make it a goal to get out of the slump but rather I’ll just relax and let my creativity come back.

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Reading Highlights

I totally read 15 books which is a little lesser than last month but the length of books were longer so it kinda makes up the difference.

November was a GREAT reading month for me because of the quality of books that I read. Out of the 15 books, I LOVED 8 books. Those books either had depth or were really fun to read. I’ll be posting reviews for all of them soon.

Best books of the month were The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai and In Search of Heer by Manjul Bajaj.

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Blogging Highlights

I deleted unnecessary posts from 2017. I was already on a roll with deleting posts so I got this done pretty early into the month. As I went through 2017, the number of posts that I deleted were reducing. It really shows how my my content improved and developed.

I deleted some old media which went along with the posts that I deleted. I didn’t get much of this done because deleting media and cross-referencing that they’re not used in any posts is hard. I’ll continue to work on this slowly.

I also finally looked at my broken links and there are SO MANY. 5 years of posts makes for a TON of broken links. I started fixing them and got through a few, but it feels like I barely made a dent. Have to look into this again this month and slowly chip at it.

The longer you blog, the more blog maintenance you have to do. Especially if you look at broken links.

And now, the biggest highlight of the month for me: Rastilin included me in his Bloggers in the Spotlight, Volume 9 with some really kind words that MADE MY MONTH. I look up to Rastilin as a blogger especially because of his blogging style and getting praised by him is huge.

Top posts (that went up in November):

*Click on the images to be taken to the posts.

5 reasons why you should switch to wordpress block editor and tips to use it

This was my “helpful” post of November, and I worked on it SO HARD. It took me about 2 weeks because I had to do it in several stages. People mentioned that it is really helpful. I’m glad that it is my best post of November.

blog recharge chat ft. all the details

Charley and I hosted #BlogRechargeChat in November over on Twitter and it went well enough. Considering the amount of traffic and comments my announcement post got, I expected more people to join in on the chat. But, oh well. We had fun with those who did join. We’re planning on keeping the next one in January so look out for that!

sum it up mini book reviews with sumedha

I am sorely lagging behind on book reviews. Sum It Up is my way of trying to catch on the reviews. I actually posted two posts with 4 mini reviews each (this and this) but one did really well and other did badly. I don’t understand lol.

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Blogosphere Highlights

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November Goals Wrap-up

  • Read 2 paperbacks ❌ I read one and started another.
  • Finish purging old blog posts until 2017 ✅
  • Cross off 2 prompts on the 2020 Popsugar Reading Challenge ✅
  • Read at least 4 ARCs!!! ❌✅ I tried.. and DNFed three because they weren’t good. It can be a partial check mark because I did pick up 4 ARCs?
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December Goals

My goals are going to be light because I’m still in a motivation slump.

  • Finish the last 2020 Popsugar Reading Challenge prompt. I’m almost there!
  • Delete/fix some broken links on the blog.
  • Work on Bookending Winter posts. I am definitely going to do this but I’m including it so I can check it off later lol.
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Here’s to a probably slow December (for me)!

How was your November? Do you have any plans for December?

33 thoughts on “November Highlights || great books + blog maintenance”

  1. The amount of blog maintance I have to do but have uhm just ignored now because I fell of the tracks with it, is a lot. I’ll probably get back on it at some point next year, maybe xD I’m in denial that it’s the last month of 2020 already, although the last month means Bookending Winter AND end of year themed posts, which I do enjoy writing haha. Sending you all the love and good vibes for the next month ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I loved reading all your posts in November! They were all is awesome 👏
    If you don’t mind me asking, what does purging old content means?
    Congratulations on being feature in the blogger spotlight thing 😊🥳
    The blogger recharge chat was freaking awesome and I love participating in it

    Have a great day and happy reading 💕

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Bro? How? Do? You? Do? It? I’m shook. November was pretty good for me even tho I was on auto pilot for most part of it! 😂 I read 8 books, including 1 dnf more than halfway thru 🙊. December plans are to create and read some greaaat books and buy a domain hopefully before this year ends! 😬 Today was very productive so I’m hoping to continue this streak. And oooh! I just up a few pages of Notion! It’s slow work but in hoping to get there by end of this week! 🥰

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thankyou so much Sumedha for the mention. I loved your comment you left me on that article. Glad it could help you out. Im very glad I wrote about that !! I look forward to seeing more from your blog. !!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. November was freakin great but December is a bit .. teensy but slow .. I like how you sum all of your work up 💜 I like reading about productive work .. I wanna get that motivation in me but it’s like oil and water 😂

    Liked by 2 people

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