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Sum It Up || with 5 Romance ARCs

Happy weekend!

I used to do reading updates with mini reviews on every book I read until last month but since I decided to tone down the blogging, that has stopped. But doing that got me into writing something for every book even if I didn’t have enough to write a whole review. And I want to continue that.

Hence, welcome this new series! I’m basically going to use this to review multiple books together and you get more out of every post as well. Credits to Nikhat for helping me come up with “Sum It Up” ❤

Let’s get to the boooks which I got through Netgalley.

Note: click on the book covers to go to their Goodreads pages.

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Brazen in Blue by Rachael Miles

brazen in blue

This was my first historical romance after a long time. I used to love the genre years back but lately, it hasn’t been my thing. But this book sounded promising and hence I requested it.

First of all, I really liked the main character. Her personality, her struggles, and her growth were really nice. I liked reading about her. It was also nice to see a disabled main character in a historical romance.

I didn’t like the romance, though. It didn’t have the chemistry for me. While it started alright, the issues got repetitive and annoying pretty quick. I also stopped liking the male lead after a while. His inner monologue was the SAME all the time. It was not cute. The romance started out alright but I was not rooting for them by the end.

The author tried to do a lot in this book. There were multiple threads in the plot which were supposed to connect well at the end but they didn’t. It felt like the book was being pulled in different directions.

There were also quite a few characters, many who are not important in this story. I understand that some were added as cameos because they were the main characters of previous books. But it was not friendly to new readers and they felt very out of place with barely any introduction.

1.5/5 stars.

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Accidentally in Love by Belinda Missen

accidentally in love

This book ANNOYED me. It had so many repetitive things which felt like parts taken from other books.

I HATED THE LOVE INTEREST. It brought in the “bad boy” thing who is soft on the inside and has a tragedy… ugh. Over it. And all the characters actually push her towards him even though HE’S AN ASS. The “if boys are rude to you, they like you” thing is BAD and needs to END.

Also, I really want to know if the author even researched into painting and spoke to actual painters. Painters don’t simply whip up 5 paintings over a few weeks when asked for their work to showcase in an exhibition. Creative art doesn’t work that way! You have to be inspired and in the mood. In the end, you may not like the result which is supposed to be showcased. This book had amateur artists whip up “gorgeous” paintings in no time and… no.

The rivalry between the two leads was dragged on for way too long and ended abruptly. After they decided on a truce, they got close and spoke about tragic pasts IMMEDIATELY???? Like. IN A DAY. That relationship development was very weird and the pacing was totally off.

Also, both the characters were so bland and I didn’t like them at all.

Let’s not even talk about the issue with the best friend, OMG. I thought it would be to showcase how people grow apart and stuff but it was blown way out of proportion and ended well which I do not support.

This book annoyed me so much that I had a whole rant session with Saniya after I finished it. Overall, not good.

0/5 stars.

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The Holiday Detour by Jane Kolven

the holiday detour

This had so much potential with the premise! I was very excited for it. And it went downhill FAST.

The main characters were such stereotypes in personality. The one who’s point of view we read through was WHINY and acted like a TWELVE YEAR OLD. The love interest was cool and calm and collected and acted like a parent to the main character.

There was also way too much drama out of nowhere. I get what the author was trying to do but all of it felt forced and not funny at all.

The romance had zero chemistry for me. It felt very insta-love. I could not see the characters together. They just did not work together.

I was so excited about this book and it really disappointed me. I just wanted a cute love story with a non-binary character but got a mess instead.

0.5/5 stars.

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The Beat Match by Kelly Siskind

the beat match

This was SO GOOD.

A friends-to-lovers romance with ALL the pining and yearning to satisfy my very single heart. The chemistry was so apparent and I could almost feel the pull between the characters.

The characters themselves were very interesting. Both are flawed people with their own issues. I really liked that both of them had passions and were determined to follow their dreams.

My only issue was a very small thing. The author brought in gun violence awareness with a public scene where a graphic video was displayed. It wasn’t done with a trigger warning in the scene and I did not like that.

trigger warnings: death, grief, shooting, gun violence.

The conflict at the end was there only to add some issue, in my opinion. I could have done without it but at least it was short.

The book left me feeling very single.

3.5/5 stars.

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Save the Date by R. J. Groves

save the date

This was also REALLY NICE.

The main characters in this romance start off on the wrong foot and continue to bicker from there. It’s definitely like rivals-to-lovers but only with the snark and none of the history. The banter was entertaining.

There were also multiple awkward moments between the characters which I appreciated. A couple times the awkwardness felt forced, though.

My only issue was with the relationship development. Everything was going alright but “love” was thrown in too early. The characters were still grappling with like. I feel like love could have been saved for the end or the epilogue.

The conflict at the end was valid but I feel like it was dragged on for too long. The time spent apart was too long to be believable.

I really liked the romance, though. Ignoring the “love” part and it was really nice with good pacing.

4/5 stars.

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That’s all for today! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Sum It Up || with 5 Romance ARCs”

  1. I admire romance writers who can take old tropes and write them in new and engaging ways. Otherwise, all the books start to blend together into the same stories for me. That said, on a rainy day when I need something to escape into, even a typical story will carry me to sunny beaches and damp cottages. 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing some new writers with me!

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