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New Blog Plans, New Friends & a Small Identity Crisis // The Chatty Habitat

Welcome to the first “the chatty habitat” post!

I’ve been doing if we were having tea posts for almost a year now and they’re one of my favourite posts to do. Recently, I’ve been wanting to switch up the format a little bit.

While I want to keep the vibe the same where I write these posts with the idea that I’m hanging with you with tea (or another drink), I want to make the post flow together instead of having sections. I tried this format in the last post and quite liked it so I’m going to follow that from now until I get bored with it.

Credit for the new name “the chatty habitat” goes to my friend RonJ. We were talking about how everyone picks chatty posts* whenever I ask people to vote on Twitter or Instagram and he casually nicknamed my blog as the chatty habitat. And I really liked it, so I’m going to run with it.

*apparently most people are interested in hearing me ramble and chat about things all the time? Because this has won in every poll of mine. Everyone’s nosy lol.

As usual, feel free to get a drink and settle down!

steaming tea gif

The first thing that I really want to update y’all is my new plans for the blog. It’s been a few weeks since I thought of it and decided to go with it. While it may seem small to you, it makes a ton of difference to me with behind-the-scenes stuff.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’m VERY consistent with blogging. I’ve posted every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from January until end of August. That’s 8 months of 3 posts a week and zero breaks.

The reason I was able to keep up with it was because of the pandemic, if I’m being honest. There’s no travel, no outings, or hangouts which meant that I had more time to spend on the blog. And I made the best of it.

I’m still not burning out because, apparently, I have consistent blogging down but I do WANT to make changes. And this doesn’t come because I’m uninspired but because I want to change the blog’s direction a little bit.

This blog started without a niche and while I did good with maintaining that in the beginning, I’ve been posting more about books for the last year or so. It was mainly because I wanted to fully be part of a community and book blogging was closest to me. But I’m not always happy with my content because I want to talk about so much more like Kdramas, and blogging tips.

Also, I found book blogging posts easier to do especially since there are blogging memes and book tags. Since I was blogging thrice a week, I picked these “easier” posts to do more than the posts that I really want to write.

shrug gif

So the change now is that I’m going back to posting about everything. I’m bringing back discussions posts and blogging tips. I also really want to bring back Kdrama reviews which take me the longest to write but are also very satisfying to post.

In order to keep up with this change, I’ve decided to blog less frequently. Thrice a week is hard to do with long-form blog posts, especially when researching & formatting comes in. I’ve decided on one to two posts a week, although it might change depending on when I’m free and when I’m inspired.

If you’ve kept a close eye on this blog, you might have realized that these changes have already started happening. I posted a discussion post which received a REALLY good response and shocked me. There has also been a more personal post where I put your detective skills to the test. There was also a post on blogging which I’m super happy with.

So.. yeah. Changes are happening and I’m very happy about them.

I think once I figured what works for me and this blog, I stopped trying new things and that is what I’m trying to change. If you notice, this post’s header image is also different. While it may seem inconsequential, my header image style has been the same for the longest time. Going for something different which doesn’t match with my “brand” and might hurt my visibility, according to tons of advice posts, is a little scary.

But I need to remember that I’m not here to make money and high blog stats don’t give me anything other than satisfaction so I might as well experiment and do whatever I want.

peace sign GIF

That being said, the change will fully be seen only a few months later because Blogletters is starting this month! I’ve been spending quite some time in preparation for it and have also scheduled some of the interviews.

The current plan is to post Blogletters interviews on Mondays and Thursdays. This leaves Saturday for my own posts if I have anything. Which I mostly will because I cannot go from posting thrice a week to less than once. This girl simply has too much to talk about (proof: this post which you’re reading).

I am VERY excited for y’all to see the posts. And because I’m me, I went extra hard on these posts and spent a lot of time to get the formatting right. Past Sumedha thought these posts will take lesser time to write since the content is mostly ready but she miscalculated efforts for formatting and presentation. I am much wiser today, thank you.

this has got to be perfection gif
me about every Blogletters post

My last ever undergraduate finals are OVER. It was highly stressful and I have no idea how I managed those three days. It feels like a dream or a blur to me. But, they are thankfully done with and everyone I know (me included) managed to stay safe and not contract the coronavirus. It’s been two weeks and none of us showed symptoms so I’m assuming that we’re alright.

I am having a small identity crisis, though. Being a student is like an identity in itself. After being a student for as long as I can remember, suddenly having to let go of that label is giving me a crisis.

Who am I now? I’m not a student. Is my identity my job now? That I’m a software engineer? But I don’t know if that’s an “identity.”

