2 truths and 1 lie

2 Truths & 1 Lie || testing how well you really know me

Hi! Hello!

It’s been a VERY long time since I did a personal post which is not a life update. I used to do these quite regularly in the first 2 years of blogging. Book blogging sucked me in after that because I was having FOMO and wanted to be involved in the community more.

While I did make new friends and posted cool things, I am not happy that I stopped being multi-niche for a long time. One of my goals now is to bring back all the content and blog about anything and everything. This post will (hopefully) be a start of that.

I have actually been wanting to do a personal post where I share random things about myself. I feel like it would help y’all know me better and feel like we’re friends.

Also, this blog has received quite a few new followers recently, especially after the last post. So this post sort of doubles as a “get to know me” thing.

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How does this work?

All of you probably know the game 2 truths and 1 lie but it always helps to not assume.

I basically share 3 facts/stories of myself out of which 2 are true and 1 is not. You have to guess which one is a lie.

To make this a little more general & fun, I will be sharing facts that:

  • most of you might know
  • only people who follow me online know
  • only people who know me offline know
  • barely anyone knows 👀

There are some clues and links between the different facts so you can also try to guess using those.

I’ll reveal the lie at the end of every set so you can check to see if you got it right.

You might want to get a drink and settle down for a little bit because you’re about to get to know me a whole lot more. I’m excited to share absolutely random things.

Alright, let’s go!

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Set 1


There was a time when I REALLY loved classics. I was too young to actually understand all the nuances in the text but I somehow really enjoyed it? It started because my mum got me Pride & Prejudice from the library and said “try some classics!” because I was into vampires which were “horror stories” according to her.

Since I liked classics so much after that, I even got her to buy me a really pretty Jane Eyre edition which I still have on my shelf and I’ve tabbed many parts in it with color-coding. I even enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird although I barely understood the underlying themes. Right around when I got into fantasy (11th grade maybe), I just lost interest in classics and haven’t liked any classic since. Any time I tried to read a classic, I gave up.


My introduction to adult romance (with! explicit! scenes!) was through my mum. I was busy with homework or something and I asked her to go to the library and exchange my book for a new one. I used to just pick up random books without a list then (this was before finding the book community online) so I asked her to get whatever she thought I’d like. She came back with a ROMANCE book and I had not touched the genre until then. My reaction was like ??? and regretted asking her to get whatever. But she did go all the way and get it for me and I was also bored later so I picked it up.

The funny part was that SHE DIDN’T KNOW it’s romance. The book cover was a woman holding up a baby. Mum thought that it’ll be some heart-warming story exploring the bond between a mother and her child. I don’t think she even read the synopsis at the back. Imagine my surprise when I read the story and found out that it’s a romance between a widowed single mom and some guy who had to take care of her for a bit. It was an unlikely love story where they were forced to stay together and developed feelings.

But my biggest “whuut” moment was when they started having sex.. ON PAGE. I was 16 or had just turned 17 and was soo confused. I was scandalized. I knew for sure that she didn’t know what the book was actually about and felt like I had read a forbidden story. But anyway, I actually ended up liking the story and fast forward to 21yo Sumedha who’s favourite genre is adult romance. My mum doesn’t know the truth about that book till date.


Although I didn’t love Twilight, I was actually really into the series in my early teens. It was because the series was about vampires and I was in that phase after reading The House of Night series. In fact, when breaking dawn came out, I begged mum to let me buy the book. I was only going to the library until then and hadn’t owned many books. I was desperate to own something and decided that my collection will start with Breaking Dawn. Mum didn’t agree, though, and I’m now glad about that. I did read the book after borrowing from the library and even got caught reading it in class by my English teacher. She was nice about it, though, and said I’m welcome to read in her class anytime. She was the best.

Which of these is a lie?

Click to find out!

The first one is a lie. I’ve always hated classics and have never been into them. And yes, this means that the second story where I got introduced to adult romance through my mum’s misunderstanding is true lol.

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Set 2


This blog actually started with another name. I will not say that name because I’m embarrassed. I had made this blog as an impulse and chose a veeery long name out of the blue. 17yo me did not imagine that she would continue and that this blog would grow. But it did and some of my pages made it onto the first page of search results! (WordPress stats show if you get visitors from search engines) After I found out that I’m getting views from search engines, I googled how and that’s how I learnt about SEO. So you can imagine my happiness on getting there without even trying.

It all changed a couple years back. I was learning more about what makes a good blog and was improving my content. I hated my blog’s name because it was hard to remember and it was way too long so I researched for names and decided on the wordy habitat after making sure that no one had already used it in any platform. When I changed the blog’s name and URL, I lost ALL of my SEO ranking and was super sad about it. Two years of progress down the drain. But I made up for it and I’m happy that I made the change.


