2k followrs Q&A

I hit 2k followers!! + long overdue Q&A

It’s surreal that two whole thousand of you subscribed to my content.

While I do look at the followers count, I realized long back that followers =/= readers. People can follow via social media and not the blog but still keep up-to-date with posts or there could be people who read several posts whenever they have the time.

But, it doesn’t take away the rush of satisfaction on reaching a milestone.


I’ve been blogging for four and a half years now and it’s still quite unreal that people would want to subscribe/follow and regularly keep up with what I post. It’s unreal that you WANT to.

Thanks for following me, y’all ❤

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I had done a Q&A a long time back (around when I had 1k followers I think?) but it’s been YEARS since that post. So I figured I’d do one for this post in celebration of reaching this new milestone.

I asked for questions on Twitter, Instagram, and on a previous blog post as well. There are about 11 questions to answer, so let’s get to it!

Also, for everyone who actually asked questions for me to answer in this post, thank you so much!!

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What inspired you to blog?

In the beginning, honestly I was bored. I was on the internet and saw someone mention “blog” which I hadn’t heard of before. Googling the word brought me to WordPress and I just made the blog on-spot with no idea about it.

It was through experimenting that I understood what blogging is. And I was hooked. It really interested me, the idea of having a place online to talk about whatever I wanted.

Long story short, I wasn’t actually “inspired” to start a blog but I’ve been keeping up with it because it’s fun. It’s nice to have a place to share any and all thoughts.

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What book should be made into a movie? And what would be the ideal cast for that movie?

The Marriage Game by Sara Desai!! I think it would be a really fun story to see as a movie. I’m not sure about the cast, though.

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What’s the most fun post you’ve worked on?

I’ve written many funny posts but the one I really liked working on, and I think has turned out very well, is What Blogging is Actually Like // 10 True Facts About Blogging.

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How has your life changed since the lockdown began?

Well, everything has become online. It’s been so long by this point that I’ve forgotten how life used to be to be honest.

I actually went out for a bit last week and while the fresh air was nice, there were too many people out and I was thinking of coming back home the entire time.

The major differences with lockdown are:

  • I miss meeting my friends. Calls are nice but not the same.
  • My eyes are becoming VERY STRAINED because I’m looking at screens all day. Internship + blog + social + just general texting => my eyes get overworked and strained.
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How to be more consistent in blogging?

Being consistent in blogging is similar and yet very different to being consistent in social media. It requires the same drive but blogging also involves many more steps than social media generally does. For example: graphics are a must, there’s editing and proofreading, and there are general admin tasks to be done. Blogging also includes more content in general.

Here are some things I follow to stay consistent now or have followed in the past:

  • Do blogging tasks in bulk: write in bulk, edit multiple posts, take photos once a week for all upcoming posts, and schedule posts.
  • Keep a blogging schedule and stick to it. Right now I blog on Wednedays, Fridays, and Sundays so I make sure that I somehow blog for those days. No matter what days I actually blog, the posts go up on those days. After a while, the routine is easy to follow.
  • Write posts in bulk. During the first couple years of college, I’d blog only on Sundays. I’d wake up early, get myself a drink, and blog for hours together. I would write blog posts for the upcoming week at once.

I actually have written entire advice posts on this topic! Check out How to Consistently Blog Without Tiring Yourself Out (Part 1) and (Part 2).

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How to find topics to blog on?

The one tip that will ALWAYS help: read other blogs.

Whether the blogs are in your niche or not, go on a blog-reading spree. I generally start with the blogs that I follow and through those, I find new ones. Another way to start off is through Pinterest. No matter what, I ALWAYS become motivated and inspired with new topics when I read blogs through Pinterest.

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Where can I download good WordPress themes?

Okay so I’m not actually the person to answer this haha. I just use the free themes that are currently available on WordPress. I’m not on a premium or business plan that allows me to try other themes as well. So I don’t know about this, sorry!

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How to make the blog stand out?

Things that help your blog stand out:

  • Your voice. The way you “talk” on the blog is the only way people will see you. Make sure to actually write how you are instead of how you think a blog or written piece should be. Let the readers really KNOW you. It takes time to develop a consistent blogging voice/writing style that you like and represents you but that’s okay. Take your time to develop that.
  • Graphics. There are many styles of graphics that are possible, and if you look at other blogs online you can find SEVERAL really cool styles. Try out different styles and try to settle on one that you like, and stay consistent with your graphics. That’s also how you’ll be known online as well.
  • Post stuff that you actually like. The impostor syndrome is very real and happens often with bloggers. Take inspiration from other bloggers but ultimately do what you like and what you have fun writing. If you enjoy content, your readers will too. Write fun posts too, not just “professional” ones.
  • Try writing discussions, life updates, and other such posts. Let the readers know you more.
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How has your blogging & writing changed since you first began? Is there anything you do differently?