I know that I’m lucky enough to have this blog. I can say “I’m a blogger” but I’ve been saying “I’m a college student & blogger” for so long that having half of that identity taken away is jarring.

From what I can see, my friends are only being nostalgic about college. No one whom I talk to is having an identity crisis about not being a student and I feel alone in having to rethink my identity.

sigh gif

On the plus side, not being a student anymore means I have actual weekends now. Saturdays and Sundays are my days where I don’t have to work towards any deadlines. Considering that I only had Sundays off as a student and I still had to do assignment and worry about things, having TWO DAYS off is phenomenal.

I’m not used to being so free and I think that’s why I’m still blogging more than I planned. This is the third post to go up in a week so I’m clearly not sticking to my new blog plans. I’m also spending time on blog posts that will go up a MONTH later. I’m working on this blog so much because I have the time and I’m not used to having less to do.

Other than blogging, my weekends are filled with me sleeping longer, daydreaming, and simply chilling. There is so much satisfaction in simply being on weekends. It is unparalleled.

cat burrowing into blanket gif

Another thing taking up my newly free time is Twitter. I’ve been spending way more time on Twitter recently. I’m engaging with people, sharing random things, and MAKING FRIENDS. That’s the biggest part.

Since I’m present on that platform more and I’m trying to be more social, it’s actually making a difference. I’ve made a few new “friends”* whom I’ve DMed and had conversations with. And we all know that I’m here for the chit chat (proof).

Another upside to me spending a lot of time on Twitter is that my blog is getting more views from Twitter. Since I’m engaging more on the platform, I believe my tweets are also shown to more people. Or maybe more people care about me now. So when I share my blog posts on there, more people click on the links and read my posts!

I’ve also been getting retweets from other bloggers which has not happened before! The only retweets I used to get were from retweet accounts whom I tagged. This is a new and very happy change which I’m still processing.

*I’m unsure after what point I can call them friends. Don’t want to be presumptuous.

foliage divider

Alright, that’s all for today. I think I’ve spoken enough.

Chat with me!

What’s up with you? Any new developments in life or online? Are you active on Twitter? What would you share if we were having tea/something else right now? Tell me in the comments!

56 thoughts on “New Blog Plans, New Friends & a Small Identity Crisis // The Chatty Habitat”

  1. I totally get you! Since the start of lockdown I’ve been posting 5 times a week and I’ve been adoring it, but I’m going back to uni at the end of the week and I have to be realistic with myself and know that I won’t be able to keep that up with my studies – which really sucks because blogging has literally become my favourite part of my day

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  2. Ah I could almost hear your voice yar that shows how well you write conversations and I love the fact that your wiser now πŸ™ˆ. The student Identity crisis is real Sumedha 😩😩😩 I used to tick student everywhere until I finished my master’s and now god’s it’s disorienting. I’m doing okay for now but I might still be heading into a reading slump and my writing streak is kicking in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Considering that’s the vibe I want to bring, it means a lot that you got it πŸ₯ΊπŸ’œ Phew I’m not alone with the crisis! Oof reading slump is not nice but writing streak is v good news. I’m looking forward to more writing from you πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Love your post ❀️
      Yeahh i can totally relate to that identity crisis just as i submit my final year thesis.
      Planning to test my luck in blogging to cover up the crisis

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  3. β€œalso really want to bring back Kdrama reviews which take me the longest to write but are also very satisfying to post” Awesome! Definitely looking forward to that!
    Well, all I can say about your Identity Crisis is that it will work itself out. It’s been over 25 years now since I graduated from school and took up my job, and while I struggled in the beginning, it eventually worked itself out fine. Just take it slow: think of it as blogging, it’s just something that needs time but you will get the hang of it. The quality of your writing and your blog pretty much proves that! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that you’re blogging about a little bit of everything, it’s always nice to see different topics too! And it’s great to hear that you’re loving Twitter and seeing results, that’s wonderful! Good to see changes are coming and they’re ones that make you happy πŸ™‚

    Anika |

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  5. I recently stopped being a student… and ended up starting a PhD. guess I’m still kind of a student now but at least I get paid lmao. but CONGRATS!!!! I hope you take time during the weekends to fully rest. also twitter can be such an amazing place when following the right people, it’s probably my fav social media app πŸ’•

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  6. I am already ready and waiting for kdrama reviews cause I need more to watch *shuffles the ones I’ve yet to start under a rug* hehe and lmao I spend too much time on twitter. I keep catching myself scrolling on there but it’s fine because it means I at least briefly catch up with what’s happening on my timeline. I love seeing book bloggers branch out into other niches (something I do with my lifestyle/bujo posts) and I can’t wait for your blogletters series to start up!