I actually have a private twitter account which I made in 2015. It was made before I started blogging and needed an account linked to the blog. It used to be public but after someone I know IRL found me there, I blocked them, changed the username, and made it private. It is the only true private space that I have right now since the blog and every other social media account is public and known. Although I don’t actually use it much, I keep it in case I want to dump my rants somewhere without telling it to people I know. In fact, it’s getting more use now than when I made it.

And honestly? I suggest everyone to have such a place. Whether it is a private account, an anonymous blog, a journal, or anything else. When you’re in a rage moment or really frustrated, you might say things you don’t mean. It helps to have a place to dump your irrational thoughts until you feel better and can think more clearly.


Way back in 2016, when I first discovered bullet journalling, I was part of a Facebook group with others who used bullet journals. That was also when many people started to switch to Instagram. I realized that there was no repost account for bullet journal pictures which is also a source of inspiration. Along with two people from that Facebook group, I made one. They dropped out quickly because of their own reasons but I continued. Today, it’s something I am really proud of and bring it up if I want to flex in front of anyone. As of right now, it has 163k+ followers!! When people in real life first find out about the account, they’re always surprised and taken aback. It makes me laugh every time (and also boosts my ego).

The lie among these should be pretty easy to guess.

Click to find out!

The second one is a lie. I don’t have a private Twitter account because I’ve not felt the need for it so far. If I want to rant, I talk to my close friends lol. If I don’t want to tell anyone, I just write it out in my journal.

The third one is true! It’s one of my biggest achievements. Check out @bujobeauties on Instagram, that’s my account. I even had a hacking experience with it which I spoke about in this post.

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Set 3


Most of you might not believe me but I failed all my classes until 5th grade, and barely passed until 7th grade. We had a compulsory pass rule for all students until 8th grade and I TOOK COMPLETE ADVANTAGE of it. The universe even worked in my favour. The rule was only until 5th grade but right when I entered 6th grade, it was extended until 8th grade. I coasted through those initial years of schooling. While many of my friends talk about how they used to be toppers and really good kids only to barely do well now, my flex is that I failed and did not care at all.


I am a HUGE planner. Not sure if you’ve noticed, lol. It’s peak Capricorn personality. I love planning and being organized. After all, I have a bullet journal!I even have 5-year and 10-year dreams and goals. Last year, I finally sat down and mapped it all out. I’ve also broken them down to smaller, yearly goals, in order to make them less intimidating and more achievable. This girl is aiming for success, y’all.


I’ve had a mobile phone since 8th grade. My parents had basic phones but they got me a smartphone when I was 12! It was because they both worked which meant I used to be alone at home a lot. And that was the year when I finally started hanging out more with friends. I had a habit of simply going out because I didn’t want to call and wait for my parents’ permission. It made them worry multiple times so they finally just got me a phone in order to keep tabs on me. For years, I was the only one with a phone among my friends.

I’m looking forward to your guesses on this set, lol.

Click to find out the lie.

The second one is the lie. I am a planner, yes. But I do not plan long-term. I generally do for a month or two. I have absolutely no idea about where I want to be in 5 or 10 years.

Of course, this means that the first one is true. I did fail until 5th grade. I only started making an effort in 7th grade because I started having friends and didn’t want to be a loser.

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Set 4


Only OG blog followers know this: I started out as an anonymous blogger. My username was something else and I spoke my mind here. I didn’t expect anyone to read my blogs because I didn’t advertise it or tell anyone about it. But through the magic of WordPress tags and me commenting on other blogs, I soon started getting followers.

I have no idea why because my initial posts were RANTS and any other thoughts that I had. Since it was anonymous and no one from my real life knew about it, I used this space to complain about things. I basically did not care about how I came off because this was my safe space.

Later, I was just tired of hiding it and was veering towards bookish and other acceptable forms of content so I decided to go public. First, I changed my username to my real name with no announcement (my followers and blogger friends picked up on that, though). Next, I privated all the rants and very personal posts. Once the blog was polished enough to be exposed, I started slowly saying that I’m blogger and shared it with my friends in real life. It was easier with college friends since they hadn’t known me for long. But I had a really hard time sharing it with old friends because how do you say “hey I started this blog almost a year back, sorry I didn’t tell you”? It took me several more months to drop it into conversations.


My current Instagram account is not the first one that I made. I actually had a bookstagram account before and it was going alright. After months of doing it, I simply lost motivation to continue with it and deleted it. I wasn’t ready to let go of the friends I had made so I followed them through my private and continued on.

Months after deleting that account, I was craving to be completely immersed in bookstagram again. Also some people I know in real life who followed my personal account did not like me posting so much book content. In their words, they follow me for personal updates and can’t I spam book content somewhere else? Looking back, I’m pissed that I took those comments to heart, but I had taken it as a sign and made another account. My older bookstagram friends were glad to see me back and I was happy to be back as well.

