Loveless // I CRIED

Loveless book cover

Title: Loveless
Author: Alice Oseman
Genre: Contemporary
Category: Young Adult
Series info: Standalone

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This book has been on the anticipated list for many readers, especially because it is an own voices Aro-Ace book. I didn’t dive into the book right as it released because I had other books to finish. But once I got the change, I played the audiobook and let myself delve into the book.

The Plot

Georgia always believed in true love and finding “the one”. She has seen what it can do in her family and the general media has also supported that idea. She never liked anyone in school but she believed that once university starts, she’ll find it. She will experience what everyone else talks about.

After a while in university, Georgia still hasn’t fallen in love. She decides to try and have a romantic relationship by putting herself out there to meet people. With support and confidence from her new roommate Rooney, she puts the plan in action. But things don’t go as they expect.

With old & new friends, a very outgoing roommate, and passion for Shakespeare, Georgia begins to question and discover who she really is.

My Review

As the title of this blog post says, this book made me cry. Multiple times, in fact. For the last half an hour I was reclined in darkness, listening to the audiobook with tears slowly streaming down my face.

  • The entire story was SO EMOTIONAL.

It’s a story of discovering oneself, learning to accept what you didn’t know before, and coming to terms with what will happen in the future.

The book drew me in and got me invested in all of the characters very quickly. Anything the characters went through, I felt it. The writing was really good.

  • The friend group was so fun!

I absolutely loved every single one of them. The thing that I appreciated the most was focus on both old and new friends. The book shows how both are important.

Generally, when books take place in university, they show characters having a complete fresh start. Old friends sometimes become distant and we’re shown how new friendships help. But its not often that we see mixing of old and new friends in university. I liked reading that.

All of them also come together to perform a Shakespeare play which allows for many bonding moments and a backdrop for the plot. It was nice to see their journey through it all.

  • I felt for Georgia and her struggles.

I’m not aromantic or asexual. I’m not an own voices reviewer so I cannot say anything about the representation being accurate or relatable.

But I can say that it was very emotional and I felt like I went through all of it with Georgia. Because the book is in first person point of view, Georgia’s thoughts and worries are on page. It allows us to really know about the character and get a view of what it is like to be Aro/Ace.

  • There were multiple elements I didn’t like, though.

While the book made me VERY emotional and had me crying, it was not perfect. After I finished the book, I was so high on feelings that I posted on social media saying it’s 10/5 stars.

But over the next few days, while recollecting the book’s plot, what disturbed me while reading the book came back to the forefront.

!! Possible spoilers in the next paragraph !!

Georgia used her friend, looked down on her friends’ struggles, and also lied. Not everyone is perfect though so I understand that she had a redemption arc after realizing her mistakes. But it still was not enough because she didn’t properly apologize. I feel like she was forgiven very easily because of the struggles she was going through. In one case, she also overstepped personal boundaries without a second thought, and didn’t apologize. But my main problem was that she was still heralded as “the glue of the group” who brought everyone back together when she was the one who caused problems in the first place.

End of spoilers.

Anniek @ Anniek’s Library has posted an own voices review of the book and raised many valid points which hadn’t occurred to me because I wrote them off as Aro/Ace things which I wouldn’t relate to. I simply accepted some actions which were not good. I highly suggest reading her review to know more about the book.

  • I would have enjoyed the book more as an ebook/paperback.

The biggest problem that I had was having a completely different idea about an important character.

Sunil, who is part of the group, is Indian. I mean, it’s obvious from the name. But because the audiobook’s narrator had a British accent, I thought the character’s name was CENIL. The fact that he is Indian was apparently brought up in one sentence somewhere but I missed it somehow.

So my ENTIRE VIEWPOINT of him was different. The fact that he is Indian totally changes the demographic and my idea of the book. That sucks because now he will still remain “Cenil” to me until I reread the book.


The book is REALLY GOOD and I highly recommend it. Y’all should definitely read it. Do give it a little more priority because it is an own voices Aro/Ace book.

It was the first book after a very long time to make me feel enough to cry so I need to give it a high rating. But it also had some troubling parts, which is why I took off half a star.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5/5 stars

18 thoughts on “Loveless // I CRIED”

  1. I have been so excited about this one because I don’t think I’ve actually ever read an ownvoices aro/ace book before and I would like to. But yeah have also heard of various concerns and how it is slightly problematic. Still want to give it a shot though. But anyways, lovely review xx

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  2. Great review! I was excited to read this one since I am aroace too and Georgia’s story sounded similar to mine. But agreed on the points you made about Sunil and Georgia – issues like those ended up taking away from the story for me a bit!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so happy that you loved this one! I’ve been hearing some mixed things about Loveless, and I think it has to do with how you view certain parts of the representation, and what you think about how characters other than Georgia were represented. I haven’t read it yet, but as someone in the ace spectrum I’m really looking forward to forming my own opinions about it. This is a great review, Sumedha!

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