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Reading Updates // where I read 5 romance books in a week

Remember last week when I said that I probably won’t read much and might not have anything to update on? Haha what a joke.

I completely forgot about the fact that I read MORE around exam time because I’ll be so stressed, I’ll pick up comfort reads every free minute. That’s exactly what I did the past week. So I have a LOT to talk about. Let’s get on it.

This post is my re-branded version of WWW Wednesday because I realized that naming it so makes it vague to people who don’t know what that means. I should have just called it Reading Updates from the beginning and followed the pattern of WWW posts.

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Current Reads

I’m still in the middle of Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo and I have not read even a word since last week. I’m simply not in the mood for fantasy or anything serious right now. I need easy reads that will make me happy by the end.

Which is why I went onto romance. The book that I’m currently reading is Brazen in Blue by Rachael Miles which is historical romance. I went on a Netgalley spree recently (for the first time) and requested a ton of books. This was one of them and I got approved for it quite fast, so I’m reading it. It is my first historical romance in a LONG time so it’s kinda weird but takes me back to when I used to be obsessed with the genre.

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Recently Finished Reads


The first book I read was Guarding Temptation by Talia Hibbert which was added to my TBR* because I saw Mina @ Mina Reads praise it in one of her videos. While it was nice, I wasn’t really wowed by it. It did have some good parts but the end felt rushed and I didn’t like it as much as the author’s other books.

*To be read list/stack/mountain

3/5 stars


The next book was another recommendation by Mina which she rated 5 stars and really raved about it. Go Deep by Rilzy Adams wouldn’t have caught my eye if I hadn’t seen her video, and I’m glad I did. I quite enjoyed it! The chemistry between the characters was nice, and it was a best friends to lovers trope which is my FAV. Also, it was very hot. I’m satisfied.

4/5 stars


After that, I was just looking for new releases by authors I’ve already read. I noticed that Aurora Rose Reynolds had a few new books out. While I don’t really like her books anymore, I was being impulsive and got a couple of her books to try.

Catching Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds felt like a recycled book. All of its elements were ones that I’ve already seen in other books by her. It felt like she wasn’t even trying to write an original story anymore. Different names and boom—new book.

2/5 stars.


I was not in the mood to read another Reynolds book after that. But since I had gotten 2 books anyway, I decided to give it a try. Until Talon by Aurora Rose Reynolds was much better than Catching Him. It’s part of the Until series (of which I’ve read most books) and I recognized most of the characters from it.

This was better because the author actually had something to show in it besides the hero saving the girl and a “danger” element blown out of proportion. The author actually showed how women do the most in the family and how, during a divorce, the mother has to do even more. Often the dads do very less for the kids even though they think they do a lot. There was also focus on how divorces affect the children and how they sometimes become pawns between parents, even if its without any ill-intention.

I started this book at 1am on Sunday night/early Monday morning (?) because I wasn’t sleepy and stayed up until 5am to finish it. I had a final and work on Monday lol, that was not a good decision. Thankfully I didn’t feel sleepy otherwise that would have really backfired on me.

3/5 stars.


The last book (we’re almost done, phew) that I finished was On the Square by Brenda Murphy which is an adult lesbian romance. This was my first Netgalley ARC and I read it the day I got approved because I was so excited about ARCs lol. This book was also my first adult lesbian romance where the characters are older than college students.

The main characters were in their late 30s and early 40s which I was not used to, especially since one of them has adult kids. The book is also set in a small town and I’m generally not fond of small town romances (not interesting enough? idk) so that was also a low point for me.

The chemistry between the couple was really nice and the book was quite hot. One thing I didn’t like was how there was tell than show of feelings. IT felt quite surface-level in terms of feelings. One of the main characters is WOC* so we read a little bit about racism and microaggressions. Since it is a small town with people set in their ways, there was also highlight on homophobia. There is a bit of disability rep too with a supporting character.

While the book did not blow me away, it did have good parts.

*Woman of Colour

3/5 stars.

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Upcoming Reads

Listen, I don’t have the brain power or energy to deal with heavy books and plot lines. And I don’t have the emotional energy to read books with sadness or that may not end happily. So I’m going to stay in my comfort zone which is romance books.

My Netgalley requesting spree resulted in me getting approved for FIVE romance books so I’m just going to read them.

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There won’t be a reading updates post next Wednesday because I have my finals on Tuesday, Wedneday, and Thursday. I might schedule a book review or something beforehand? Let’s see.

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What is your comfort genre? Has it ever changed?

16 thoughts on “Reading Updates // where I read 5 romance books in a week”

  1. WOW you’ve definitely read a lot of romance books! I honestly don’t really read romance books so I don’t really know where to start 😂. I really want to read more romance books though. Good luck with your exams! I guess my comfort genre is contemporary. That’s usually what gets me out of a reading slump (so I should probably go pick up a contemporary book as soon as possible).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha yeah 😅 I would suggest finding low-key romances which are more like contemporary books and going from there! Romance books are honestly not that different from contemporary. Try Take a Hint, Dani Brown or Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavours by Sonali Dev 😊

      Liked by 2 people

  2. my old comfort genre was epic fantasy but ever since tpw it’s not really a comfort so much as it is being in pain for 500+ pages. my new comfort genre is ya teen rom-coms (think sandhya menon) to take a break from my fast paced life and dual enrollment stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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