Even though I still struggle with bookstagram and the IG algorithm, I don’t think I will delete my account. I like having the bookish world and the personal world separate. Only people who want to can follow the bookish one. Also I basically use the bookish one as a dump for everything bookish and personal and barely post on my personal account, which suits me fine.


One of my long-term goals is to turn this blog into a source of income. How? I’m not completely sure yet. Probably ads and affiliation and sponsored posts. I’ve worked a lot on this blog and I am passionate about it. It would be nice to turn it into a side-hustle, at least. I’ve been slowly researching on all the things that I need to learn.

The first thing that I’m going after is SEO because it felt like the easier one in the beginning. I spent a whole month researching it. And many of my posts actually made it to the first page of search engine results! Next I’m working on Twitter marketing. I will probably get to Pinterest later because it intimidates me.

I’m nowhere near monetizing yet because I simply don’t want to do it right now but it is a plan for the future.

Alright, this might be a hard one. Which is the lie?

Show the answer!

The last one is a complete fib. While I did consider turning this blog into an income source, it is not what I want to do. The reason I considered it at all was because people around me said that I should do it and I let that sway me. But I don’t want to turn this into a job. It’s freeing now because I can post what I want and it makes me happy. Also, this was supposed to be easy to guess I mentioned why I’m blogging in the last post!

I did start out as an anonymous blogger and some days, I miss having a space to dump my thoughts. But mostly I’m glad to have moved on.

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Set 5


I was a rebel child. I didn’t study, didn’t listen to my mum, wasn’t obedient, and didn’t bother with most rules. My mum had a hard time with me as a child, which she brings up quite often. It’s honestly surprising that I’m a responsible person today who (mostly) shares things with mum and is on time for everything.

My main forms of rebellion were absolutely refusing to do things. Mum pushed me into classical music and bharatanatyam from when I was really young. Mum, her dad, and her brother are really good classical singers. In fact, my grand dad even held classes for others. She wanted me to continue the legacy and had me in classical music classes since I was 6 years old. First of all, I was super shy. And singing? Absolutely not. I refused to sing and mum finally pulled me from the class because it wasn’t working. She then tried teaching me at home which also didn’t work. I can be very stubborn when I want to.

Bharatanatyam was not meant for me, thankfully. When mum tried signing me up for a class nearby when I was 5 or 6, the teacher told that I’m too young and that I should come back later. The teacher also “advised” me to lose weight before going back and that was a hell no for my mum. I actually lost weight though. When she suggested it a couple years later, I threw huge tantrums until she let it go.

Mum often says that she’s grateful I’m her only child because she wouldn’t be able to handle more kids.


I’ve been questioning my sexuality for about three years now. First I thought I was demi-sexual and even discussed it with a couple friends. But after one specific event, I realized that’s probably not true either and went back to questioning. Then I thought I was bi because I could see myself with either gender but that never really felt right too. I eventually got tired of questioning and decided to not care about it. But recently, I started thinking about it again because I’m bored and have lots of time for t h o u g h t s. After a little more digging, biromantic grey-ace seems right. Well, it feels right so far but I stopped questioning again because it’s quite tiring.

If you don’t know any of the terms that I used above, please Google it 🙂


As a child, I was SUPER lazy. I’m still lazy today, to be honest. I get things done because I’m lazy and try to do things as fast as possible.

So anyway. One incident that sticks out is from when I was in kindergarten. I had received an award for being smart. It was for some extra-curricular thing that all of us were supposed to participate in, I think.

The day the school was giving us our medals, I was being very lazy and wanted to sleep longer. Mum had a really hard time with me and eventually just gave up. She said I don’t have to change clothes as long as I go to school for the award ceremony.

So all I did was brush my teeth and I went to school IN MY PYJAMAS. It was a pink pyjama set with white polka dots. I had also shaved my head a couple months prior so I didn’t have to brush my hair as it was very short.

For the award ceremony, the other students who won medals had come DRESSED LIKE ITS A WEDDING. One of the girls actually came in a half sari. And then there was me, in a pink pyjama set. Mum brings it up whenever she complains about my laziness because that was PEAK.

I still can’t believe that my mum simply gave up and allowed her only child to receive aher first medal while in pyjamas.

Now, which of these three is a lie?

Click to find out.

The first one is a lie. I was NOT a rebel child. I was a dream child. Mum always says that she wishes she had another child like me. I was lazy and sleepy and did not like to fight or throw tantrums. Mum had a really good time with me. I hated confrontation and arguing so I actually DID go to carnatic music classes for about three years because my mum wanted me to even though I didn’t like it. Only in 11th grade did I stop singing after bring up the “I need to study” excuse.

Also, yes the pyjama story is true and there is photographic evidence of it. I still can’t believe it happened, though. Wow I was lazy.

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What were your guesses?