    I think the biggest identity crisis I had was when I questioned who I am without books…it was a hole and a spiral of like holy crap who am I if I’m not a book lover. The answer is clearly not me and someone possessed me xD I totally get the student identity crisis though, maybe not as much since I went to college instead of uni and was there for 2 years. Yet I still remember when I finished the course and I was done with college, it felt strange because that chapter of my life was coming to a close. Forcing me to face the real world more as a person, who would need to find work…it’s still weird even now but I’m technically a “student” again not for very long only until I finish my current course hehe.

    Online life hmmm I’ve been working on some new blog posts? I need to finish formatting the ones for this month actually but uhm apparently I enjoy procrastinating. Real life I need to actually finish my assignment, instead of putting it off because of lack of energy and motivation and I want to try and finish one of my current reads today. Hopefully haha. What’s your favourite type of tea Sumedha? For me I love milk teas, specifically Lady Grey because the citrus flavour is amazing hehe. Sending you all the good vibes for your new schedule and enjoy your free time! ❀


    1. Kdramas are so addicting, right?? Also I seem to get pleasure in dissecting them, if I go by my older reviews lol.

      Yes! I love seeing content than book stuff because they also give some glimpse into the blogger, you know? Also I’m very nosy and like to know about the person too haha.

      Who are you without books.. Why would you even question that?! The horror.

      Yay to more blog posts. I get formatting, it is a NIGHTMARE and takes longer than it should. All the best for your assignment and current read! It’s Sunday so.. you can do it.

      I’m Indian so chai is in my blood haha. My favourite is ginger tea or how we call it “adrak ki chai” which warms my heart on cold days and smells amazing. I haven’t heard of Lady Grey but will have to look for it and try it sometime.

      Thank you! I hope you have a great week ahead ❀️

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  7. A really thoughtful post! I haven’t taken a break from blogging since August 2019, but back then I used to post three times per week while working full time. At the start of this year I reduced it to two per week and it has been a lot more manageable! I was about to go on hiatus recently, but then felt really inspired to blog and came up with a lot of exciting new post ideas.
    I hope you make the most of your free weekends, and I look forward to reading the posts you have lined up!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. It’s wonderful getting to know about your status these days.. I especially agree with the whole identity thing… I’m done with my UG finals too and this is such a moment of identity crisis in some ways.. what am I now? Moreover, there is the tension regarding my PG level studies so let’s see. Looking forward to your posts! ❀ ❀

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  9. Yes, I did twice a week for a long while, but with the pandemic and now that I’m retired, I’m up to thrice a week! But you do what’s best for you. That’s the important thing. Looking forward to reading your posts in the future, even if they’re less frequent.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Aww, I love your chatty posts! I suppose I am very nosy and love knowing everyone else’s business even if I don’t always share mine…which is kind of hypocritical I guess πŸ™ˆ
    I’m so glad that you’re going to be branching out!! I love book blogs, but sometimes it’s nice to see other things as well. I kind of want to branch into food, but I’ll have to do some sort of rebranding and change my name etc because Eternity Books is not very broad lol.
    And yes, I absolutely understand the student crisis!! I’m going to finally finish high school next year and I just am so wowed at the idea that I will no longer be able to say, “I’m in X grade”. I’ve been looking forward to getting out of school for so long, but now that I’m actually at that point, I’m kind of nervous about the future lol. It’s not like I won’t be a student any longer (college and then uni is still there) but an identity crisis is still happening.
    Though like you, I can’t wait to have my weekends free again. Between high school classes and the college courses I’m taking this semester, I haven’t had time to just have an off day where I do absolutely nothing school-related and I miss it. Anyhow, I hope the transition goes smoothly πŸ’•

    P.S. I guess your identity isn’t what you do (like being a student or a worker) but who you are as a person, and that doesn’t really change ❀✨

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    1. Welcome, my blog is for all nosy people like you πŸ˜‰

      Thank you! I never planned on being just a book blog but I got hit with FOMO and it ended up that way. I’m really glad to go back to all content now.

      That’s true, branding does matter but I think if book content is majority, your current blog name should not matter much.
      High school and college courses together is a LOT. I hope you’re taking care of yourself πŸ’œ

      Thank you so much! And haha that’s true but we still need something to say when introducing ourselves πŸ˜…

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  11. I think it’s good to blog a little about everything you like. I usually have trouble limiting myself to a single topic, but from my experience of blogging no one really minds. πŸ™‚ Also I understand having to blog less frequently, I have been doing that since the quarantine because I makes me feel less overwhelmed.