Gosh, my current content is WILDLY DIFFERENT from what it used it be in the first year or two.

For the first few months, since I was still figuring out what a blog is and trying to decide what I want my blog to be, I blogged about everything. I was also anonymous on here and went by a different name so I used to posts rants and life stuff. This blog was basically a diary.

I used to also write poems and short writing pieces! A lot of my old content is still on the blog (I privated a few personal posts) so you can see it if you want to. But that content doesn’t reflect who I am today. In fact, it feels like they were written by another person completely.

Things I do now that I used to not before:

  • Actually make and include graphics in my posts!
  • Use social media for promotion.
  • Write longer posts with specific topics. In the beginning I used to post a lot of “random” posts where I’d talk about anything and nothing.
  • Maintain indexes for my reviews.
  • Format every single post and make it easier to read using tips I’ve read online.
  • I’m much more confident about my content now and hesitate lesser.

The only constant that ties that time and now is the fact that I still don’t restrict the blog to a niche. I’ve debated it multiple times but I like being able to blog about everything I want to.

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Congratulations! Tips to increase the views and follows in blog?

Thank you so much!

Increasing views and followers is tricky in EVERY platform. Blogging is harder because not everyone reads blogs which I’ve spoken about before.

Here are a few things that will help:

  • Get involved with the blogging community. This is not just by blog hopping and commenting to get comments and views back. Become friends with other bloggers and have a network.
  • Visit other blogs frequently! Visit and comment. Start conversations. Let yourself be known without waiting to be found.
  • Stay consistent with your content. Whether your consistency is posting every day or once a week, stay consistent with it. Have new content regularly which people can come and see.
  • One thing that’s really helpful to turn new visitors to followers is to have a lot of similar content. If they come through a post about Kdramas, it helps to have other posts on Kdramas so that they stay on your blog longer. After a couple posts, they can decide to follow you! Or they can just go on a reading spree.
  • Use social media! Put your blog out there to be found. It can be hard to convert followers from social media to blog followers but keep trying. I’ve found that twitter is easier for promoting your blog than Instagram. Pinterest is also a great platform for blogs.
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In what ways do you think blogging has changed you over the years?

Blogging made me confident.

When I began, I was blogging anonymously. I thought I would just post things I want to and no one would read it. But through the magic of WordPress tags and feeds, people found their way to my blog and started following.

Strangers who are not obligated to like my content appreciated it and followed me for more. That gave me so much confidence because it meant that people are actually interested in what I have to say. My thoughts and opinions have enough substance to draw attention.

After that, I started taking my opinions with me offline and started being more outspoken. I still don’t talk as much as others but when I have something to say, I don’t shy from letting it out. Because I now have the confidence that my words won’t be overlooked (at least, all the time).

Blogging has also introduced me to many new people.

I now have friends from all over the world! Blogging ties me to them. Blogging also led me to starting a bookstagram which lead me to finding other bookstagrammers and bloggers from my city. We meet up and talk often. They’re my friends now.

When I started this blog, I never thought that I would be part of a community or would meet & talk to several people online. But I do now. It’s amazing and I’m very grateful for it.

I’m honestly a different person because of this blog.

It started off changes and growth in me which have made me into a very different person than who I used to be before. At this point, blogging is also an integral part of me. I honestly don’t think people who don’t read the blog know all of me because so much of my personality is within this one site.

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And that’s the end of the Q&A!

11 looks like a small number but for a Q&A session, 11 can actually be a lot haha. This post is nearing 2k words now! Close to my number of followers haha.

I hope y’all liked reading this post and were able to know more about me through this. I’m super grateful that you took the time to read this post (and others) of mine. Thanks for all the support ❤

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Now I have a question for you: how long have you been reading my blog? Do you know/remember?

31 thoughts on “I hit 2k followers!! + long overdue Q&A”

  1. Congratulations! This is a great Q&A charting your journey and it’s interesting to see how your style has changed since the early days of the blog. I like that you still haven’t felt that it’s necessary to commit to a niche which would therefore provide a richer experience for your readers.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. wow four years!! i’ve only been following you for a little bit but i can already see how dedicated you are, and this tells me that this community will be around. i love the blogs are getting more attention these days!! congratulations!! i am excited to see more of what you post in the future.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congratulations again, this is so exciting!! I loved reading this post so, so much. I love your tips to increase views on your blog, blog hopping and making wonderful friends and conversations this way has helped me a lot just as well. ❤ and yay for blogging making you more confident! I feel the exact same way, I'm so happy this hobby brought me so much 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is probably late but congrats on 2k! I have the Marriage Game on my TBR and if you think it should be made into a movie then it must be a pretty good book. I enjoyed reading about how much you’ve changed since you started blogging, I haven’t been consistent until but I feel like blogging would actually be something that I’ll come to value and appreciate soon enough.

    Liked by 1 person

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