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BookTube, Social Media & More with Laura || Blogletters Interview

Hey everyone!

Thanks for staying with me through all the Blogletters interviews so far. It’s been really nice to interview other bloggers and ask questions which I always had about other experiences, and I hope you feel the same as well.

Anyway, onto today’s interview!

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My name is Laura. I would say I am reader, teacher and Hufflepuff. I also have been a blogger in both blog, booktube and instagram for the past five years. I also love to read just about anything but especially YA and Middle Grade.

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Hi Laura! What inspired you to start blogging? Did you have any expectations or ideas of how blogging would be?

I first started my blog as a side hustle to my YouTube channel. But I grew to love it. I liked sharing my thoughts about books. I also found that blogging gave me more chances to feature authors that I loved in more ways. I really liked coming up with new series on my blog and creating content. I love expanding what I talk about but also creating fun series. I thought it would be harder than it turned out to be. But I learned to set goals for myself.

You’ve been blogging for about 4 years now. Has blogging changed anything about your identity as a person online or offline?

I think now I will call myself one. When I first started I was so bad at self promotion and still am to be honest. But now I like talking about reading with others. I also think overall all my content has gotten better. I also, throughout the four years, felt more confident to add other platforms to accent my blog. I think I have also expanded stuff I talk about like fandoms and just in general. I have grown a lot. I have also learned to not care about the numbers, they are fun but again I love doing this for me and if people like reading it then awesome. One thing that has changes as the years go on I have gotten more honest in my reviews and that is a good thing.

What are the most and least exciting parts of being a book blogger?

For me I love having the chance to read books a tad earlier than other people. Also I simply love being able to go to the various bookish conventions I have been lucky to attend. I really loved interacting with other bloggers and just other industry people. 

The one thing I sometimes feel bogged down by is the amount of posts you feel like you need to make. I make it a goal to make one post a day. It can be overwhelming but I try to keep it simple weekly. I think also recently all the talk about ‘blogs” don’t matter, was kind of hurtful. It is hard to hear stuff like that, when you work hard on something. Sometimes I think people don’t understand how hard it is to do be a blogger and the amount of time it takes. So that is one downside. 

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You’re also a BookTuber. What are your thoughts on blogs vs YouTube?

I find booktube to be all about views and it is super hard to break into it. I have been doing it for some long and still have such a small audience. But I do booktube for my document but I have gotten some more attention. But it’s harder to get views. You have to manage your goal. I have definitely expanded my types of videos on my channel throughout the years. I have also taken up vlogging every week and it serves as weekly journal for me but also a fun reading vlog. I also love creating recommendation videos as well. To me this is the platform that I feel like I have the most creative freedom and I love that.

How would you describe you “blogger identity”? Is it different compared to who you are in real life?

I think I try my hardest to be as “real” as I can be. I think throughout my time, I have expanded what I talk about and I like that. I like that my identity has changed.  But I try to be as honest with my followers as I can.  I try to find a balance between being honest with my followers but also supporting all the authors I read and not be negative. It is  fine line and not always easy, but I have gotten better at this recently.

Do you think it’s important for book bloggers to have social media profiles?

I do. I think the more platforms you use the easier it is to gain followers. I also think each platform lets you reach out to people in a new way. Instagram is my newest venture. It takes time for them all but I think they let you expand your base in various ways. I also think each platform can be used in different ways to reach different types of people and also for you to create different types of content. I really love the three that I focus on and think it is important to give them all the time that is needed so you don’t produce not great content. But overall you should  be having fun and not stressing out. I have grown to appreciate all my platforms for different ways.

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If you could go back and tell one thing about blogging to yourself from 4 years ago, what would it be?

I think that for me I would pick a more bookish themed name and keep it for all my platforms. I also think I would try and plan a schedule and stick to it because it took me so long to get one. I also think to care less about the views and do it for yourself. It is not easy, but will make the process more fun.

If you didn’t blog about books, what would your niche be? Do you ever want to change?

If anything I may in the future add movie and t.v show reviews and thoughts but books would also be the focus. I also maybe would have added more sections to my blog like reviews and lifestyle.

Do you have any advice for new book bloggers?

  1. Don’t stress views
  2. Don’t say yes to all. It is okay to say no to something.
  3. Don’t be afraid to change things that are not working 
  4. Have fun and don’t stress

Lastly, who are your inspirations in the blogging community?

I have quite a few.

  • Bookish Realm.
  • I love SuperSpaceChick so much. She has so much fun diverse content and I loved following her New York adventures.
  • I also love Alexa Loves Books. I really loved seeing about all the things they read and again expand what I want to read.
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Thanks for doing this interview, Laura!

Laura’s links: Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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  1. Oooh! Laura sounds like a sweetheart. It is great that she grew as a book blogger expanded her identity in the blogging world. I agree about having online profiles – they help with getting the name out there! Thanks for sharing about Laura!

    Nancy ✨

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