    Also I agree with what @Rukky said about ones identity. πŸ˜€

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  12. Even I started blogging a bit regularly during this time. I take so long to make a blog/ insta posts tho that I burn out fast I think πŸ™ˆ. Also, identity crisis wise, just enjoy this time of no assignments!!!! This won’t come back again!! πŸ™Š

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree about burning out. One of the major factors which kept me up with blogging was me doing it while I’m on call with friends on discord. All of us would do our own things while listening to music and that vibe really helps me get down to blogging.

      Haha yess!!! I’m so happy about that lol.


  13. I LOOOVVEE these kinds of posts (does this mean that I am nosy? I hope not πŸ˜‚). ANYWAY, please please please talk about what you want on here because at the end of the day it is YOUR blog and it should always been something that makes you happy. Also, I have been meaning to start watching Kdramas for a while now so I would love to get some recommendations from you!!! And I can’t wait to read your blogging tips! I have personally felt a bit uninspired with my blog so I just took kind of a break. I just don’t know what to talk about and school sucks and I spend too much time on Instagram.

    AND can I please have REAL weekends too (apparently that is not something you can’t have in law school) ??? 😭

    I love Twitter because I love seeing what the people I follow have to say but it was getting kind of stressful so I’ve just… disappeared for like 2 weeks πŸ™ƒ. And that’s amazing that more people click on your links on Twitter! I don’t know when I can call people I talk to online friends either so … you’re not alone in this πŸ˜‚

    WHY DO I WRITE SUCH LONG comments every single time. ANYWAYYYY I am going to read your Blogletters interviews RIGHT NOW!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like them! Nosy (yes, you are πŸ˜‚) people make me happier to just write my thoughts haha ❀️

      Speaking of uninspired, one thing that helps me get out of a blogging slump is doing a word dump. Open a new post with no intention of publishing it and just write about whatever. It may become something to post, or it will reignite the blogging spirit to post. It helps to get the blogging vibe going 😊

      Haha I absolutely love your long comments SO NEVER STOP WRITING THEM. I do the same but it feels so nice to be on the receiving end πŸ₯Ί

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I used to post consistently during August too but I stopped suddenly in September. I wasn’t uninspired or anything, just some existential crisis and mood swings, I thought I’d be out of it earlier but the month is nearly over and I’m still trying to get out.

    I haven’t been on your blog that long but I can tell that these changes you want to make are going to be exciting and worth it and it’s so cool your friend picked up this series name lol. I’m trying to get into K-drama after seeing It’s Okay to Not be Okay so your reviews are going to be helpful.

    Haven’t been on twitter in so long but it’s great you’re making friends on there. I made a couple of friends (not in the blogging community) but the platform was too bad for my mental health I just had to let go.

    Omg, I haven’t graduated yet but I feel like I can understand you on the identity crisis. I’ve always wondered what my life would be after school and if I’d know what else to do when I’m no longer a student. Meh, I guess I’d have to graduate first. Cheers to having weekends to yourself.

    No recent developments in my life or online, I’m just trying to get back into being consistent and catch up with posts, I’ve missed alot. Gotta plan shit and stuff haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope your blogging slump ends soon! I’m sure it’ll feel really good. Every time I come back from a break, it’s like coming home for me haha.

      Do watch more Kdramas! It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was honestly one of a kind with how it tackled mental health. But there are so many unique dramas and I’m sure you’ll find more that you’ll love. The best part is that they end after not too long haha, helps for bingeing or if you don’t stick with things for too long (like me).

      I understand how Twitter can be bad for your mental health. It’s a mess of a platform, honestly. I’m glad you let it go πŸ™‚

      All the best with getting back to blogging! I look forward to your posts 😊


  15. I really relate to that whole identity crisis thing. I graduated uni in June, but it still feels weird to not be a student. I am glad that I am finished but I really miss the feeling of being a student. I love schedules and routines, so not having any, and having to find new ones are quite hard.
    I’m new to the English blogging community, I’ve made my blog in September, so I don’t yet know how many posts I should have per week. I’m thinking one or two, because I don’t think I can commit to three. Kudos to you for managing that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! The routines and schedules are completely different now. It’s hard to let go of the fact that we don’t have something to study all the time haha.
      Welcome to the blogging community! Go with your own pace and I’m sure it’ll work out well πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  16. I just found your blog while sipping my tea and getting ready for work, on a side note.
    Main note: I’m definitely following for now on! I’m still trying to figure things out and being comfortable behind my keyboard once more is one of those things and you definitely have that down. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found my corner of the internet and I hope you have a good time with my posts! I really like blogging haha, it didn’t take me long to get used to this. I’m sure you will get a hang of it soon too 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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