Am I good a liar or a bad one? How many did you get right? Comment what you thought were the lies in each set so I can go through them and either laugh wickedly or in embarrassment.

Also, would you like to see more random posts like this where I talk about myself? Do you think you know me better now?

btw you can stalk me at these places

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30 thoughts on “2 Truths & 1 Lie || testing how well you really know me”

  1. I can’t for the life of me try and find the lies 😂😂😂😂 it’s all true ? I think it’s all true
    You’ve written it too well and I haven’t known you for too long 🤣
    But I’m still gonna try and get some of these assumptions in the comments after I go through the post once more 😂😂😂
    Let me tell you though.. I had tremendous fun reading this and everything is believable 🤭💜 makes me wanna go back in time and be your bestie so that I would answer all these correctly 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yayyy I’m a good liar? 😂😂
      That might be a good strategy lol. But one of my old friends already DMed me the guesses because she didn’t want to ruin it for others through the comments LMAO.
      I’m glad you had fun reading this!! We can totally be besties now though 😌

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I got the third one wrong. I knew you were a planner as you’d told me before, I didn’t think long term planning was much of a stretch.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay here are my very poor predictions … I dunno … I think everything is true though
    These are false
    [3] from set 1
    [1] from set 2
    [1] Or [3] from set 3 I’m so not sure
    [1] from set 4 aaaaand
    [2] from set five
    Whew … I’ve spent all my brain juice for today 🤭🤭🤭 let be friends really 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i am in AWE of your lying prowess holy shit sumedha those were all so detailed and it took me forever to guess which ones were lies. half of these are randomly picked because i gave up lmao but oh well. here are my guesses:
    set 1: 1
    set 2: 3
    set 3: 1
    set 4: 2
    set 5: 3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s alright! I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      I think I’ll just edit the post and add the answers after every set lol. Looks like a lot of people are not upto guessing 😬


  4. This was such a fun way to get to know you better! Gosh, those lies were so elaborate that I almost believed them! I did actually fall for that last one – the pyjama story sounded too ridiculous to be true 😂😂 I probably would have died from embarrassment… And it’s so funny that your mom inadvertantly got you into romance! (Pride and Prejudice IS amazing though 😁😉 Do you think there’s any chance your romance-loving heart will eventually like the classics, too? 😁🤗 Maybe?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing this post as well. And that was the intention, to deceive you!

      I doubt about classics. I’ve read P&P, Jane Eyre, To Kill a Mockingbird. I tried A Tale of Two Cities and Emma but could NOT get into them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah well, romance is a pretty good pick, too 😉 And I just read A Tale of Two Cities – it took me 300 pages to get into it, so I definitely see where you’re coming from! 😅 I do love Emma and Jane Eyre, though 😊


  5. I failed. Every. single. one. of. them 😂😂 Oh wow, you are a fantastic liar. They actually all seem entirely plausible and I love how you created a story to go with them. I’m kind of miffed that I missed them, especially the blogging/SEO one. I should have guessed, but oh well.
    My guesses were:
    set 1: 3 (Idk, but I felt like your teacher was maybe a little too generous to let you read anytime in class)
    set 2: …I can’t remember what I originally guessed? I know the 3rd one was true, and I vaguely thought that the first one was true too…but I’m pretty sure I didn’t guess any of them right?
    set 3: 1 (I can’t believe that you failed up until 7th grade!! What??? And then the compulsory pass helped you and was even extended? It felt too good to be true lol)
    set 4: 1 (I remembered you talking about SEO and things, but I didn’t remember the context, so I felt the 3rd one could be true 🙈 I hate my memory sometimes)
    set 5: 3 (I absolutely can not believe that your mom actually let you go to an awards ceremony in your pajamas 😂)

    Anyways, I loved this post and the idea!! This so fun and I would love to see more like this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Every single person has been telling me how I lie too well after this post 😂 My IRL friends said it was like taking an EXAM where everything was out of syllabus. Made me crack up, lol.

      I can understand your logic behind all those choices! I did fail for years but when I had to, I studied and I actually got 10/10 in 10th grade which I’m really proud of.

      Also, yes even I can’t believe my mum let me go in PJs to get a fricking MEDAL. But, yeah. She did. It makes for a great story, right?

      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you had fun with this 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Okay but this post was so good!! Even your lies are very descriptive and BELIEVABLE and I am just impressed. I love that your mom gave you a romance book at 16 XD. I personally read After (by Anna Todd) when I was about that age because a friend recommended it to me and I DID NOT KNOW what I was getting myself into. Also, you went to school in pajamas?????!!! WOW. Respect. I’d love to read more of these kinds of posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you! My close friends now have trust issues with me because of this post lol.

      I always thought my life hasn’t been that interesting but I actually came up with stuff for this post so apparently I have funny stories to share LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

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